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Logitech MX Master 2S Review – Three Device Mouse

Logitech has a knack for making stunning peripherals but as you will see in this Logitech MX Master 2S review, they have outdone themselves.

But just what is this mouse?

The MX Master 2S, as its name suggests, is the master in office, and to some extent, gaming productivity. Well, at least from its features, durability, comfort and usability, it sure seems to be an incredible mouse. One of its benefits is that it is able to glide perfectly on any surface. You can test it on your pants and it will work just as good as it would on a gaming mat.

“But this is just a mouse with a unique looking shape.” You may be tempted to dismiss it that way. However, that is not true at all.

Logitech MX Master 2S Review Bottom line

This is not only a good gaming mouse, but it is a true workhorse when it comes to regular home use. It is also perfect for heavy-duty office work.

What we know so far is that this is one of the best multi-device mice in the market. There are many, but they hardly meet the threshold that Logitech has set with this one.

And no; it is not just the style that is amazing, but there are tens of features, many of them. All the features fit together to make it the best gaming and regular work mouse in the market. the Logitech Flow software is out of this world… but enough of that later. 

Logitech MX Master 2S Review


  • Ergonomic design and very comfortable
  • You can use the mouse with a maximum of three computers
  • High quality laser sensor for excellent tracking on all surfaces
  • It is wireless – no clutter of cable on your desk
  • The Logitech MX Master 2S is widely customizable
  • The battery lasts long
  • Can recharge a full day’s worth of battery in just three minutes
  • Good size for long hours of use


  • Costs a high price – justified by the features of course but still high
  • It is not ambidextrous
  • Is not suitable for FPS (first person shooter) gaming

For more details and price, click here.

Bottom line

The Logitech MX Master 2S comes with Flow technology that connects to three computers simultaneously. Visually stunning design, high response rate and accuracy are just a few of the strongholds of this mouse. 

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Features That You Will Love Using

Office and gaming mice have come along way. From rudimentary peripherals with just a few functions such as scroll, point and click, today, you can do almost 1001 things with them. Thus, your choice of mouse is determined by your budget and indeed your needs.

As the modern computer mouse becomes more complex and feature-rich, the need to do some good groundwork before buying one arises. And that dear geek is why you are reading our Logitech MX Master 2S review.

Features are everything! The more the better. It might take some time getting used to all of them. However, it is better to have more features and never use them than have less and feel sorry when you need to use them.

And the MX Master 2S packs quite a lot of features. Here are just the chief ones:

Build design, quality and durability

First, this is a large mouse. Is that even important? Very, especially for people with large palms. Now, this mouse measures 5 inches in length, which is a very good length for large palms. It means that you are not going to experience a cramping of any kind on the wrist even when you use it for long hours. At the widest point, the MX Master 2S is 3.4 inches – quite wide. 

It is not only large, but it is also a bit on the heavy side, at 145 g. However, the weight is not something to worry about because it makes the mouse more precise and stable. The casing of the mouse is textured. This is why it is so comfortable on your hands. You will get a good anti-slip grip, which is good news if you have sweaty palms.

Logitech MX Master 2S Review design

You will notice that this mouse is styled differently from the others. While many other mice come with a single scroll wheel, this one has two. The second scroll wheel is in the thumb region and it is horizontally aligned because it scrolls pages horizontally. With the mouse, you can be happy that you have the vertical and horizontal scrolling power.

This is a wireless gaming mouse. Looking at it from a distance, it looks like a strange spaceship such as you would see on Sci-Fi movies.


The features of a mouse determine its performance. Now, Logitech says that this is their ultimate productivity mouse, meaning that it is made more for office work than for gaming. That does not mean that you cannot use it for gaming. It is just that it is not suitable for FPS games.

One of the things that you will love about this mouse is the excellent precision and accurate tracking. Logitech has put forth a great combination of features that make this mouse quite a performer by all standards.

Whether you are zapping through websites, doing image processing, spreadsheets or word processing jobs, you will find this mouse quite handy for any job that you put it to. As it is a wireless mouse, it has low to zero latency. Having been in the business of making computer peripherals since the early 80s, Logitech has really perfected its game in the Master 2S.

And while we are still talking about the performance, just think for a moment the kind of convenience you will enjoy. Just imagine the ability to edit images on one computer, read word documents in another and on the third computer browse the web, all using the same mouse. That is why we say that even at the $100 that it is sold at, this mouse is quite a steal. See, it can do the work of three gaming mice if you do multi-task.

Using the high quality optical sensor with 4000DPI, you can virtually use this mouse on any display, except perhaps a 4K display. Now, isn’t that something?

Button setup

For gamers, buttons always make them excited. However, for office work, we only worry about the right and left click buttons. Whatever you are looking for, in any Logitech MX Master 2S review, you will see that it has enough buttons for just about anything.

The 2S comes with 7 buttons. You may use them in default mode, but then you would not be getting the full use out of them. It is better to program the mouse buttons and assign them different functions.

First, there are the usual left and right click buttons, clickable scroll wheel (the regular one). Secondly, you get two thumb buttons. But that is not all because on the thumb side, you will find a toggle button for the scroll wheel speed, which you can set to one speed if your like, in the software of course.

Logitech MX Master 2S Review Button

The final button is the gesture control button that is located on the thumb rest. Its work is to perform gestures, just as its name mentions. You just need to press and hold it to point to something, without moving/scrolling the page.

Even the two scroll wheels are true performers. First, you will be happy to know that you can set them in such a way that you stop ratchet scrolling speed, making the wheels more precise and controllable. If you would like to scroll rather fast, set the scroll wheels to spin mode and zap your way through pages fast.

The scroll wheels adjust their speed automatically depending on how fast you are spinning it. If you spin it fast, the wheel senses you want to increase the speed and vice versa, and it adjusts accordingly.

Logitech Flow Software

This software is not really exclusively designed for the 2S. On the contrary, it is used with other multi-device peripherals from Logitech. With the 2S software, you can interchange between devices as if each has its own mouse, without missing a beat.

So what is the big deal considering that we have other multi-device mice in the market?  Well, the main difference is that with the Logitech Flow software, you can even transfer files from one computer to the second one or to the third one. That is how cool this feature is. You connect to the computers on Bluetooth. Despite the many connections, there is no noticeable latency.

Another thing that we may mention in this Logitech MX Master 2S review is that the only time you can pause is when you are switching from one computer to another. When you want to transfer images, documents or other from one computer to another, just move the move close to the edge of the computer you are transferring to. It will initiate the file transfer process.

Your three computers can be MACs or PCs, or even tablets. You just have to install the Flow software in each device. By the way, you should also know that the data exchange is encrypted, so it is perfectly safe.


The MX Master 2S is a wireless mouse. Thus, it is battery-powered. With a battery life of 70 hours, and the ability to connect three computers at once, well, they do not come any better than this! Logitech also says that in three minutes, this mouse can charge a full day’s worth. It also has a battery indicator meter, so you will always know how much charge remains.


In this simple Logitech MX Master 2S review, you have seen the various features that this mouse comes with. You can also see why it was all the rage in the market when it was released. This mouse gives you the full value for every dime you pay for it. We forgot to mention that if you buy a Logitech keyboard that is Flow-enabled, you can use one mouse and one keyboard on three computers. With such peripherals, office work is no longer work. It is fun!

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