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Best Wireless Mouse for Laptop Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best wireless mouse for laptop? A decade or so ago, that would have been as easy as going to the store and picking just the first mouse you came across.

Today, it is a different matter altogether. After all, there are thousands of mouse brands in the market and all of them claim to be the best. As a result, it can be quite hard to really know the best one. However, after reading this simple buying guide, you will see why it does not have to be impossible.

The most important thing is to know the features that a wireless computer mouse should have. Because you are looking for one that you can use with your laptop, it means it must be portable as well. See, we mostly buy laptops so we can travel with them.

Here are a few things that a wireless mouse for laptop must have:

DPI and sensor

Although you are looking for a standard laptop mouse, you still need to have one with good DPI. Most of them come with a 1000 DPI sensor, which is good enough for the 1920P displays. However, if you will use the mouse on a display with a higher resolution, you know, like a 4K display, you would need higher DPI.

Some of the wireless laptop mice come with slightly higher DPI. For example, the Anker Vertical mouse comes with a 1600DPI. Now, that is much better than a 1000DPI but it does not mean that the latter will not work.

DPI means dots per inch, meaning how far the mouse cursor can move on the screen at a go. Thus, higher DPI is always better. Because most gaming laptops come with high resolution, gaming mice come with high DPI setting.

When it comes to the sensor, optical is king. Let us face it, optical beats laser when it comes to tracking. Research shows that optical mice have just 1% variance in the way they track as opposed to laser mice that have 5% variance. You can see that the discrepancy is too high to ignore.

Design and style

The best wireless mouse for laptop does not have to be boring and bland. However, most of them come in a very simplistic design where you have the interiors, and then you have a thin plastic casing over the top.

While most of the wireless and indeed the wired gaming mice will come in a horizontal design, there are a few that come in unique designs such as the Anker vertical mouse, which we will look at briefly later in this article. This mouse has a comfortable and ergonomic vertical design. If you would love to have a mouse that looks like no other in the market, buy a vertical one.

Look at the finishing of the mouse. For example, a mouse such as the Logitech M330 has nicely textured rubber grips. Even if you use it for hours on end, it can never feel uncomfortable or slip from your grip. Some may not come with very pronounced textured grips, but they will come with matte-finish, which is very good and comfortable on the hands.

Consider the comfort and the grip. It is better to buy a large mouse as opposed to a small one. Large laptop mice are good for working long hours, as they do not cramp your wrist. A small mouse would only be good for persons with small hands.

Data Transmission

Because this is about a wireless mouse for your laptop, the transmission of data matters a lot. There are two types of wireless transmission for these mice.

It may use a USB dongle that you insert in the computer and then it transmits data from the mouse over a 2.4GHz frequency. His is the most common method. Low latency is assured. There is low to zero interference with the signal.

You can also use Bluetooth. If your laptop has built-in Bluetooth, you can buy a wireless laptop mouse that can connect with your computer through Bluetooth. It may have some interference and higher latency than the USB dongle, but it works. It also has greater convenience than the dongle.

Battery and battery life

If it is a wireless mouse, then you know that it uses a battery. This, to many users, is what makes or breaks the deal.

Now, when it comes to the battery and battery life, you will be spoilt for choice – literary. There are some good options for you. Today, some regular wireless mice even come with built-in Li-ion batteries designed to last a long time. Such are rechargeable and so you save yourself the trouble of having to buy batteries every now and then.

While a mouse with a rechargeable battery is more expensive, the better option for you would be to buy a mouse that uses AAA or AA batteries. Most of them use one of any of these two. You will be glad that such batteries last a long time, with some even claimed to last 2 years!

AAA and AA batteries are quite affordable and more readily available, anywhere in the world.

Those are just four of the most important aspects that you should consider when buying the best wireless mouse for laptop. There are more such as buttons (most come with few, as they are not meant to be used for gaming), software, and RGB lighting.

Here are some wireless mice for laptop that you can buy with confidence:

Logitech MX Master 2S

Logitech MX Master 2S

General Specs: Connectivity – 2.4GHz, Battery – Rechargeable, Software – Logitech Flow software, Buttons – 7, DPI – 4000

Logitech never disappoints when it comes to gaming or even regular use office mouse. The MX Master 2S is a true definition of a workhorse, one that will last years on end with good care. With a DPI of 4000 and 7 buttons, three of which are fully programmable, this is a mouse designed to please the user.

It is a multi-device mouse, thanks to the incorporation of the Flow Software from Logitech. You can connect up to three computers to the mouse as long as they have Bluetooth and then you can seamlessly work on all of them.

With just a touch of a button, you will be able to switch from one device to the other ever so easily. Just install the software on all of the devices.

This mouse has been designed with a perfect grip and ergonomic design. You can use it for a long time without feeling any strain on your wrists. You get precision from the high quality sensor as well as high performance tracking. Truly, as much as office mice come, this mouse is far ahead of the pack.

Click here to see full product reviews : Logitech MX Master 2S

Logitech M720 Triathlon

Logitech M720 Triathlon 1

General Specs: Buttons – 4, DPI – 1000, Weight – 135g, Connectivity – 2.4GHz wireless/Bluetooth, Battery – 1 AA, Sensor – Logitech Optical, polling rate – 1000Hz

Yet another one of the best laptop mice from Logitech.The Triathlon M720 is a great mouse indeed. Like its brother the Master 2S, this mouse also performs with three devices. It uses the incredible Logitech Flow Software.

The 1000DPI sensor is good on most of the devices that you use in the office, so do not let it dissuade you from buying this mouse. With 4 buttons, you can be sure you have everything that you need to use it on three computers. The best thing about it is that when you move the mouse near the edge of a computer, it senses that you want to transfer a file to the next computer and it does just that, almost telepathically.

With all the things that this wireless laptop mouse can do, people are always surprised that it uses a single AA battery. It can last up to 2 years. They do not come any longer than this!

Click here to see full product reviews : Logitech M720 Triathlon

Magic Mouse 2

Magic Mouse 2 1

General Specs: Weight – 104 g, connectivity – Bluetooth, Battery- rechargeable within 2 minutes, Build – polycarbonate casing/aluminum chassis,

Let’s face it, when Apple makes a bad product, it is really bad, such as the Magic Mouse (the first one). On the same note, when they make a good product, then it is reeeeeeeally good. The Magic Mouse 2 is very good. Well, it has its flaws, but the pros are more than the cons.

The first thing that you will notice about this mouse is the funky and swanky design. This mouse skips on the buttons and scroll wheels and instead, it incorporates a nice, responsive multi-touch surface. As a result, you can make it do just about anything that you want.

Two long rails running along each side (on the underside) make this mouse one of the best gliders. That is what makes it so easy to move on just about any surface.

The built-in rechargeable battery is the strongest selling point for the Magic 2. It is hard to recharge the mouse as you work since the charging port is on the underside. However, in 2 minutes, it charges enough to take you through 9 hours of work. If you leave it charging overnight, you can do over 30 days on one charge.

Click here to see full product reviews : Magic Mouse 2

Anker Vertical Mouse

Anker Vertical Mouse 1

General Specs: Size – 4 inches, weight – 95.3g, DPI – 1600, connectivity – 2.4GHz wireless receiver, batteries – 2 AAA,

For a change, you can try something different in the name of the Anker vertical mouse. True to its name, this mouse is vertically oriented. All the other laptop mice that we have discussed here are horizontally oriented.

The first thing that you will love about this mouse is the design itself. Hardly do you find a mouse so fascinating such that you just want to use it. Because of its design, the buttons are on the right side of the mouse, perfectly aligned to their respective fingers.

This mouse is sold with a warranty of 18 months. That inspires a lot of confidence when you are buying. It uses 2 AAA batteries which should be easy to get and they can last for up to 24 months! The sensor is high quality, a good performer, and offers precise tracking on just about any surface.

The only downside to this mouse is the size. It could be bigger than the four inches that it comes with. Even with the vertical design, four inches of length is still too small for people with large palms. Apart from that, everything else, including the price, checks out pretty well.

Click here to see full product reviews : Anker Vertical Mouse

Logitech M330 Silent Plus

Untitled-Logitech M330 Silent Plus 1

General Specs:DPI-1000, Connectivity – 2.4GHz wireless, Buttons – 3, weight – 91g, size – 4.5 inches, battery – 1 AA

It is not a wonder that the brand name Logitech makes it to this list again. It is because of the efficiency of this mouse. First, the Logitech M330 Silent Plus design is so simplistic. While many gaming mice outdo themselves with flashiness and features, this one is quite subdued. However, that does not mean that you will not enjoy using it.

It uses a single AA battery, which can last for up to 2 years. Imagine buying a cheap AA battery and literary forgetting that your daily office-use mouse even uses a battery. With the 2.4GHz connection through the USB dongle, this mouse will perform very well within a 10-meter range.

For buttons, Logitech just incorporated 3 buttons. This gives us a high performance standard mouse with few buttons. But they are enough for daily office work. Another thing that you will love about the mouse is the precision of the sensor and the affordable price.

What will you love so much about it? It is a silent mouse, with button click sounds that 90 percent more silent than what you get with other mice.

Click here to see full product reviews : Logitech M330 Silent Plus


You have seen that buying the best wireless mouse for laptop need not be hard at all. You have also seen a few brief reviews of the best of them all. If you get any of these, you will get good value for your money and they will last a long time. With any of these, you will be a long time before you need to buy another mouse.

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