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Corsair Scimitar Pro Review – Best Mouse For MOBA

corsair scimitar pro introduction

Nowadays, it is quite common to find a gaming mouse that has buttons arranged dial pad style on the side, which you can reach by your thumb. However, it is hard to find a mouse that has been made with side buttons that have been mounted on a slider for adjustability. Corsair Scimitar Pro has used a macro lock system that enables you lock your buttons into place, within the adjustment range of 8mm.

It may seem like a small thing but believe it or not, some MOBA and MMO games require precision in the placement of the buttons.

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Too much about the buttons anyway, so is there anything else worth writing about this mouse? There is a lot more than we can handle in this review. Well, there is! On different forums, the battles of the mices is between Scimitar Pro vs. Logitech G502 gaming mouse.

The Corsair Scimitar Pro is a very advanced mouse, with a DPI range of up to 16000, comes with three preset MMO game profiles so you can play right out of the box, or you may even create your own profiles and customize them any way that you want. The sensor precision is high, excellent actually. The tracking is right up there and so is the custom lighting.

We could go on and on about what the Scimitar Pro brings to the table, but first, see below for a summary of its main features.

Corsair Scimitar Pro Review: Summary of the main features

  • The design of the mouse is such that it is cupped inside your palm nicely and comfortably. It is of moderately large, ergonomic and comfortable.
  • Side buttons can slide within a room of 8mm. Besides, two rows are textured for a much better feel. When you slide them to your preferred position, you lock them in place.
  • The 16000 DPI optical sensor is made for gaming. It is highly accurate and its tracking is excellent. It is as powerful as sensors come. Another thing that you should know about the DPI is that it can be customized to one digit per click, making your mouse super accurate.
  • When you buy the mouse, it comes with preset profiles of the three most common MMO games so you can play right out of the box, if you like.
  • Gamers love the 6 feet braided cable. Ok, 6 feet, some are even 7 feet, is a bit long, but that is the standard in the market.
  • The CUE software allows you to customize many things. Install it to assign most of the keyboard functions to the mouse.
  • The four zone RGB lighting is customizable. You can customize your game profiles with lighting so that you can recognize what profile it is from the go, as soon as you plug in the mouse.
  • If you love weight on your mouse, you have a reason to be happy. This mouse weighs 147 g.
  • The right side of the mouse has textured rubber to make the mouse more anti-slip, comfortable and has a good feel on the hand.
  • The second and fourth rows of the thumb buttons on the left side are textured, so you can tell what button you are on without looking. It takes some getting used to though.
  • The scroll wheel is only clickable downwards. Now, some gaming mice have scroll wheels that can be clicked sideways as well. But in the Corsair Scimitar Pro, there is no shortage of buttons.

A deeper look at the features of the Corsair Scimitar Pro

Build and design

Corsair is known for making the best looking gaming mice in the market. Even their FPS gaming mice are quite impressive. If you look at the Corsair Scimitar Pro, you will see that the panels of the casing are made to fit in together nicely.

corsair scimitar pro Build and design

Everything looks right in place. The mouse curves upright, thus fitting snugly in your palm. It broadens a bit on the downside, but not too much as to appear ridiculous.

The color is matte black, but there are yellow accents here and there. No one knew that yellow and black can go so well together, but here they are, looking good on this mouse.

There is a contoured rubber stuck to the right side. This is for no other purpose than to enhance your grip on the mouse. After all, with the left side inundated with 12 buttons, you agree that most of your grip will be on the right side.

This is not a large gaming mouse. We have seen bigger ones. At 4.7 inches long by 3.3 inches wide by 1.9 inches high, you can see that this is a mouse that has been made for small as well as medium-sized palms. At the same time, considering that most of the big gaming mice top out at 5.1 inches long, even people with big palms will find this mouse usable.

The weight of the mouse is 147 g, again, this is not too light and not too heavy. We can say without a worry that this mouse is just perfect. It is compatible with the Dell XPS 13 which is itself one of the best laptops for gaming.

Scimitar Pro Performance

Hard on the heels of the great build and design comes the performance of the Corsair Scimitar Pro gaming mouse. Now, no matter how good the features of a mouse are, if the performance is poor, well, it is no good.

First, the most important thing in a mouse is the tracking ability. With a 16000 DPI range and a high quality optical sensor, the ability to set the DPI adjustability to one digit (remember, most gaming mice have the lowest setting as 100), this mouse is good. One digit adjustment means precision and accuracy, something that you do not find in many gaming mice.

On the same note, this mouse comes with many buttons, something that makes it a good gaming mouse for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, you can deploy weapons faster. With many buttons, it means you can assign more functions and thus have everything you need to play your favorite MOBA or MMO at your fingertips, literary speaking.

Although you will hardly use the entire DPI setting even with a 4K display, in case you do, you will find that the mouse acts perfectly, without jittering or loss of tracking at all.

This mouse is very well balanced. However, you will notice that it lacks the removable weights that most gaming mice at this price range come with. However, whether you hold it claw grip or palm grip, you will still find the weight quite manageable.

One question that many people ask is whether you can tell the buttons apart. The truth is that even though the buttons in the second and fourth rows (mouse has 2 side buttons arranged in four rows of three buttons each), it may still be a bit hard for you to tell which button is which.

However, perhaps to compensate for that, the buttons are attached to a slider. You have a sliding allowance of 8mm. We may not know whether this really has a positive impact, but it is something that is not seen in many mice.

These are mechanical buttons too, thus making the Corsair Scimitar Pro a bit costlier than other gaming mice.

When you look at the underside of the mouse, you will find an aluminum plate that extends from the back to the front. This plate holds the optical sensor. You will also see the feet that the mouse glides on. That is why it is able to glide very well on different surfaces.

Scimitar Pro Buttons

In a MOBA, MMO or even FPS gaming mouse, the buttons are everything. It has many buttons. Among some of the things that you will enjoy doing with these buttons is that you can adjust your DPI setting on the fly.

Beneath the scroll wheel, there are two buttons. These are for adjusting the DPI while playing. One takes you to higher DPI and another takes the settings lower, of course by the adjustment interval that you set forth in the CUE software.

corsair scimitar pro Buttons

The button pad on the left side of the mouse is adjustable by 8mm. This means that you can move it forward or backward in position to find the most comfortable position for your thumb. You want to be able to reach all the buttons when you want to command your fleet of soldiers, load or fire weapons.

In the software, assign your buttons any functions that you wish. This will depend on the types of games that you play. Thankfully, the mouse comes already with preloaded profiles such that you can play right out of the box.

If the three preloaded game profiles are for your favorite games, just play. However, you will most likely want to get inside the software and change things, create macros and set up the RGB lighting and colors.


We all know that Corsair gaming mice are powered by the CUE – Corsair Utility Engine, which you need to download and install so that you can program your mouse. When you launch the software, you get straight to the landing page, where you basically find anything that you will need to set up everything.

On the left side of the landing page, you will see buttons for things like Actions, DPI, Lighting Effects, Surface Calibration and Performance. This is basically everything that you need to set up all of your mouse functions.

You may also pick the color for different DPI settings. This mouse comes with four zones of illumination. Inside the software, you will be able to customize the illumination of the four zones individually, enabling you to have a mouse that lights up like a marvel.

If you intend to use the gaming mouse on different surfaces, you need to calibrate it for any surface. That way, there is no loss or delay in tracking

As you can see, there is quite a lot that you can do with the CUE software to get your Corsair Scimitar Pro mouse working just the way that you would like it to.

Scroll wheel

Many Corsair gaming mice have this unique design of their scroll wheels. You will see that the scroll wheel is not enclosed in a slot as you would find in a regular office mouse. On the contrary, the mouse is fully split, thus leaving the scroll wheel in an open space.

corsair scimitar pro Scroll wheel

You will find the ridges of this scroll wheel nice and comfortable. They are not so obtrusive such that you feel they will bust your fingers.  The scroll wheel behaves very well. When you click the mouse, it clicks in a nice audible sound. If you stop scrolling, the wheel stops, just like that.

The scroll wheel is not clickable sideways, but it is clickable downwards. No, you will not miss a lot because this mouse has a large collection of buttons.

The cord

If you worry about mouse cords snagging all the time, you will love the braided cord of the Corsair Scimitar Pro. It is all of six feet long and it is fixed, protruding from the left side of the scroll wheel. It has a Velcro sticker so that if it is too long for you, you can wrap it up a bit and tie it up to make it shorter especially if you use a laptop for gaming.

Corsair Scimitar Pro Review


  • Easy to set up in the software
  • Braided cable does not snag
  • Super excellent optical sensor
  • Comes with preset popular game profiles
  • Onboard storage can take your favorite game profiles so you need not install software in every computer that you use
  • Good for medium-sized and small palms
  • Stylishly finished with four customizable color zones
  • Comfortable, contoured finger rest on the right side of the mouse


  • A bit small for people with big palms
  • Buttons look a bit overcrowded
  • Not very good for playing FPS games


After reading our Corsair Scimitar Pro review, you have already made up your mind to buy, or not to buy this mouse. It is very good for playing Battlefield 1 and other similar MOBA games. This mouse is built to last a long time and every feature can show you that. Corsair products never disappoint, so you can order your mouse without fear.

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