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Logitech G602 Review – Fast Wireless Mouse for Gaming

by Kickoff Tech
logitech g602 review introduction

In many resources just like in this Logitech G602 review, they show this mouse to have fast response times, no delay, no special drivers needed and so many other good things. While a wired mouse has all that too, it has one misgiving – the wire! Now, who needs all those cables cluttering their gamers desk when they can have a wireless gaming mouse like the Logitech G602? 

As you will see in this G602 wireless mouse review, sometimes, the best mouse is a wired one. In any case, all avid gamers know that Logitech is a popular name in the world of computer games. It always feels good to try a new brand name in the market. However, it also feels much better to buy into one of the most established brand names. Like Logitech.

So what can we expect from the G602? Wireless mice use batteries. Thus, you should always look for a mouse that uses AA batteries, or has a rechargeable battery. Thankfully, the G602 cordless mouse uses two AA batteries. 

Apart from that, other things that you should consider are just the same as those that you would consider when buying a wired mouse. 

Consider the quality of the sensor, the accuracy, cursor range, the polling rate and even the software. If you love computer games, then you know that next to the computer and the keyboard, the mouse is a vital hardware. 

Logitech G602 Review – Fast Wireless Mouse for Gaming


  • It is a fast gaming mouse
  • Nice and stylish design
  • Easy to find batteries with long usage
  • High quality mechanical buttons
  • Accurate tracking
  • Quite ergonomic in design
  • Affordable price
  • It has onboard memory


  • Not very good with FPS games
  • Lacks color zones and other embellishments

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Bottom Line 

The Logitech G602 wireless gaming mouse has a 200-2500DPI range, six fully programmable buttons and a 2.4GHz nano receiver for latency-free wireless connectivity. It’s left and right click buttons are mounted on mechanical switches rated for tens of millions of clicks. 

Logitech G602 Features

Build design and quality

We all know that all Logitech products are built to last. The construction is admirable, with a thin, lightweight but long-lasting casing.

The G602 is not any different. Even with the battery compartment, it is pretty solid, without any rattling noises inside the mouse. This looks like a mouse that can survive a drop and other types of abuses. However, take good care of it.

You will love the size of the mouse. It is big and thus, it does not cramp the wrists. Small mice are notorious for making your wrists feel cramped, and that is why gamers prefer a large mouse. 

In addition to the large size, you also get a nice and ergonomic design. It seems Logitech did not miss much when they were making this mouse.

The lack of a cable gives you one less item to worry about. Without worries of snagging and damaged cables to worry about, you can play your game with peace of mind.

Compared to the wired G602 mouse, this design is endearing indeed. The mouse flares out at the bottom. While we can say that this has been done to accommodate the batteries, it still shows that a lot of thought went into the design of this mouse.

DPI range

Around the market, there are gaming mice with ranges extending from lows of 100 to 16,400 dots per inch, for example, the Utechsmart Venus mouse and sometimes even more than that. In any Logitech G602 review that you will read, you will realize that they mention the 2500 maximum DPI range of the mouse. Do not be discouraged!

You can be assured that this range is just about enough to play many of the most favorite games. Ok, precisely, this range is good for MOBA and RPG – role-playing games such as Marvel Heroes.

You may also use the mouse to play first person shooter games such as Quake Live. You will find the mouse behaves just as a wired gaming mouse around a wide spectrum of games.

Even many of the MMORPG games in the market require a maximum range of 4500, that is, unless you are playing on displays with very high resolution. Thus, while many reviews show the 2500DPI of this mouse to be a bit uncool, we think it is alright, really.

Incase this is your first mouse and you are wondering what the Dots Per Inch hullaballoo is all about, it is easy to understand. 

In simple terms, dots per inch mean the range that the mouse cursor can move on the screen without you moving your hand all that much. Of course, we all like a cursor that can move from the bottom of the page to the top without having to move the hand too much. The farther that a mouse can move the faster that you can perform many actions.

There is a button beneath the scroll wheel that is dedicated to helping you adjust the DPI on the run. Usually, there are about 5 settings for this. You can find out whether it is possible to change this in the software.


The sensor is one of the things that determine the performance of a mouse a great deal. Again, here, Logitech does not disappoint. 

The G602 uses a Delta Zero optical sensor. Some resources say that it uses a laser sensor, but there seems to be a mixup because it uses an optical one.

While the DPI range determines how far a mouse cursor can travel on your computer screen with minimal hand movement, the sensor determines the accuracy of the mouse. Now, all mice are made with super-accurate sensors.

You will find that the G602 sensor performs exemplarily on different types of surfaces, well, except glass. However, it is always recommended to use a mat so that you can preserve the quality of the underside of your mouse.


logitech g602 Buttons

The G602 has 11 programmable buttons, and this includes the clickable scroll wheel. On the side, we have six thumb buttons. These are great for deploying fleets of soldiers, casting spells and doing much more.

Most people who have used this wireless mouse say that the buttons are very well positioned in easy-to-access places. These are high quality buttons and they will last for the entire lifetime of the mouse.

These buttons are mounted on high quality mechanical switches that have been thoroughly tested and rated for 20 million clicks. Every gamer agrees that mechanical buttons are better. They are more responsive but in such a way that they are hard to click by accident.

Some people complain that the thumb buttons are not as intuitive as they would love them to be. However, as compared to the numerous other benefits you will enjoy from this mouse, it is a small drawback to live with.

You can assign the buttons different functions in the software, which we will discuss in the upcoming section. 

Some people think that the G602 should have been designed with two thumb buttons. Well, when it comes to a computer game mouse that you would like to use for playing RPG and MOBA games, more buttons are better.

Take your time to get used to the many thumb buttons if this is your first time to use such a mouse.

USB nano receiver

The type of receiver determines the performance of a mouse. Now, the Logitech G602 comes with a USB 2.4GHz nano receiver. Do not worry about the technology behind it because this is a plug-and-play mouse. Thus, you just need to plug the nano receiver into your computer and you will be ready to use the mouse.

This receiver is designed with the zero delay technology. Precisely, there is a delay of 2 milliseconds, which is barely noticeable to the human eyes. 

Combined with the Delta Zero sensor, the long battery life and the high quality receiver, this mouse is without doubt one of the best mice in the market.

There is a cable extender for the receiver. You will be happy to see that this is a no-frills mouse, able to do what it is supposed to do. Its performance is not the same as that of a wired mouse, but it comes quite close.

When looking for mice, most people first seek to know the type of receiver and the battery type. 

For many of them, the simpler the better and that is why the 2.4GHz band receiver and the AA batteries for the mouse endear many people to the G602. There is no need to buy a wireless mouse whose batteries you will have to order online.

Polling rate

Polling rate just means how many times the mouse pings, or communicates its position to the computer in one second. 

Wired mice have high polling rates of 1000Hz. However, the G602 has a polling rate of 500Hz. This is more than enough to play all types of games. Even people who buy the mouse with a 1000Hz polling rate do not set it that high.

Battery and battery life

This mouse uses two AA batteries. However, these also last a long time, rated at 250 hours. The center button on the mouse is used to switch the power modes for the batteries. You can choose the endurance mode, which increases the life of the batteries to more than 1000 hours.

You can even remove one battery if your feel that the weight is too much. Remember, this mouse weighs 107 g without the batteries. Thus, when the batteries are added, the weight increases. 

Removing one battery lowers the weight but it reduces the hours from 250 to 125. However, no one really lets their mouse stay with the same pair of batteries for that long. Many people just make a habit of changing their batteries a few times a year.

Onboard memory

logitech g602 Onboard memory

Once you have set up everything in the mouse, you would perhaps love to store a few game profiles in the mouse. This means that when you use the mouse with another computer, you will not need to install the app again. 

Besides, the mouse will also scan the computer looking for compatible games. Onboard memory is a standard feature and almost every mouse has it, but it is always good to confirm that it is available.


To customize this mouse, you must first install the software and official drivers. It comes with its drivers so you do not have to search for them. This is simple. With the wired gaming mice, you just plug in the mouse and you will be prompted to install it.  

With the wireless G602, you will just need to plug in the 2.4GHz receiver since it also comes with the app. You can then access the control panel on your computer and customize the mouse, transferring some of the keyboard functions to the mouse buttons.

Logitech app is known for its user-friendliness. You do not need to be too tech-savvy to use it. Any settings that you make are then stored on the onboard memory.

Combined with a G513 Carbon keyboard, you can create a comfy environment at home for playing computer games. 


This Logitech G602 review has shown you many features of this mouse. It is good for playing MOBA and RPG games, and the 11 programmable buttons should help with such games. However, if you want to use it to play FPS games, you may find it a bit tiring after some time, so it would be better to pass. While it lacks some thrills such as lighting and colors, the price and all the other features are on point. It is pretty fast too for a wireless mouse.

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