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Asus ZX53VW Review – One of the Best Gaming Laptops in 2019

Gaming laptops are increasingly becoming more popular because they are getting more efficient and better every year. Earlier most of the people were really skeptical of using laptops as their gaming device. They were majorly accustomed to playing high-end games on desktops which could be customized according to their preferences. However, with time manufacturers started to revamp their laptops in such a way that some of these devices were far more powerful and efficient than desktops.

So today we are going to talk about Asus ZX53VW which promises decent gaming experience to its users. Asus has always lived up to the expectations of the gamers around the world by providing good quality, sturdy and high-end performance in their devices. The Asus ZX53VW laptop is a value for money product as it is known for its

asus zx53vw introduction


  • Sleek and stylish design with the study body
  • The back-lit keyboard looks great
  • Dedicated GPU card for better graphics
  • Solid performance in all the aspects
  • Matte HD+ display for efficient viewing angles


  • Laptop processor could have been better
  • Screen quality is quite decent

Bottom line

The Asus ZX53VW-AH58 is a budget-friendly and affordable laptop that you can use for gaming considering the fact that it has the GTX 960 installed inside it. The Intel i5-6300HQ processor which runs at 3.2GHz is decent, but not excellent. The laptop also comes with a good amount of RAM on board along with 512 GB of storage. The Laptop will undoubtedly tackle most of the games you play, but do not expect a stutter-free experience at the ultra settings. The battery life is quite impressive as well without any heating issues. But at this price range, it is surely one of the best out there.

Asus ZX53VW Review in Details

In this Asus ZX53VW-AH58 Review, we understand that this is a mid-range gaming laptop which not only supports your gaming needs but will also allow you to carry out seamless multitasking and daily chores. Other than that, it also holds enough ability to run games at high resolution and provide crisp graphics.


The Asus ZX53VW-AH58 15.6 is a value for money laptop which will handle most of your tasks easily and is priced at $799. Some other competitors in the market offer good performance and quality, but Asus seems to have priced their product in the best segments possible. You can also get it at a low price from different authorized vendors who offer the laptop anywhere between $729-$749.

Design and Appearance

The Asus ZX53VW-AH58 15.6 has a premium classy finish which gives it a stunning look. Its metallic chassis is slim and looks aggressive with F-22 inspired stealth lines that revamp the entire appearance of the laptop; some would say that it mimics the Asus’ Republic of Gamers (ROG) laptop. The black and red finish really sets the tone of the laptop and makes it look very professional.

asus zx53vw design

The metallic chassis is 10-inches wide and 15.1 inches in height. The laptop weighs around 5.5 pounds and can be easily carried from one place to another. The 15.6 inches of monitor display has a matte finish that looks great and also offers excellent viewing angles to the user even under direct sunlight. Overall, the laptop has a premium feel and does not look cheap to the eyes.


The Asus ZX53VW-AH58 15.6 is packed with some amazing hardware specifications. The laptop has an Nvidia graphics card 960M integrated with a 4GB of DDR4 video memory. Even though its graphics card is not the best which Nvidia has provided for the recent years, but it performs decently well. It runs on a memory bandwidth of 1753 MHz and supports 1440p gaming at 60FPS without any issues. Even though the GPU supports 4K gaming, you cannot be expected to perform better than the Nvidia GTX 1080 or the AMD 560 in that case.

asus zx53vw hardware

The laptop houses 8 GB of DDR4 RAM that enables it to carry out all the important tasks without any issues. We experienced comparatively faster loading time and boot time in the laptop when compared to other rivals in the segment. The laptop has an inbuilt 512 GB of storage which is a solid state hard drive. It brings a lot of benefits to the laptop, the most important of them being higher data transfer speeds and reduced in-game loading times. If you want more storage space, then you will have to use an external HDD or choose to buy another brand laptop such as the HP Omen desktop.


The laptop has several connectivity options which make the laptop “future proof” without any hassles of connection. It has two 3.0 USB port, one USB 2.0 port, and the final port is the brand new small USB-C. The laptop also has an inbuilt Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity feature which allows you to connect to your mobile phones or other devices very easily. The 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter supports seamless connectivity via Wi-Fi for higher bandwidth speed.

asus zx53vw Connectivity


The Asus ZX53VW-AH58 15.6 is an excellent device when it comes to performing multiple tasks instead of gaming. You will experience no lag or stutter during your regular sessions. The Intel i5-6300HQ processor works well without any delay in loading time of applications or while booting the laptop. Moreover, the solid-state driver HDD helps to provide much more stability to the system which enhances its speed. The laptop comes with GameFirst III technology by Asus which eliminates any lag that you might face. The GTX 960 performs well in almost every scenario. The GPU supports Pascal architecture which helps you to get realistic graphics and excellent performance. The Nvidia CUDA cores and efficiently integrated VR Ready features will help you to play the games while enjoying the best possible graphics.

Coming to gaming performing of few games like the Call of Duty Infinity Warfare and Assassin’s Creed Rogue on this laptop, both the games performed quite well in the laptop. The Asus ZX53VW-AH58 was able to manage the challenging landscapes and weather interface without any stutter. Graphics and performance at 1440p high settings were absolutely brilliant without any doubt. However, at ultra settings, you can notice a few stutters now, but they are acceptable at this price. Running the game at 60FPS is not a problem with this laptop. You can easily get anywhere between 50 to 85 FPS on an average in any game you play. So if you are looking for full HD plus gaming, then this laptop will surely help you to remain satisfied in the coming months.

Battery Life

Battery life is quite impressive with the Asus ZX53VW. It comes with 4-cell batteries with 45 watt-hours of life. You can play your favorite games constantly for at least 3-hours in a stretch. The battery takes about 90 to 95 minutes for a full charge cycle. Battery life is a seemingly important factor which haunts gamers who prefer to play their games on laptops. However, this Asus laptop performed well in our battery drainage test, and we could get an easy gameplay experience without any heating issues. Intense games did not pay a heavy toll on the battery, and it was able to perform quite well without problem.


The Asus ZX53VW-AH58 15.6 is an excellent value for a money gaming laptop that is available within a price of $799. If you travel a lot but passionate about gaming, then this laptop can be your favorite companion. With decent battery life, good HDD support, excellent connectivity features and well off graphics, the laptop will surely help you enjoy the latest games without any issues from moderate to high settings gameplay. Heating issues and frame drops are not the major problems with this laptop which many other devices face at this price segment. Asus has really done a great job in manufacturing a perfectly balanced gaming laptop that is affordable as well.

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