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Logitech G502 Review – Best Logitech Gaming Mouse for Moderate Budget

logitech g502 introduction

What is the best gaming mouse for playing games across different genres? Well, without naming brand names, the most comfortable gaming mouse is the best mouse to buy. But unknown to many beginners, although all gaming mice look the same, they are different. And they are all intended to do different things. We are going to see why this gaming mouse would be a good investment for you.

If you do your research well, you will realize that there are two versions of the Logitech G502. These are the Proteus Spectrum RGB and the Hero High Performance. The Hero is the updated version of the Proteus Spectrum so that is what we are going to review here.

And what a perfect name for a good gaming mouse! Now, Logitech is one of the most reputable brand names for gaming paraphernalia such as keyboards, mice and headsets. Thus, you will be buying into a good name.

But a good name, even if it is Hero is nothing if it is not backed by some of the best features in its class. Thankfully, with many customizable buttons, onboard memory, big range DPI sensor, unequalled accuracy and fast tracking, the Logitech G502 Hero is a good investment for gamers.

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Logitech G502 Review: The summary of the features

  • Your mouse your style! You would love a highly customizable mouse, no? The G502 Hero has 11 customizable buttons. Assign them keyboard functions as you wish.
  • Sometimes playing a game on your gaming laptop is just not enough. You need a bigger and more flamboyant display. You will love the 200 to 16000 DPI range.
  • Great, solid and sound build. Physically, this mouse is quite sound. It looks like it was made to last many years, and it does. Just give her your special care and you will probably never outgrow it.
  • You will love a scroll wheel that moves when you want it to and stops when you want it. You will get perfect tracking power as you scroll from page to another, lower or raise the volume and do much more. This scroll wheel is pretty accurate and precise.
  • The sensor is not exactly a PMW3360 but it comes quite close in the operation. This is a high quality optical sensor that even at the highest speeds does not show any jittering or loss of tracking even in the highest DPI settings.
  • The mouse is widely customizable, not only in the software, but also physically. For example, you can adjust the weight of the mouse and the center of gravity by removing or repositioning weights.
  • Make your mouse even more personal by configuring the RGB lighting and colors. With 16.8 million full color spectrum, if we say you will be spoilt for choice, it would be the understatement of the year.
  • The cable is braided… well, this is the standard in the market today. However, braided always wins over rubber. Both have their benefits, but braided is flexible, sweet, and easy to keep clean and lasts a long time.
  • The weight is rated at 121 g. Now, that is high. Most gaming mice seem to top out at between 100 and 110g. But weight on a gaming mouse has its benefits, one of them being that it makes the mouse quite stable.
  • Onboard memory is dope! That is right. How much do you fancy having a gaming mouse that will automatically-detect any installed games in a new computer? There is more …

Logitech G502: Full features review

Physical specs, design and build

With physical measurements of 5.2 by 3 by 1.6 inches, well, we need not repeat the obvious, that this is a large mouse. Thus, if you have small palms, you might want to try a smaller Logitech mouse. This kind of size is best for people with medium-sized to big palms. It is also a bit on the heavy side with 121 g to boot.

If you like, you may buy five extra weights to customize the weight of your mouse even more. These weights can add 18g to your mouse. If you turn the mouse upside down, you will see the slots where you are supposed to fit your weights. Fine-tune them until you find your sweetest gliding and playing spot.

logitech g502 design and build

As for the color, it is matte black and bold. This kind of paint job does not retain palm prints. The scroll wheel is a nice looking dark gray color, thus breaking the monotony of the black color in a nice but not a boisterous way.

With a limited warranty of two years, you can see that Logitech are very confident in their product.

This is a right-handed mouse. The sides of the mouse have contoured rubber. This makes the mouse quite anti-slip even when you have sweaty palms.


In one sentence, the Logitech G502 Hero mouse exceeds all expectations. It is precise when it is supposed to be precise. It is fast when it is supposed to be fast and so on and so forth.

This gaming mouse is compatible with gaming laptops such as the Acer Predator Helios 300, and a list of many others.

The Hero 16000 DPI gaming sensor is one of the most accurate gaming sensors in the market. Its tracking is unequalled and it never fails! It is also very responsive and once you have tuned your DPI settings right in G HUB software, you will find that this sensor does not lose its competitive edge.

Another thing that speaks for the performance of this mouse is the high polling rate. It is rated at 1000Hz, which means that the mouse reports its position to the computer 1000 times per second. They do not come any faster than this.

This is a heavy mouse, no doubt about that. However, it is also a very precise mouse. The buttons are very responsive, mounted on high quality switches. The clicks have this satisfying sound, none of that loud click noise that you get with the regular mouse buttons.

Even with the weight of the mouse to push about, you will love the simple gliding power. If you push the mouse, it glides. If you stop the mouse, it stops. That’s it! There is no jittering and no movement when the mouse is stopped.

When you do not feel that the mouse is perfectly balanced in your hand, get to balancing it yourself. It is simple. Just add weights, reposition them or even remove some, until such a time that you will feel the mouse is the right weight. However, note that the weights are an optional feature and you may have to pay slightly more money for them.

The matte black finish does not wear away, even with the passage of time. The contoured rubber sides also last a long time.

The comfort that you enjoy with this gaming mouse is unsurpassed. It feels comfortable in your palm, it glides easily on any surface, but it is better to use a gaming mat.


The buttons maketh the mouse, and there is no argument to that. If the buttons suck in any way, then all the other features of the mouse are all for zilch, no matter how advanced they are.

The buttons of the Hero get a substantial review all the time. There is a good reason for this. After all, there are all of 11 fully programmable buttons on this mouse.

logitech g502 Buttons

Now, some people pay that the buttons feel a bit forced, you know, like they should not be there. However, that is not quite right because the more programmable buttons you have on your mouse, the more keyboard functions you can assign them.

There is a button for fast DPI adjustment. It is positioned right beneath the scroll wheel.

On the left side of the mouse near the back, there is a sniper button. This one allows you to lower the DPI immediately when taking a precision shot. Once you release it, the DPI setting goes back to normal.

Some buttons are located on the extreme edge and it seems as if they can get in the way. However, they stay away, and that is the most important thing. Mounted on switches that are rated for 50 million clicks, what more can we really say about the quality of these buttons?

Download the G Hub software and customize your buttons.

The scroll wheel

This is where things get even more exciting, with a metallic scroll wheel. It is high quality, very nice ridges for your fingers. But that is not the best thing about the wheel yet. You see, you can set it to fly fast, scrolling continuously.

You can also set it up to scroll per turn, that is, as precisely as you want it to move. The scroll wheel feels as if it has some weight, but when it is stopped, even a shake to the table will not move it.

The cord

This is a long cord, 7 feet long. Such length is good, but it can also be a downside especially if you are using your Logitech G502 on a laptop.

However, this is a braided cord that does not snag on items, but do try to keep your gaming table as clutter-free as possible. You will also be happy that the braided cable does not attract or hold on to as much dirt as a rubber cable does. It also comes with a hook for easier management. At the end of the cable is a USB connector that can be used on any port, whether it is a fast or slow port.

G HUB software

When you want to program your mouse, you will have to install the G HUB software and customize as many features of this mouse as possible.

This software is quite user-friendly, easy to program and you will be able to assign functions to your buttons easily. The control panel of the software is quite straightforward – just choose your options and you will be done.

logitech g502 software

You may also program the lighting of the mouse to suit your taste. Mostly, it comes in a soft white lighting, but you have a wealth of 16 million colors to choose from. You may also choose the intensity that you would love to see in your lighting.

If you like the lighting  low and subtle, go ahead and select that in the software. Play around with the RGB lighting until you get to a level that feels just fine.

Set five game profiles that you would like to have in your onboard memory. That way, when you use the mouse in another computer, there will be no need to install the software again. Besides, with firmware, the mouse also detects the games that have been installed in a new computer.

Should you encounter any technical hitches with the software, you can always contact Logitech.

Logitech G502 Review


  • Stylish, metallic scroll wheel that can be set to fast scroll or slow, precise scroll
  • Easy to use G HUB software for customizing your buttons
  • Nice RGB lighting
  • Highly accurate optical sensor
  • Precise tracking from the high quality sensor
  • Perfect gliding for the mouse especially on a good gaming mat
  • The buttons are responsive, they last a long time
  • This is a heavy duty gaming mouse that is made with high quality plastic casing
  • The Logitech G502 looks very stylish in design
  • Sold with a limited warranty of 24 months from the manufacturer
  • Adjustable weights allow you to fine-tune your mouse to the weight you feel comfortable with


  • It is too large to be comfortable for gamers with small palms
  • The weight could be lighter
  • It looks a bit over-designed


Now that you have read this Logitech G502 review, you are wondering whether you are going to buy it or not. Compared with the Logitech G203 Prodigy, this is a bit costlier but then it has more features. This mouse is a good investment, and you will never regret buying it. Even if you play your favorite FPS games daily, this mouse will hold up very well. If you have large palms, do not hesitate to order this mouse. It gives you a comfortable grip that does not cause your wrists to cramp, even if you use it for a long time.

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