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Autonomous Office Chair Review: OsmoChair – The Best  Reclining Chair

Autonomous OsmoChair

The OsmoChair ergonomic office chair is an advanced chair that is designed for comfort, functionality and durability. It has been rigorously tested to ensure it meets high standard for office comfort and ergonomics. OsmoChair is stylishly designed to change the office décor positively. Adjust the chair to the right posture and forget worries about the health of your back.

Are you looking for the best reclining office chair? You should read this Autonomous office chair review for the OsmoChair.

This chair has many ergonomic features that improve your workplace posture. After many years of working in the office, the last thing you want is to be “rewarded” with chronic back pain for your retirement.

There are many reclining office chairs to help you work better. However, most of them are quite expensive. Some even cost more than $1000. Thankfully, the OsmoChair ergonomic office chair meets your budget and ergonomic needs.

Finally, you can have comfort, back support and durability without denting your wallet.

Autonomous office chair review: OsmoChair Office Chair Summary

  • Affordable price
  • The best of many worlds – Korean, Italian and German metal and textile engineering
  • Holistic ergonomics – leg, lower back, mid back, shoulders and neck support
  • Has a leg rest for a good, relaxing rest
  • Adjustable reclining angles for resting
  • Armrests are adjustable in four different ways
  • Built to allow users to adopt different sitting postures easily
  • Excellent seat edge to offer relief to the back of your knees
  • Incredible breathability for the seat, backrest and headrest
  • Built to last a long time – durable metal, plastic and textile parts
  • Backrest moves with the user – all-time ergonomic backrest.

Autonomous Office Chair OsmoChair Review – features that make it good

An ergonomic office chair is as good as the features that it comes with. As you will see in this Autonomous office chair review for OsmoChair, you will not be disappointed.

  • This chair is very easy to assemble. With experience, you should be done in less than 20 minutes. Without experience, you could do with 30 to 40 minutes.
  • This is a pocket-friendly chair. The OsmoChair costs far less than what its counterparts from other brands cost, but has the same features.
  • The materials, the frame and the textiles have been carefully selected to give an office employee comfort for many hours on end.
  • Good holistic back support starting at the lower back, middle back and the head support
  • Easy to control pneumatic height adjustment for the chair
  • Want to recline back and take a well-deserved nap? Just recline the backrest a little further and relax.
  • The foldable leg rest holds your legs at the calves when you want to take off the pressure from long hours of sitting down.
  • The seat has a well-curved edge that offers the back of your knees a lot of relief. You hardly feel the edge when you sit down; it so nicely sloped down. This seat is the result of 20 years’ work and research from the Krall + Roth of Germany.
  • The OsmoChair chair has been designed with a meshed backrest and headrest for airflow. You can work for long hours without getting your back sweltering wet with sweat.
  • Wide headrest allows you to adopt different resting positions with room to spare. When relaxing, you can roll your head comfortably. Besides, the headrest is not solidly fixed but it flexes to give your head some bouncy feeling.

OsmoChair by Autonomous

Autonomous office chair review OsmoChair User Benefits

Firstly, you have the assurance that your investment is sound, thanks to the money back guarantee of 30 days. This is also followed by a warranty of 12 months on workmanship. If for a reason you do not like the chair, return it within 30 days. If you decide to keep it, you get to enjoy the warranty for any manufacturing defects.

Fully ergonomic back support and armrests

Get full back support when working long hours at the office. You can set the chair to the most befitting posture for you. Besides, you can keep changing postures throughout the day depending on your needs at particular hours. Try different recline angles and heights.

The 4D adjustable armrests allow you to find the best sitting posture when working at your computer. Your arms should be level with the desk, forming a 90-degree angle at the elbow. You can adjust the width and height of the armrests. You can also slide them forward and backward.

The leg rest and the headrest come in handily when you are resting. The leg rest is foldable meaning that it stays out of the way when you do not need to use it. Stretching out in the office once in a while helps in the circulation of the blood and helps you to recharge your brain and body.

Prevents back pain

The ergonomic backrest supports the natural curve of your spine from the lower back to the neck. If you have back pain, this is the best chair to prevent the escalation of the same. If you would like to prevent back pain in future, the OsmoChair is still the best ergonomic office chair for that.

The backrest of the OsmoChair is designed with miracle mesh, which adapts to your body when you sit down. When you lean back, the mesh gives a little. When you lean forward, the mesh moves with you. That is why it is called miracle mesh. The mesh also allows enough air circulation and helps your body to breath.

Work more with comfort

Using a good chair such as this keeps you more focused at work. It helps increase your productivity too. You can become the best at work without compromising with your back health as is bound to happen with regular office chairs. Remember, the OsmoChair has been rigorously tested for usability, ergonomics and comfort.

Autonomous Office Chair Review: How to use the OsmoChair

The levers and knobs for adjusting different parts of this chair are located in handy places. For example, you do not even have to stand fully when adjusting the height of the chair.

After assembling the chair (it is sold with a hex key and all hardware that you need) test it to see the most appropriate height. When you sit, your thighs should be horizontal to the floor.

For the perfect armrest height, your arms should be horizontal to the floor and parallel to the desktop.

Adjust the headrest up or down. It allows you to adopt different spots for your head. You can sit on the chair sideways and the headrest will still be supportive.


For a very affordable price, you can own one of the most revolutionary chairs for your workspace. More than 20 years of research have been invested in some of the parts of this chair. Besides, the chair has been rigorously tested to meet the highest standards for comfort, functionality and usability.  

Just the thought of Monday, going back to that nasty backbreaking chair makes you detest your job. But not anymore! As you have seen in this Autonomous office chair review for the OsmoChair, it is the best reclining office chair. It has incredible back support, arm, head and leg support.

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