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Logitech M720 Review – Best Multi-Device Mouse

If your have been looking for mice that you can use with more than one device, this Logitech M720 review is for you. If you look at this one closely on the thumb side, you will see that it has three buttons. The last button is for toggling between the connected devices. That tells you that it can be connected to a few devices simultaneously. Of course, we will be looking at that in more detail later.

From a distance, it looks like one of the regular wirefree office mice. It is just about the size of the regular office mice, and has a subtle and calm look about it. However, when you give it a deeper glance, you start noticing things that make it one of the advanced mice in the market.

This wireless mice is a nice matte-gray, with visible texture on the plastic casing. It does not look too big and there is nothing shouty about it, even when it is connected to the computer. Again, where wired gaming mice are flashy with RGB lighting and all, their wireless counterparts like this one look a bit laid back. This is a deliberate attempt to save on the battery charge.

Logitech M720 Design

The Pros

  • Nice, ergonomic shape, comfortable grip
  • Nice gray color for a change
  • Looks quite sturdy with just a few panels
  • The buttons are few and well laid out, easy to access
  • Two years of battery life
  • Good for working with Mac
  • Has six programmable buttons
  • Software is easy to use
  • 12-month warranty on hardware

The Cons

  • Size is a bit small for people with big palms
  • Goes to sleep mode too soon by default to preserve charge
  • The scroll wheel is a bit too sensitive but it works

For more details and price, click here.

Bottom Line

The Logitech Triathlon has been designed for multi-device use. It has programmable buttons, a latency-free Bluetooth or USB connection and many other impressive features. 

Logitech M720 Review

Design, build quality and durability

First thing to mention in this section of the Logitech review, the size of this device is 4.5 inches. That length is good enough for people with small to medium-sized palms, but for people with big palms, that can be a bit on the small side. Even when it comes to the height, it is a bit narrow such that your ring and small finger do not fit. However, despite those small downsides, this is a great peripheral by design.

The gray matte finish really feels good on the hands. It is comfortable and anti-slip if you get only slightly sweaty. The build is quite lovely too, especially with the flared-out design towards the front. At the front, the logo sits proudly in white color.

Perhaps another thing that we can mention about this device is that it is cordless. Thus, if you do not like clutter on your gaming desk, go wireless! It has a good weight of 130g, take or add a little. Much of this weight is towards the back and since it does not have customizable weights, you should expect to feel a bit of an imbalance before you get used to it.


The performance of any game mice is pegged on a few things and the first one is the sensor. Now, there is no worry when it comes to the sensor because we know this company makes their gaming mice with the best sensors. You may fret that the sensor resolution is only 1000DPI, but then this device is not exclusively made for gaming. The manufacturer says that it is designed to be a perfect workhorse for just about any task that you need to do on a computer.


The Triathlon glides easily on any surface including textile surfaces. Of course, it will work much better if you use a mat so that you can preserve its feet. As for the user comfort, the way it is designed is that if you are of the right palm size, you will find that it fits perfectly in the shape of your palm. It gives you a comfortable grip that can allow you to work for a long time without your wrist feeling cramped.

Easy-switch between devices

The Triathlon has been designed with a special Easy-Switch technology that allows you to use it with a maximum of three devices. This means that you can use it with Mac, Windows and even an Android device as long as it is Bluetooth enabled.

To enable you to make switches between your computers, there is a button that has been specifically made for that. On the thumb area, close to the upper edge, you will find that this item comes with three buttons. The last button is for switching between computers. In fact, it has been indicated with numbers 1, 2 and 3. Since the numbers are softly illuminated, you will always know to which computer you are connected.

1000 DPI sensor

You may not be able to use it on displays with too high resolutions and in fact, even the manufacturer does not claim that you can use it on 4K displays. So please be aware of that. It may not even perform very well on displays that have resolutions higher than 1920P. However, on the lower ones, it performs exemplarily.

Whether you connect the Triathlon to your computer through the 2.4GHz wireless receiver or Bluetooth, you will find that it has few to zero latency issues. For office work and other tasks, you will find that commands are displayed on the screen as soon as you click the mouse.

Button setup of the Triathlon

Logitech M720 Review button

This is not one of those complicated mice. Everything, including the buttons, has been set up to be easy to use and pretty straightforward. There are six buttons to this keyboard and the clickable scroll wheel also serves as a button. You may assign it a function on the software.

Three of the buttons are on the thumb side. Now, we have already discussed the third button in the preceding sections. The other two buttons – the first and the second ones are for forward and backward commands only.

The two regular buttons – the right and left click buttons are mounted on Omron mechanical switches that last for tens of millions of clicks. They are responsive and you can reach them easily, as the surface of this device is not crowded at all. The buttons stay out of the way when you are not using them.

You may also use the scroll wheel as a button. But even when you are scrolling, you will find it very responsive if a bit too sensitive. You can scroll through many pages with a single touch, or you can set it to scroll bit by bit.

On the top, just beneath the scroll wheel, you will find a smaller button. This one is for DPI adjustment on the move when you are playing a game, or when you need to do certain actions.

Price and warranty

This Logitech M720 review would not be complete without mentioning the price and the warranty. The price is very fair actually, even with it being a multi-device one. On different online marketplaces, she costs less than $50, and even far less than that in some places. It also comes with a 12-month warranty on the hardware.

USB and Bluetooth pairing

Even with the best cordless mice for laptops, one of the areas where many beginners have a problem is during pairing. However, this one is not going to give you any trouble at all. To use the USB receiver, you will have to access it. It is stored out of the way inside the battery compartment, so you have to remove the battery compartment and the battery cover. The instructions for how to do that are in the user manual.

Once you plug the USB dongle to the computer, you are ready to go. It may prompt you to install the software once it is connected. You should do that if you wish to program your buttons, but if you do not, then you can use it in default mode. Please note that it may send you over to the official site so that you can download the app from there.

To pair it to your computer through Bluetooth, you should just press and hold the third button (the one for switching between computers) so that you can start the Bluetooth pairing process.

Software settings of Triathlon M20

Logitech M720 Review Software

In the software, you can do several important things with the device, if you wish. First, you may change the speed of the scroll wheel so that it scrolls at a super fast speed. Well, you may find a Logitech M720 review saying that the wheel becomes a bit more sensitive at fast scrolling speed, but you can manage.

You may also interchange the regular buttons, that is, the left click one to the right click function and vice versa. Other things that you may change include the pointer speed. If you are setting it up to play FPS games on your computer, you may also assign the buttons a few keyboard functions.


If what the manufacturer says about the battery is true, and we have no reason to doubt them, this is the one feature that takes the crown. This device uses a single AA battery that can last all of 24 months. That is fantastic! It is possible to see why though, as it goes into sleep mode as soon as you get your hands off. Thus, when you get back to using it, you may find that it does not respond as fast. 


The search for the best wireless mice for laptop, a workhorse that you can use for just about anything stops with brand names such as Corsair, HyperX and others. As you have seen in this Logitech M720 review, you can use this multi-device rodent for regular computer work as well as for playing computer games. It is sturdily designed to last a long time and its performance is above par, even with a DPI of 1000. You can be sure you will get good value for your investment in this mouse. Just read the user manual before you plug it in.

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