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Logitech M330 Review – Silent Mouse for Office Work

If you would like a silent, like real silent, noiseless mouse to use for your daily work, read this Logitech M330 review.

Hardly do we think about the annoying click-clicky sound that computer mice make. However, only when we get a silent mouse like the Logitech M330 do we know what we have been missing all along.

It is no surprise really that Logitech had to come up with such a computer mouse. After all, they are known for their groundbreaking designs in computer peripherals. Having been in the peripherals business for almost 4 decades, their mice have become better with time, like wine.

Logitech M330 Bottom Line

So what really is the Logitech M330 mouse?

First, the full name is Logitech M330 Silent Plus mouse. It is a wireless gaming mouse, made for the every-day computer user. Secondly, it is a quiet mouse, and from the name itself, we can say that the word “Silent” has been properly used to imply the low profile that this mouse keeps.

There is nothing flashy about the M330 Silent Plus. It is a simple looking mouse, but its performance is not simple in any way. Thus, if you are looking for a mouse that will fulfill all of your computing needs in a non-boisterous way, buy this one.

Do not let the low profile looks deceive you. In the world of standard computer mice, this one is a performer.

Logitech M330 pros

  • Thin plastic casing makes the mouse light in weight
  • Textured rubber sides provide a very good and anti-slip grip
  • The flared-out-at-the-bottom design makes this mouse look really stylish
  • 1000DPI sensor makes it a good performer for a standard mouse
  • Flawless 2.4GHz wireless connection via the USB dongle
  • It has a long battery life
  • The mouse is silent at work
  • Available in different colors to suit different tastes


  • Can be a bit cramping at the wrist for people with big hands
  • Might not perform well on some surfaces
  • Features such as buttons could be more

For more details and price, click here.

Bottom Line

The Logitech M330 comes with silent click sounds and this seems to be the bestselling feature among many enthusiasts. It also has more features such as long battery life, nice gliding feet and it is light in weight. The design is simplistic and quite appealing.  

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Logitech M330 Review

Features That You Will Love Using

Some people say that at the price of $20 on many online marketplaces, it is too high for a mouse that lacks features such as more buttons, high DPI and so on. However, just start analyzing the features of this mouse one by one. You will realize that by the time you will have done two years or more with it, you will have gotten more than enough value for all the money that you paid for it.

First, let us look at the design and build quality of this mouse, so you can see why it is worth the money you will pay for it.

The design and build quality

The casing is plastic – nothing new there as so are all the other gaming mice. If you are looking for an aluminum chassis, you will not find it with the Logitech M330 Silent Plus. You will realize though that the plastic casing is quite thin. Do not worry, it is resilient enough and will not crack even with several drops on a cemented floor. However, you should take good care of your mouse.

One more thing about the exterior of this mouse is the textured rubber grips. This makes the mouse quite anti-slip. Besides, because of the matte-finish, you feel the mouse is comfortable and snug in your hand. Besides, mice with glossy finishing are print magnets and that is not too pleasant.

Logitech M330 design

This is a small mouse. It measures just 4.2 inches long. While this is not a gaming mouse, office work still does require you to have a large mouse, one that is not going to cause cramping on your wrists. Thus, if you have large palms, you will have to hold this mouse using a claw grip. If you have small hands though, you are in luck because you will comfortably hold this mouse palm-style.

At 91 g of weight, well, this is a lightweight mouse. You will hardly experience any difficulty when you are using this mouse. You can use it for hours on end and it will not feel heavy in your hands.

Finally, about the build quality, this mouse is 90 percent silent. If you like to click your mouse buttons to give your boss the impression of working hard in your small office cubicle, no luck here!

Ok, seriously, the thud noise is low and inaudible from a short distance away. We have been so accustomed to the click of the mouse buttons, but with this mouse, everything works silently.


If you have used a mouse with a higher DPI than the 1000 that the Logitech M330 comes with, you may not be impressed by the performance. However, this mouse does not claim to do extraordinary things, it is just an office mouse. But just why is DPI so important to the performance of the mouse?

DPI means dots per inch. Thus, the higher it is, the more dots per inch there is. As you can see in this Redragon M711 Cobra review, this mouse comes with a 10,000DPI sensor. That is pretty high, but it is not the highest. Gaming mice such as the Redragon even come with DPI of up to 16000.

Higher DPI is better, because it means you can use the mouse on high-resolution displays. However, the M330 is not a gaming mouse, and in any case, most office mice come with 1000DPI sensors. This is enough to do all of your office work without any problem. Higher DPI means bigger distance that the cursor will cover on the screen, so it would be very good for scrolling through many pages.

But DPI alone does not determine the performance of the mouse. There are many more things. For the M330, you will find that the wireless connection works very well. You can connect the mouse to your laptop through the USB dongle that the mouse comes with over a 2.4GHz frequency.

Normally, when it comes to wireless computer mouse, we also consider latency. Latency means the time it takes to transfer data wirelessly. In the case of our wireless mouse here, we would consider the time that it takes to display a command on the computer screen after clicking the mouse. In this case, the delay is not noticeable. Long gone are the days when wired mice outperformed their wireless counterparts.

The mouse will perform well within a range of 10 meters. You will probably not need to leave your computer side. However, such a range can come in quite handy when you are making a presentation.

Button setup

Sadly or happily depending on how you look at it, there is not really much to write home about the button setup as you can see in any Logitech M330 review. This mouse comes with three buttons only. If you just need a regular office mouse, you will agree with us that three buttons are just enough for the mouse.

Logitech M330 button

There is the left and right click buttons and then the clickable scroll wheel serves as a button if you like. Many people just use the scroll wheel for scrolling fast between pages. While many buttons are better because you can program them to do different things, when you just want a standard office mouse, the multi-button feature becomes a bother rather than a blessing. So for the Logitech M330 Silent Plus mouse, the three buttons are more than sufficient for office work.

One thing that everyone loves about the buttons is that they are so silent. Until you use them, it is a bit hard to guess just how good a silent mouse is. You can hardly hear their click. We feel that this silence more than compensates for the lack of many buttons.

Battery life

First, the Logitech M330 uses an ordinary AA battery, just one. Secondly, this battery is going to last a long time. It can last for two years. Of course, it could be much better if it were rechargeable, but then AA batteries are easy to find anywhere.

You will find the battery compartment on the underside of the mouse. It may look as if there will be rattling in the battery compartment, but it is very intact. In addition, when locked inside, there is no risk of the battery compartment door coming apart. Possibly, because the battery lasts a long time, you will forget that your mouse needs a battery. It is that good!

While you are changing the battery, you will also see two small feet on the front and a large foot at the back. These feet enable easier gliding over the mouse pad.


Do you still need software when you are using a standard mouse? Of course, you do and we believe this Logitech M330 review would not be complete without mentioning the software. It is not compulsory for you to download it. If you bother about details such as monitoring the battery status, you can install the software. If you do not mind, just use the mouse as it comes. You can be sure you will not be missing much.


After reading this Logitech M330 review, you will agree that the bestselling feature for this mouse is the silence. The brain-piercing click is gone, replaced by a satisfying thud. However, silence is not the only good thing going for it. Many people who have used this mouse agree that it performs much better than many standard mice. But then, it is a Logitech, and this brand name has won itself a place in many people’s heart.

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