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Razer Naga Trinity Review – A Gaming Mouse With Most Buttons

In the world of gaming mice, the name Razer is quite popular. The reason is quite obvious – they have given us a line of incredible gaming mice. Some are costly, some are affordable, but one thing that they all have in common is their incredible features. In this Razer Naga Trinity review, you will see what features and benefits make it the choice of many pro as well as beginner gamers.

Now, when you see the name Trinity, you might wonder whether these are three mice. It is a combination of three in one. For a first timer, it might be a bit complex to figure out how to get the three out of the one, but that is why we have user manuals. Make use of this one before you start using the mouse.

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While there have been many interchangeable mice in the market, but this one is the trendsetter with its 2, 7 and 12 button sides. On the side with 12 buttons, it actually look like a dial phone. But wait until you are immersed into your MMORPG and you have to select weapons fast and launch them at the enemy. You will be glad that you have all these buttons.

Razer Naga Trinity

Razer Naga Trinity Review: Summary of the features

  • Easy to peel off the interchangeable side panels
  • Very versatile mouse to use for games that require more or less buttons
  • Many programmable buttons make it easy to play your game without having to reach for the keyboard all the time
  • Large size of the mouse gives you a better grip without cramping the wrist
  • The weight of 120 g is quite manageable
  • High speed tracking – touch a button and command is effected immediately on the screen
  • All the buttons respond with very little tension
  • The Synapse software allows you to customize the colors with up to 16.8 million options
  • The optical sensor – 5G, makes this mouse very accurate
  • Has been designed with a durable braided cable that is 7 feet long
  • The scroll wheel is the best gaming grade in the market
  • Genuine 16,000 DPI, more than you need

Razer Naga Trinity Review: Features that you will enjoy using in this mouse

Seeing as it is quite a compact piece of work, all of the features are very useful. Here is a synopsis of all the features and how they are used:

The grip

Razer Naga Trinity - The grip

No matter how many features a mouse has, if the grip is not right, you will not enjoy using it. Thankfully, the  Razer Naga Trinity is a large mouse. Whether you hold your mouse palm style or claw style, you will love using this one.

Even if you use a finger grip, this mouse is very accommodative. The buttons have minimal resistance, you know, just what you would need to avoid clicking them accidentally.

This mouse measures 4.7 inches by 2.9 inches by 1.69 inches. Of course, we have seen gaming mice that go all the way to 5 inches, perhaps even longer. However, we figure that medium-sized is better so both small and big-palmed people can use it.

Using the mouse

Razer Naga Trinity - Using the mouse

This is where rubber meets road, so to speak. It will take some learning to get used to the multi-buttons, but once you have mastered how they work, you will have an incredibly crazy time.

Unless you are a MOBA player, you will most probably not need to use the twelve buttons. However, whether you choose the seven or twelve buttons, you will find all of them very useful. If this is the first time to use a multi-button mouse, you can start with the two-button panel, once you get used to it you can move on to the seven-button one and eventually to the 12-button one.

If you read a good Razer Naga Trinity review, you will see that the buttons come in comfortable sizes. What we mean is that they do not protrude too much such that they get in the way. The mouse is designed in such a way that all of these buttons are easily accessible.

Once you have programmed the buttons to sync with the keyboard on your PC and set up different gaming profiles, you will find it easy to use all of them. Granted, it takes some getting used to, but you will be glad you invested in this mouse.

The interchangeable plates with different buttons are attached to the side of the mouse by a small magnet. Pulling one out and fixing another is no big deal.


Like all the Razer mice, this one comes with the Synapse software. You will have to install it if you would like to set up different game profiles on the mouse, and assign each button a function. It is not easy to figure out this software, but eventually, you will get the hang of it. If you are an avid gamer, you will get used to switching between games fast.

With Synapse installed, you will be able to sync different PC functions with the mouse, even for some office work. You can program the buttons so that you access notepad and other programs at the click of a button.  

We wish this mouse could store more gaming profiles for use in computers where the Synapse software has not been installed. However, it can only store five.

Scroll wheel

This is a very responsive scroll wheel with little to zero resistance. Just beneath the wheel there are two buttons, set in similar manner as in the Razer Deathadder. They stay out of the way and it hard to press them accidently even when reaching for the scroll wheel. The main function of these buttons is to increase or decrease the DPI range from 800 to 16000. You will not need to go that high, as you will no doubt see in any Razer Naga Trinity review. However, maybe in future you will get a display with higher resolution and

This scroll wheel has a zero margin of error. Even if your gaming table is jolted, the scroll wheel will not budge.


Razer Naga Trinity Cable

Most of the Razer gaming mice come with braided cords. The Razer Naga Trinity is no different. This cable has zero drag and is guaranteed not to snag. Besides, it is long enough at 7 feet so that you can wind it around things on your gaming desk. You just need a good gaming mat and your mouse will glide smoothly, accurately and precisely.

Razer Naga Trinity Review: Pros

  • Rubbery sides of the mouse are comfortable in your hands
  • A nice size – not too big or too small – makes the mouse good for big and small-palmed users
  • Has a 24-month warranty. If anything happens to it during that time, return it
  • 19 programmable buttons, plus the usual right and left click, and the two beneath the scroll wheel make it a very versatile piece of work
  • Light in weight as compared to many other gaming mice in this price and feature range, at only 120 g
  • Precision is assured as you have no doubt seen in this Razer Naga Trinity review. There is no jittering or erratic movements, and there is no drag.
  • Buttons respond very well – the clicks are audible and satisfying. However, when you have your headset on, you won’t hear them.  
  • The mouse can store 5 gaming profiles to be used in another computer where the Synapse software is not installed
  • Switching between games is easy
  • The mouse is beautifully packaged
  • RGB colors are nice, although they are not very customizable

Razer Naga Trinity Review: Cons

  • The Synapse software will take you some time to figure out
  • The price is a bit steep despite all the features that it comes with


After reading this Razer Naga Trinity review, you have seen that this is one of the high-end gaming mice. With a warranty of 24 months, you can see that Razer have a lot of confidence in this product. If you are an avid gamer, you need a programmable mouse that will keep your settings, if only for your computer. This mouse would be a good investment for you. One recommendation for you though … when you buy the mouse, take some time to learn how it works. Everything is in the user manual. That way, there will be no hiccups as you play your WoW or The Elder Scrolls Online.

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