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Magic Mouse 2 Review – Best Multi-touch Interface

Read this Apple Magic Mouse 2 review to see whether this device conjures any miracles. What we mean is … we want to find out whether there is anything magical about it. With the number 2 in its name, it seems there must have been a predecessor. Thus, we will also be looking at any improvements that have been made over the predecessor of the same name.

The MM2 has easily become Apples flagship for iMac products. It is easy to see why, considering that the first one was a flop. The reason why the first one failed was that it consumed batteries so fast. Thankfully, the MM2 comes with rechargeable batteries and so that problem is solved.

Magic Mouse 2 Review  Bottom Line

This is a good wireless rodent. You will also realize that it is quite laid-back in design, you know, no bells and whistles such as we have been used to with other gaming mice. However, the quality is great. Minimalistic design is something that Apple products are known for.

When you buy it for the first time, and if you did not get to use the first one, you will be deceived into thinking that it does not have much going for it. It looks so simple. Unboxing it is no big deal at all. It just looks like a whitish oval blob, but don’t worry. The design grows on you with time and you eventually end up loving it.


  • It is an ambidextrous
  • It will pair with any Mac automatically via Bluetooth
  • Very low latency
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 2 minutes only to give you a full 9-hour charge
  • Simplistic design is very appealing
  • Great build quality
  • 1300 DPI


  • It too thin, causes your hand some fatigue
  • Only to be used with certain operating system
  • Cannot be used while it is charging

For more details and price, click here.

Bottom Line

The MM2 comes ready to use right out of the box. It has durable polycarbonate casing and aluminum chassis. The long lasting rechargeable battery gives it an edge on its predecessor. It is too thin for comfort, but that does not render it unusable.

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Magic Mouse 2 Review – Features that you will enjoy using

The wireless MM2 is good for your daily office work. However, there is a lot more to it than you can guess. It has its fair share of benefits as well as disadvantages. Let us explore some of the most outstanding features and see what is in store for you:

Design and build quality

Well, it has an impressive design. It is long and thin and it looks quite subtle. Again, we shall repeat here by saying that most of Apple products are usually low profile but real workhorses that hold their end very well. This one is not any different. It lasts a long time.

One thing that you will realize about the design and build is that it is a bit on the thin side. Now, for people with large palms, that is not too good because it means they will get cramped wrists and maybe carpal tunnel syndrome too soon. Thus, if you put in long hours at your computer, this may not be the best one for that.

She looks quite solid when it comes to the build. It has been encased with polycarbonate, silver or gray in color and very durable. It is not the kind of device to rip open and reveal its interiors after a fall.

Magic Mouse 2 Review  Design

The weight of the MM2 is 100g. That is a nice and manageable weight. We have seen some mice such as the Logitech MX Master 2s, which weigh much more than that, close to 130g.

This is a very stable workhorse, partly due to the low height and partly due to the weight. Thus, when you move it on different surfaces, it glides smoothly and tracks very well. It has a high-quality optical sensor that responds very fast to even the slightest movements.

Underneath, right where you would expect to see the door to the battery chamber, there is nothing. It is completely sealed. The battery is built-in, so no tinkering with the setup. If you would like it to last more than 20 days, Apple says that you should just leave it to charge overnight. Remember, you cannot use it while it is charging.


Unlike its predecessor, which used to consume batteries too fast, this one is quite a performer. Everything, from the sensor to the battery life is high quality. First, if you would like to get the best performance, you have to adjust the settings of the sensor in the internal system, in your Mac. That should be easy for you and with the tracking and sensitivity set, you can be ready to use your device.

On the underside, you will notice that it has two sliding rails, running along lengthwise. Now, these rails enable easy movement. This is why it glides perfectly over almost all surfaces. However, it would be much better if you could get a gaming mat.

Another thing that we can say about the performance is that it allows multi-touch commands. You can execute many commands, which include scrolling up and down, swiping left and right, right click, left click, scrolling and so on. You can see there are many functions on the multitouch surface.

You will realize that it does not come with visible buttons for right and left click. It comes with a touch-sensitive surface. The top touch concept is not exclusive to Apple, as we have seen other mice that come with the technology, such as the Microsoft Sculpt.

Pairing the MM2 with your Mac is ever so easy, especially because you do not need to do anything. Just plug it in and it will pair automatically via Bluetooth. You just need to ensure that your Mac is using the OS X El Capitan operating system for the setup. It will not work with older OS’s. It will also not work with Windows computers.

Battery and charging

Magic Mouse 2 Review  Battery

We have already mentioned a couple of times about the battery, how fast it charges and for how long you can use it on a full charge. But it never hurts to repeat a good thing.

With a 2-minute charge, you will be ready to run for 9 hours! There… nine to fivers, this is the kind of thing that you would need. Should you leave the her charging overnight, well, that is it, you are done for the next 30 days, no charging will be needed.

The MM2 is sold with a lightning cable for charging. However, the charging port is located on the bottom. This means that when charging, you have to flip it over. And that is why you cannot use this one when it is charging because it will literary be up side down.

Apart from this small flaw, which isn’t really a flaw as the MM2 charges quite fast, this is an excellent specimen. It is one of the most reliable mice to buy for regular office work.


The reason why we buy expensive computer mice is so that we can program it in the software so that it can do what we want it to do. With different gaming mice, we add the keyboard functions to the buttons. This enables us to execute certain gaming actions faster. We can do the same even for the regular office work buttons. You can program them so that different buttons do different things. Just read the user manual that it comes with. 

If you read any Magic 2 review, you will see that you can customize the MM2 in its system. Thus, if you are left handed, you can even change the orientation so that you can use it comfortably. The good thing is that there are no thumb buttons to worry about and that makes change of orientation much easier. You may also change the DPI, maximum is 1300. 

We must say that even with all the customizability, this one still takes some time to get used to. Unlike the mice that come with traditional features, you know scroll wheel, regular buttons and all, this one is not regular in any way. However, it does not take long for you to get familiar with and once you do, only the thin size will bother you. Apart from that, it is an excellent peripheral.


Apple products are not exactly cheap, but their quality always compensates for that. For this one though, it is within the price range of many gaming mice in the market. It will cost less than $80 and in some online marketplaces, it will even cost less than $70. Consider the fast charging time, the fact that it comes ready to use out of the box and that it has few movable parts and assured durability, well, judge for yourself.

Considering many of the mice in the market that you can use for gaming which cost cheaper than this one, the price could be a little lower. Also, you have to consider that this device will not work with PCs. Just get it if you have Apple devices running on the recommended software.

Take time to know how it works

We have mentioned in this Magic Mouse 2 review that there is no buttons or scroll wheel. So up to this point of reading this article, if you cannot help but ask, “how the heck does it work?” you can be forgiven.

The multi-touch interface is intelligent. It means that it interprets certain gestures and does what you intended it to do. For example, there is no right or left click button. However, when you hover on a page, it interprets what you want to do.

Before using it, read the one-page pullout manual. It will help you understand better how to get the best out of the rodent.


Ultimately, the question that will be on your mind at the end of reading this is; to buy or not to buy? You have seen the features in our Magic Mouse 2 review. You have also seen the price. Just think about it this way – if you are a Mac guy, the MM2 is the end of your troubles. Built with an aluminum chassis and polycarbonate casing, it is going to last a long time.

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