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Samsung C32f391 Review – an Amazing Curved Display Monitor Under $400

Monitors have always been the most important component of the whole computer system. Over the years, developers have worked hard to make this device more sophisticated and immersive that will enhance the user experience. Compared to what monitors were even two decades back, we now have more aesthetically designed devices like Samsung C32F391 which offer much better features and performance levels. In the last couple of years, one of the most innovative elements that have been integrated into the monitor is a curved display.

The Samsung C32F391 is a curved monitor that appeals brilliantly and attracts many users. It not only looks modern, but it provides a more immersive experience as well. Curved displays have a plethora of different benefits which makes them even more popular. So today we are going to talk about this particular product and check whether it is worth your money or not. Here are the quick pros and cons of the product before we move to the Samsung C32F391 review.

samsung c32f391 Bottom line


  • Designed with style and sophistication
  • Subtle and soothing curved body
  • The all-white color tone is unique
  • HD+ LED screen with Anti-Glare coating
  • Image and video quality is vibrant and refined
  • AMD FreeSync Technology available


  • The maneuverability could be better
  • The sound of the speakers are average

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Bottom line

The Samsung C32F391 comes with an Ultra-thin display with excellent viewing angles and vibrant display. The device sports a high-quality VA panel which revamps the overall performance of the monitor and has a 1920×1080 resolution. The monitor also comes with a pair of 5 watts speakers and a robust monitor stand, both of which could have been further improved. The curved panel is subtle and really soothing to the eye which makes it look very premium and unique than the flat monitors. The integration of AMD’s FreeSync Technology has made it even more attractive. Available at a price within $400, the Samsung C32F391 seems to be a budget-friendly yet an innovative and best monitor for programming and casual gaming.

A Detailed Review of Samsung C32F391 – A Budget-Friendly Curved Monitor

The Samsung C32F391 comes with an FHD screen and exquisite display quality which justifies its price. The monitor has a premium makeover along with aesthetic design. So let us have a look at the different other aspects of the monitor and decide whether it is worth it or not


The most highlighting feature of the Samsung C32F391 is its curved display. Even though many people would think that such monitors are priced higher than $800-$1000, but that is not the case with this one. This LED monitor competes strongly with other rivals like the AOC C24G1 which have more or less similar features of the same monitors come with a curved panel which makes them more attractive. But when compared to each other, the Samsung monitor seems to be more affordable. Depending on the seller, you can get hands on this device anywhere between $355 – $385. The 32-inch display is already massive in size. Moreover, this bezel-free device is perfect for coding and gaming. Even though the screen is not phenomenal, you can get a pretty good and satisfying display performance on this monitor. Click here to check the real price of Samsung C32F391.


One of the very first things which will attract the eyes of every customer when they visit the store or website to purchase this monitor is the – All-white color finish or some may even call this is as metallic silver. Samsung has gone for this uncommon yet unique color option, whereas all the other competitors like the Philips 278E8QJAB have black or gray products. The bezels on the face of the monitor are incredibly thin which makes way for a much better immersive experience. The ultra-thin bezel design is one of the most popular design features that many people look for when buying a gaming monitor. The bottom bezel is a bit thicker than the other sides because it sports the company logo and the monitor status LED notification light.

samsung c32f391 Design

The stand is robust and provides maximum stability to the device. The stand has a large and circular base which tends to occupy a bit more space than other devices. However, the stand supports no maneuvering capabilities. It can only be tilted forward or backward, nothing else than that. The OSD controls are packed into an easy-to-navigate matrix and have been placed at the back of the device on the bottom right side. The device comes with a VESA bracket that helps you to mount the monitor on the wall.

Display and Sound

The display of the Samsung C32F391 is one of the best in its own segment. The monitor is equipped with a VA panel which is very much different from IPS and TN panels. The colors are more vibrant and punchy with darker blacks. There is a delicate balance between the brightness and saturation levels. The maximum backlighting level can be too bright for your eyes buttoning down the settings will make things more comfortable. Viewing angles are decent with a nice uniformity in the distribution of the pixels. Color accuracy is brilliant; we got a 99.3% of the sRGB color gamut score. But users can observe a slight fade in the display when viewed from uneasy corners. High contrast images are portrayed beautifully on this monitor, and there is a nice depth video quality. Samsung has integrated the Flicker-free features in this device which prevents most of the screen tear. It also comes with an Eye Saver Technology which provides more comfort to the eyes in dark environments. So you can stare at the screen for long hours without much discomfort.

Coming to the sound performance of the Samsung C32F391, we have two in-built speakers of 5-watts each at the back. The sound quality is clear and sharp, but it is not the loudest that we have tested in this segment. The bass and trebles are low and sound artificial. Some of the other rivals provide better loudness and clarity to their speakers. If you want a more immersive sound experience, then you need to pair this monitor with a set of external speakers. But, if you want it for only coding activities on this device, then the speakers will serve you good without any issues.


It is the part you have been waiting for in this Samsung C32F391 review. The overall performance of the Samsung C32F391 is good and justifies the price it is available. For a mid-range monitor that will be used for coding, occasional gaming or movie watching, the monitor will serve you well. It has a 72Hz of frequency rate along with 4ms of response time that ensures seamless performance while carrying out daily home and office activities. The display is soothing and has a good reproduction of colors and brightness. Users can shuffle between the different modes which include – Standard, Cinema, Dynamic, and Eye Saving. The display and all the other elements will be modified according to the mode you have selected. The VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort ensure seamless video input. There is also 3.5mm jack for the headphones and external speakers.

samsung c32f391 performance

One of the biggest advantages of this Samsung C32F391 is the AMD FreeSync Technology integration which helps to maintain a balance between the frequency rate and thus eliminates any lag or stutter. If you have an AMD GPU, then you are going to experience better results when playing games or watching an HD+ movie. The FreeSync feature also comes with two settings – Standard and Ultimate. Triggering any of them will set a limit to the frequency rate of the display that brings more stability to the image and video quality. The monitor can be used for occasional gaming but don’t expect it to perform phenomenally well because it is not specifically made for hardcore gaming.


The Samsung C32F391 curved LED monitor is one of the best-curved devices to purchase under $400. The 32-inch of screen size promises an immersive visual experience every time you turn on the monitor. The monitor comes with AMD FreeSync integration which enhances the overall performance and productivity of the monitor. The display is vibrant and produces punchy colors which look attractive. The different modes are available with the monitor help to bring more visual personalization to the users. So if you have $400 as the limit to your budget, then the Samsung C32F391 can surely be your favorite choice for a curved monitor.

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