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HP 22CWA Pavilion Review – An Affordable LED Monitor Available At Less Than $100

The HP 22CWA is a real ‘Pavilion’ which is spectacularly designed monitor, especially for developers, programmers and coders. It comes with the latest features and looks. With the advancement in technology, every another day, there comes a new monitor in the market. Developers are working on new systems and hardware to make sure that the people can enjoy seamless technology that keeps pace with the progressive time, and HP 22CWA stand out proving its possibilities.

Moreover, it is available at an affordable price which makes it even more special. If you are looking for a budget oriented monitor which you can use for your daily multitasking, then the HP Pavilion 22CWA is an option for you. It’s an awesome monitor and a great way to get hands on a minimally designed monitor with decent features. The thin bezels and matte color finish will surely look aesthetic on your desk. Depending on the buyer you have visited, you can get the monitor online. So without spending much of your budget, you can easily get hands on a budget-friendly monitor.

In this guide, we will be talking about this monitor in the HP 22CWA review and show you the different aspects related to it. It will help you to understand how good this monitor is and whether it is worth the money you are ready to pay or not. Before we go ahead, let us have a quick look at the pros and cons of the HP 22CWA.

hp 22cwa introduction


  • Available at a low price
  • Has a great color balance
  • Excellent viewing angles
  • Compact and aesthetic design


  • The monitor stand can only tilt
  • There are not many USB port options
  • Build quality could have been better
  • No inbuilt speakers

For more details and price, click here.

Bottom line

One of the most significant changes that we can see in a computer system is its monitor. Yes! If you turn back the clock a few years back, monitors were nothing short of a medium sized box which would occupy a lot of space. Fast forward today, we can see that monitors are slimmer and much more aesthetic than before.

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hp 22cwa Bottom line

The HP 22CWA Pavilion is the best monitor for developers which is available at a price of less than $100. It comes with a minimal design and has a sleek look that will complement any interior you place it in. This 21.5-inch monitor has a great LED display, and they are suitable for the programmers especially. The colors and saturation of the monitor are sharp and vivid. It has a decent refresh rate and display driver.

However, the monitor lacks flexible maneuver because the monitor stand can only be tilted forward or backward. It doesn’t have enough connectivity port options, which is quite disappointing. But at a price it is available, we cannot complain much. Without wasting much time, let us have a detailed look at the aspects of the HP 22CWA Pavilion in the below segment.

A Detailed HP 22CWA Pavilion Review


Generally, it is not possible to get all the standard requirements of a monitor under $100, but the HP 22CWA has made it possible. That is why this monitor has gained a lot of customers. Its ultra-thin bezels and sleek body construction give the monitor a complete makeover. The massive competitor is ACER SB220Q is making a difference in the market. However, HP 22CCWA win the market eventually. The HP monitor, considering the amount it has been made available, seems to be quite a deal for the people who want to use the monitor for daily activities without facing lag or stutters. To know the exact price of the HP 22CWA monitor, click here.


The HP 22CWA monitor has an excellent design which is simple yet innovative enough to catch your eyes. The monitor comes with a bezel-less design and has an aspect ratio of 16:9 which provides the users with a more immersive experience. The HP monitor measures the dimension 5.9*15.8*19.6 inches with 21.5-inch of display size. There is a control panel at the bottom right corner of the monitor. It allows users to control the monitor settings. It has a small footprint which can only be tilted forward or backward.

The monitor has a slight curve at the back which comes with the HP logo. The screen has been integrated with an anti-glare panel which helps you to watch the content on the monitor more comfortably in a dark environment. HP has enhanced the color production of the monitor by integrating the Enhance+ features that in the noise reduction of the monitor. It comes in three different settings – low, medium and high. So you can personalize it as per your preferences. The monitor has received a matte black color finish which looks subtle even though it has been made out of plastic. The footboard is unique in shape. However, it takes up quite a bit of space, and the stand can only be tilted.

hp 22cwa design

Display and Connectivity

The presentation of the monitor is not the best that we have seen, but it is certainly not the worst. The HP 22CWA comes with a 21.5-inch diagonal Full HD 1920×1080 IPS panel display. The integration of the IPS panel is a welcome feature because it makes way for vibrant colors and saturation levels. The HP 22CWA monitor provides a maximum viewing angle of 178 degrees. The monitor has vivid saturation levels with decent sharpness in the tones. The monitor has a 60Hz refresh rate responsible for the 2 million pixels producing a great visual experience. However, they are not suitable for gamers as the response time is limited to 7ms. Even if you play games, the visuals may not be great.

Coming to the next part of the review is the connectivity of the monitor, well there is not much to talk about; Unlike Dell Ultrasharp U2415, there are only the VGA and HDMI ports. It is another problem which will bother a lot of users, but as per its price, we cannot complain much about it. There are many rival products which come with the USB ports if you are willing to spend a few bucks more.


Now coming to the most critical part of the HP 22CWA review, we are going to talk about the performance of this monitor. Honestly, at a price of less than $100, the performance of this monitor is excellent. We have seen a refined balanced in the contrast and saturation levels of the monitor which show that the display is quite refined. HP has further integrated the Anti-Glare panel which provides excellent viewing angles, and the display does not fade from the center to the side when you watch it from a different corner. The users need to keep the drivers of the monitor up to date to have an outstanding performance.

We tested a few favorite games on this monitor as well like the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, GTA 5 and Assassin’s Creed Origins. The response time of 7ms of the display found it a bit difficult to keep pace with the ever-changing landscapes and versatile weather conditions in the games. There were noticeable lags, especially when you have the intense graphics in the landscape. Yes, you can play games on this monitor, but you won’t be able to have stutter-free gaming experience.

hp 22cwa performance

In some cases, like while playing the Call of Duty, the performance was a bit better, and the lags were ignorable. The main trouble occurs when the game becomes fast-paced, or there is too much change in the in-game scenarios. The HP 22CWA scores an average gaming performance, but at $100 what do you expect? The refresh rate of the monitor is 60Hz which is quite impressive as per the price.


Concluding the review, we can say that the HP 22CWA pavilion is undoubtedly a good buy; at the price at which it is available, it doesn’t seem to be a terrible deal. Keeping the price in mind, we can conclude that the monitor has a quite good display with the right balance in saturation levels, brightness, and contrast. This HP device will not disappoint you because the price is justified and the features are unbeatable. The HP 22CWA is very well built and designed. There are no inbuilt speakers, but with the pair of external speakers, you connect and enjoy the audio clearly. If you are okay with the absence of the USB ports, the 7ms response time and 60Hz refresh rate, then visit your nearest store and spend $100 on this monitor without having a second thought.

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