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HDR10 Compatible Monitor: Dell UP2718Q Review

Are you a graphic designer or an editor? Is your monitor not just giving you what you need? Are you looking for the right equipment that will compliment your work? If your answer is yes to all or one of the questions, then prepare yourself for enlightenment. 

On this post, I’m going to discuss a device manufactured to meet the needs of mainly graphic designers and editors. General user will also appreciate it too. This device is one of Dell’s top model monitors, as it is the first of it’s kind to have HDR10. Priced between $1500-2000, Dell UP2718Q monitor is worth every penny. That fact is based on the features it possesses which offers top quality display, great ergonomics for a comfortable view and more varieties of connectivity options to choose from. All of which are a ten or close to a ten in accordance with modern standards.

Later on, we are going to discuss each aspect of the monitor that is worth your attention as a potential buyer of this device.  Before we move into all that, here are the specs of the Dell UP2718Q monitor.

  • An in-plane switching panel of size 27-inches
  • A response time of 6 ms
  • Inbuilt USB HUB
  • A 1000 to 1 typical contrast ratio
  • Great adjustability with its tilt, swivel, pivot, and height
  • Typical brightness of 400cd/m^2
  • 1.07 billion colors available and a 100% Adobe RGB
  • A DisplayPort, an extra mini display port and HDMI inputs
  • A viewing angle of 178°/178°
  • An Ultra-resolution of 3840 x 2160
  • An LED backlight
  • An aspect ratio of 16:9
  • It supports Windows 7, 8.1 and 10
  • There is a security lock slot
  • It has one audio line-out 

Dell UP2718Q Review The good

The good

The Dell UP2718Q is a high-end masterpiece that is well worth its eyebrow-raising price tag. Compared to other top quality high-end monitors, the  Dell UP2718Q is affordable quality. Given it is the first of its kind to display zone-dimming backlight. Along with a first consumer-level panel which is great for HDR content. Not to forget it’s justifiable color accuracy that extends up to Adobe RGB.

The bad 

The Dell UP2718Q is a great monitor but there are still some cons you will have you will have to work with. For starters, its price is the kind that makes you want to think hard, there is no problem there. Just know if you buy it, then you get top quality, if you don’t, then you will still have your $1500-$2000 at hand. 

Another set of issues you will have to work with involves the functions of the monitor. For instance, its calibration isn’t that great. There are not enough calibration memories and the factory calibrated modes available aren’t that accurate. Also, sometimes, while in HDR mode, you will notice a halo effect occurring. The pixel response time is OK but if you are someone that requires more of it, then it’s likely not as fast.

For more details and price, click here.

Bottom line 

According to typical standards, the Dell UP2718Q is the perfect monitor to work with, especially if you are a professional graphic designer or editor willing to pay the heavy fee.

The monitor has a suitable display which will be great for all your color critical work. Apart from work, during your free time, you will appreciate features, especially when watching movies. The monitor is also great for gaming but not serious kinds. After all, the specs are built with graphic designers and editors in mind, not gamers.

Dell UP2718Q Review

Pros and Cons 

Here is a summary of what is good and bad about the Dell UP2718Q:


Amazing contrast while in HDR mode 
If you are a fan of Dell, then you will like this monitor’s classic look
It has an adjustable height and can tilt, suitable for your ergonomics
Ultra HD resolutions that display quality 
384-zone backlight 
DCI-P3 and Adobe RGB color is present
There are lots of connectivity options to choose from


There aren’t enough calibrated memories to work with
Every now and then, a halo effect occurs while in HDR mode 
Its pixel response time is good but may not be as fast you require
Dell UP2718Q Review: Characteristics 

Over here, you will.be given so deep insights on what the Dell UP2718Q monitor has to offer. Not every aspect of the device will be discussed, but only the ones that are reviewing.

So here we go…


Dell released its first-ever HDR10 model monitor which is worth over a mouth-watering price of $2000. This price tag is justifiable, as the features it possesses are of stellar quality. The monitor features 4k clarity, enhanced visuals and color accuracy that meet the standards of this era.

Its gamuts are meant specifically for work that involves the production video and photography content, with maybe a little gaming. So as a graphic designer or editor, you are sure to appreciate its work.


Dell UP2718Q Review Design 

If you are a fan of Dell’s designs, then you will love this monitor, as it comes with Dell’s classic space gray and black matte hue color combination. When looking from the front, be amazed by the monitor’s eye-catching clean look. It may not emulate Dell’s infinity edge design which has thinner plastic bezels, but There is no need to worry, as it won’t be much of a distraction. The thick bezel is not a waste because it holds the 385-zone FLAD backlights.

Looking behind the monitor, there isn’t much to talk about. Although, you will enjoy its classic space gray and black matte panels. On the sides, you will see the VESA attachment slot which has a fixed ergonomic stand. This stand is very useful, its fiction is just limited to providing support for the monitor while on your desk. It also offers a range of ergonomics, for a good and comfortable view. You can adjust the height of the screen, tilt it, swivel and pivot it.

The base of the stand won’t take up much space on the desk, giving your keyboard CPU and mouse enough room. Apart from space, the monitor has a hole in the slender upright which allows you to tidy up your workstation wiring. 

The monitor is a bit heavy with a weight of 6kg. This was discovered as it was mounted onto a standard arm and then the arm sagged a bit. 

Dell UP2718Q possesses a well-equipped I/O layout that provides you everything you need for work to be seamless. The ports available for that includes 2 HDMI 2.0 slots, a display port of 1.4, mini DP 1.4 and 6 USB 3.0 receptacles. 

Display and performance

This is the selling point of the device, where all its magic is. The specs that are about to be laid out is enough to any professional crave its quality. Dell UP2718Q has a 27-inch IPS panel which displays Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 with brightness at 1000cd/m2 and a refresh rate of 60Hz. The monitor also possesses a 10-bit interface which enables it to give a 100% sRGB and Adobe RGB gamut, along with 97.7% DCI-P3 and 76.9% of Rec in order to display vibrant colors that appears life-like. 

Testing with a colorimeter

This testing was done to showcase Dell UP2718Q display color accuracy and the results were good. As the monitor is reasonably accurate when its in default state even when factory calibration is not specified.

Here are the numbers: its accuracy reaches a Delta E of 1.1 that can be upgraded to a .3 deviance as the contrast is 980:1.  

These numbers are good as it depicts that the Dell UP2718Q displays life-like and vibrant images. At the same time, blacks and gray performance is well-defined. The  Dell UP2718Q comes with perfect panel uniformity correction feature that helps to reduce its 20% deviance down to a 5%. This ensures instant cleaning imaging output the contrast and uneven colors.

Note: when using the uniformity correction feature, make sure to boost the brightness up to a level of 40% or close. This will get you a comfortable lit setting for long time use.


When it comes to power consumption, the Dell UP2718Q monitor does well, both on stand by an operation mode. On standby mode, the monitor consumes power which is less than or equal to 0.5W. When fully operational the power consumption lingers between 90W to 120W.

Note: the voltage required by this device is 100-240 VAC/50.

Dell UP2718Q Review Power

Temperature and humidity

Like every other device, there is a particular temperature and humidity state it will be in. Whether on standby or during operational use. 

During operational use, the device will have a temperature within the range of 32 – 95°F. On standby or sleep mode, its temperature will fall within the range of -4 to 140°F.

Humidity during operational use falls between 10-80% non-condensing. While on standby, it falls within 5-90% non-condensing.

Calibration and controls 

Dell makes your interaction with its monitor a lot faster to access and manipulate the on-screen display. For starters, the physical push buttons can found just below the right corner of the bezels. They are so easy to sight, has a good feel on the fingers in such a way it actuates you to press. This is much better than the touch-sensitive buttons or the ones that are hidden out of sight like behind the monitor. 

As you navigate through the menus you will discover that is quite intuitive as items appearing on the OSD is a lot easier to access and manipulate any settings in particular. In summary, all that is need you to need to do is tap a button to bring up the menu and use the other buttons to navigate through and select items such as options and features.

Gaming capabilities

The Dell UP2718Q is not built for serious gaming, although after several moments of playing fame you are sure to enjoy the experience. After all, its specs are astonishing, there is no way it would just go to waste.

If you are looking to help improve frames per seconds, don’t bother as the monitor does not permit free sync. So, therefore, you can’t use VRR tech to help smoothen the frames per second, even if your GPU is of high-end. 

While playing the game on the monitor, you are sure to experience some level input lag. That means it will take some time before the game response to your inputs. The lag score is 20ms, it is not noticeable by casual gamers, but if you are an extra-sensitive gamer then you are most likely going to notice it. 

Pairing with PS4 pro

When paring Dell UP2718Q monitor with the PS4 pro it’s you will admire its performance as it enhances the colors and contrast. The environments and objects in the game are a lot richer with improved translation. Despite all that, lags still occur. It can be noticed from the FLAD backlight when the gaming is fast-paced. 

Frequently asked questions 

Q: Can the monitor be used on an HP?

A: Yes, The Dell UP2718Q monitor can work perfectly with any manufacturer in the market, as long as you are able to connect that manufacturer’s gadget to the Monitor through the display port, mini display port or the HDMI port.

Q: can the monitor work on two computers which have different Operating systems all at the same time?

A: Yes, the Dell UP2718Q monitor can connect to two laptops all at the same time with each of them having their own operating system.

Q: Does the monitor support Mac is? And is there a calibration software?

A: the Dell UP2718Q monitor supports any Opening system, Mac is included. But there is no calibration solution specific for the Mac os. 


So there you have it. All you need to know about the Dell UP2718Q monitor. It’s a masterpiece that displays top quality and provides you comfort at the same time, all thanks to its ergonomic stand.

As a graphic designer or editor with an HDR10 monitor such as the Dell UP2718Q, you are sure to improve your quality. As the monitor provides 4k clarity, good color accuracy and enhanced visuals which will help a lot in your color-critical projects. Also, there are various connectivity options to choose from, which increases the chance of your hardware is compatible with the monitor.

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