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Secretlab Throne Gaming Chair Review: 4D Adjustability Control Freedom

As one of the premium chairs in its class, the Secretlab Throne gaming chair offers plenty of unique features. From its quality materials to its adjustable design, the chair is among the few options which use a differentiated approach depending on what gamers need. For this purpose, the manufacturer released as PU leather version as well as a SotWeave fabric chair. They offer a differentiated approach to comfort and they can be suitable in different conditions.

secretlab throne introduction

The PU leather chair is more affordable and probably easier to clean and maintain a good shape for most gamers. Its fabric alternative is mainly suitable for added breathability and a more luxurious feel. The engineered materials are suitable for gamers looking for a chair which stands out in the way it looks as well, as it comes with an elegant coal pink color.

In terms of actual functionality and design, both chairs have the same characteristics outside their materials. They are both ergonomically-designed, which is the most important aspect when it comes to comfort in the long term. Both chairs have a recline function which takes comfort to the next level. At the same time, the physical strength of the PU chair and the SoftWeave chair is the same, with a maximum weight capacity of 100lg.

Secretlab Throne Gaming Chair Review – Summary of features

  • Redesigned backrest for added comfort
  • Available with a full-tilt mechanism
  • Built with a Class 4 hydraulic piston
  • Large PU caster on an aluminum base
  • Included velour head pillow
  • Made with a memory foam lumbar pillow
  • Designed with PU leather and SoftWave fabric
  • Cushioned with cold cure foam
  • Ergonomic design with lateral support
  • Full-backrest recline
  • 4D armrests for the ultimate posture control
  • The good parts of the chair
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Maximum load of 100kg

The good parts of the chair

Since the chair is often seen as a luxurious design, there is much to be expected from it, especially for those thinking about a gaming chair upgrade. Of course, its design and materials are prime features driving new possible users towards the brand. But the overall functionality of the chair places it in a category of complex chairs as many of its features are seen in some of the best gaming chairs.

Ergonomic design

The ergonomic design of the chair is suitable for any type of gaming needs. It allows users to enjoy proper support both with the backrest and with the seat pan. Assembled together easily using just a few screws, these two parts are made with proper lateral support. The large seat pan is suitable for all-day comfort while the hugging design of the backrest is a top approach to comfort and relaxation.

secretlab throne Ergonomic design

But the ergonomic design of the chair also has a few other aces in its sleeves. One of them is the added lumbar support pillow while the other is the head pillow with velour materials. They are suitable for all types of users and they represent one of the most impressive design options for improved posture. However, if their materials are premium, their functionality is somewhat limited by their static profile.

The ergonomics of the design also comes with a full backrest. Unlike low backrests, it allows the support of the entire back and head which means users can feel comfortable to sit back at times and relax as much as possible. Both the lumbar and the shoulder areas are then made to be extra supportive with the lateral cushioning which allows users to lean on a side at the time, for stretching purposes. The backrest is also made to stand out with the help of the Secretlab embroidered logo which gives the chair a more premium look.

Top materials

The choice of materials has been well received in the gaming community. Of course, PU leather is not new to gaming chairs and it is already popular due to its practical nature. However, the SoftWeave fabric is often seen as a top choice for many users. Made from 350GSM short yarn, the materials are soft and breathable. At the same time, it is durable enough not to lose ground in front of its more popular PU leather alternative. For many gamers, it already represents a valuable choice, especially in the conditions in which there are not too many breathable alternatives to PU leather, which is durable but which is limiting in high temperature.

The cold cure foam padding is made to a high standard as well. This dense foam comes with a supportive nature and it does not take into account the cover materials of the chair in offering the best support. This is why many users can actually feel tempted to choose the chair mainly due to this foam cushioning which allows proper comfort and all-day support. The foam is present on the entire surface of the seat pan and on the backrest and this includes the lateral sides, which can often be neglected. With such thick and reliable padding, users can have their own level of comfort with the chair as many times as they need to get in or out.

4D adjustable armrests

Another distinct characteristic comes with the 4D adjustable armrests.  They can be adjusted to the left, to the right, angled left, angled right, up, down, to the front and to the back. This is why the chair is truly one of the customizable options in its class. The armrests can easily slide under the desk if needed. At the same time, they support users of different widths and of different heights. With a slightly concave shape and with a padded surface, these armrests can easily represent a viable choice for those who are not satisfied with fixed armrests.

secretlab throne 4D adjustable armrests

Recline function

The recline function of the chair is among the interesting options as well. Since all gamers want such a function in a chair, it comes to meet the needs of the users. But unlike most entry-level options, the full-length high backrest offers a different recline feeling to a low backrest alternative. It actually allows gamers to sit back and relax for a short period of time before going back to their epic game.

Large casters

With large casters, the entire gaming chair sits on comfortable wheels which are suitable for extra mobility. The casters easily allow the chair to go over small obstacles such as carpets. Furthermore, the casters are mainly suitable for easy left and right movement. Connected to the seat by a Class 4 cylinder, the casters offer a unitary feel to the chair. However, as most casters, they might need an extra layer of protection before being placed directly on hardwood floors.

The bad parts of the chair

If the chair is among the impressive options for choice of materials and design functionality, it also has its own limitations which can be important, especially for heavy users and those seeking proper lumbar support customization. The chair can be seen as a premium design but this may only be the case for the average user.

Limited maximum weight

At 100kg, the chair is supportive. Its cylinder can deal with the weight of most gamers. However, it is not the most supportive chair on the market. Overweight or simply heavier gamers might have a difficult time enjoying the chair for too long. If gamers are over 100kg in weight, they are better suited looking for an alternative design. Given that there are various pieces of the chair which can break due to the extra weight, it is recommended to abide by this weight limitations when trying to use the chair correctly, as indicated by the manufacturer.

secretlab throne maximum weight

Lumbar support limitations

The lumbar support pillow is a good addition to the chair. Made from foam, it is comfortable and it provides a good curvature to the spine to help improve its posture. But at the same time, the pillow might also need height adjustability straps to suit users of various heights. For some gamers, this is only a limited issue while others can already be used to such adjustability coming from other gaming chairs.

Bottom line

With premium materials and impressive armrests, the gaming chair is a good addition to any gaming space. It allows users to enjoy one of the best experiences when it comes to proper functionality and comfort. Recline adjustability and armrest adjustability are worth the purchase on their own. But those who can afford to spend more for the textile cover of the chair are in for a luxurious feel which may be hard to match with alternative products.

Support and ergonomics

One of the most important aspects of the chair comes with its ergonomics and support design. Invaluable in a day to day life, it allows users to create their own space when it comes to proper comfort and it suits all users when it comes to supporting. The hugging design of the chair is what gives it its ergonomic profile. Even the backrest is slightly angled so that the lumbar area has enough support for daily tasks.

Of course, the gaming chair can be used for general office work as well. It is not limited to the purpose of playing games, especially with such a comfortable design. The dense foam is what gives this chair an instant appeal with many users. At the same time, the foam is supportive only in the idea that users are not above 100kg in weight.

Choice of materials

The choice of materials is also a leading characteristic which might driver gamers towards the chair. If other brands offer good materials, Secretlab offers both a choice of standard covers and a textile alternative which make the Throne series unique. The PU leather chair is also available in multiple colors. It can immediately suit all types of users and it can offer improved customization, which can be valuable when matching the gaming space or even when matching the gaming PC or laptop in colors.

For many gamers, these customization choices are what make the chair memorable and which also help it stand out. Of course, other smaller characteristics such as the premium logo design are a good touch as well, but the main features of the chair are designed to a high standard which means the chair actually meets its luxurious expectations.

Final considerations

The Secretlab Thorner series is one of the most intriguing designs in its class. It comes with a series of materials which cover the spectrum of durability, affordability, and pampering. But it also comes with plenty of other great additions such as a premium height-adjustability cylinder, which ensures a smooth transition in the hands of the users.

With one of the ergonomic designs on the market, the chair is also among the interesting options for added comfort. It does not beat other chairs for ergonomics, but it is at a comparable level from this perspective. Its unique support panels on the side with distinct leather stitching actually make this ergonomic design look attractive.

Their adjustable armrests might be the only true differentiator apart from the materials of the chair. Coming from fixed armrests, they allow users to have a better sitting experience. They support the hands in different angles and at different lengths away from the body. This is why it’s actually worth adjusting the armrests according to the type of activity at the desk.

Gaming on a keyboard and gaming on a controller can come with different arm positions. At the same time, holding the mouse will require another hand position for the ultimate comfort. The great part is that the chair actually supports all of these hand positions in more ways than the average users really needs. The cushioning of the armrests ensures comfort in all of these positions.

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