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10 Alternatives To Dontorrent To Download Torrents

10 Alternatives To Dontorrent To Download Torrents

Torrent files are no longer as popular as a few years ago when many Internet users had to figure out how to watch hard-to-find movies or music discs. Although the rise of streaming platforms helps to have a more significant amount of entertainment within reach for relatively affordable prices, there are still those looking for much more specific content, so it is necessary to know these ten alternatives to DonTorrent to download torrents in 2023.


KickassTorrents is one of the oldest torrent file search engines that can be found. Its simple and clean design and its ease of use make it the primary option for thousands of users who want to download their files through it. If you are going to use it, be extremely careful and choose to click on the ‘magnet link ‘ button (usually it appears represented with a magnet) instead of ‘Download Torrent,’ especially if you want to avoid being involved in a tangle advertising that may even be dangerous.KICKASSTORRENTS


RARBG, another dean in locating torrents on the web, is much more practical than Kickass. This page is one of the most used in Spain, especially after the umpteenth blockade of The Pirate Bay. Its content division into categories helps when locating what you want to download. It is also possible to sort the search results by the ‘seeders’ each torrent has, so you can see which are the most shared files and, therefore, the ones that will take less time to download.


By accessing TorrentGalaxy, we can deduce why fewer and fewer people bother to download this type of file to watch movies and series. There is constant bombardment of advertising no matter how much you have an ad blocker in your browser, and if you do not have an antivirus installed, it is best not to even look at the web. Taking all this into account and avoiding using the search engine at the top, you can find files of all kinds, from movies to ‘anime’ by browsing the different categories.


The .lol domain is active, and there you can find everything from television series (in the ‘Top torrents’ tab, you can see the latest and most popular) to torrents of applications, music, or games for PC and consoles. Suppose you had to be careful with the previous alternative to DonTorrent, with LimeTorrents. In that case, you should relax less since it’s easy to fall into one of its multiple mirror pages that don’t work. Of course, again, you must ensure you have the antivirus working and perfectly updated to avoid scares.LIMETORRENTS


In most torrent search engines, you can find content mainly aimed at the Anglo-Saxon public, but there is also the occasional page where you can find a range of national origin. The download of files is done quickly and without the antivirus jumping, and using it, we can resort to some tricks, such as clicking on the name of an actor to see all the torrents with his work on this page. One is Mejor Torrent, which has a slightly outdated design but is effective when displaying the results.


With Torrends, you can have several torrent search engines in one since it tracks several of them (among which are RARBG or 1337x, for example) to offer the links to the user effectively. You can find other torrent search engines if you click on the categories on the right side (movies and TV series, general, music, etc.). Although many are private, you can find some hidden gem that allows you to download the most specific torrents you would ever expect to see.


Another page with many years of experience is 1337x, which has been forced on many occasions to change domains after the authorities’ closure of the main ones. Currently, the active part is the one that ends in .to, and there you can find documentaries, music, and all kinds of applications for direct download through one of the torrent clients (BitTorrent or µTorrent). It is convenient to click directly on ‘Magnet Download’ so that they open now instead of clicking on the torrent download buttons.1337X


Searching for series and movies from Spain and Latin America tends to be more tiring and inaccessible on the leading torrent sites. Still, Torrentlandia is one of the best alternatives to find the latest releases. The vast majority see the audio in Latin Spanish, which makes it clear that its users usually use it from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Even so, this website is quite solvent to download without getting involved in a tangle of advertising.


With a good antivirus installed on your computer, you shouldn’t have any problems using Torrentz2 (otherwise, stay away from this page, or your computer will end up being a victim of any virus or ‘malware’ ). This is another page where you can find mostly content aimed at the US audience, although many use it to download games or ‘anime’ movies specifically.


Given the lack of reliability we can sometimes find with traditional search engines, many users turn to Telegram to search for torrents. In this application, some tools allow us to locate all kinds of content. With Torrents Bot, we can search directly for the title we are looking for, and the robot will do a quick search offering us the pure magnet links so that we can copy and paste them into BitTorrent and start the download.

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