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Steelcase Jack Chair Review – A Relatively Affordable Chair

steelcase jack chair introduction

The Steelcase Jack Chair is as elegant as it is affordable. It offers the best for your all-day sitting – from design to features designed to give you comfort and the affordability you so much desire. The Steelcase Jack chair gives more for less. The chair was designed with an aim to offer a world-class design, functionality, and comfort to well-priced seating. The chair includes adjustment choices, and so you can dial up the chair to have an all-day, highly adjustable chair or dial it down to cater for your basic needs.

The present-day design makes jack be the right choice for most people today. The chair offers an excellent choice for customers who are cost-conscious and still desire well-designed products. If you are looking to have a smart chair that is relatively cheaply priced, the Steelcase Jack chair may be what you need.

Steelcase Jack Chair Review – Summary

  • Designed affordably by Kirt Martin
  • Stable 5 arm base
  • Stable 5 arm base
  • Seat and back upholstered
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment
  • Adjustable T-arms
  • Back and seat contoured for comfort and support all day
  • Swivel-only mechanism
  • Plastic outer back (black)
  • Assembles relatively quick and weight tested up to 225lbs. without loss of performance
  • Swivel seat for fluid movement
  • Customized with dozens of fabrics to select from

The Good

Many benefits come with Steelcase Jack chair. Whether you work from an office or home, you may find yourself sitting for very long hours. This means that you might experience issues with your back. The Steelcase Jack chair will be good for the sake of your back. It is true that a lot of back pain in people is caused by sitting in the wrong posture. The best thing is that with the Jack chair, you can avoid this problem. The chair is fitted with pneumatic height adjustment that allows you to adjust your chair to suit your task needs.

The kind of chair that you are using will determine the health of your back either in the short run or long run. And therefore choosing a chair that will support your back comes with unmeasurable benefits. You should not contend with your back pain while working because it may have far-reaching effects even after you have already retired.

steelcase jack chair the good

The Steelcase Jack chair is designed for fast sitting down and also rising up. It looks light and quick, simple and assured of itself. Steelcase Jack chair is a task chair, and so it is not too fiddly. However, this should not be translated that it isn’t ergonomic in any manner. The chair’s backrest is designed in a way that it absorbs the pressure in points in your back where you need it released most.

The Steelcase Jack chair has a contoured seat and backrest that offers the comfort that you so much desire. This is important because it ensures that your back is comfortable and free from anything that can cause pain or harm. The chair has awesome breathability which ensures that there is regular airflow at all times. This gives you the coolness that you need so much especially during the hot summer.

The contoured seat and back make the Steelcase Jack chair to be among the chairs considered by those seeking all-day comfort and support. Most of the traditional chairs offer temporary support and comfort. Having that you may be working for many hours in a day, you could do yourself a big favor by choosing a chair that will offer all-day support and comfort. This will lead to un-ending benefits that will not only impact positively to your health but also your productivity.

The Steelcase Jack chair lasts long. No one would like to buy a chair that would send you back to the market after a short time. It is good to buy a chair that will serve you for over five years five. The jack comes in various types of materials. It can be in leather, fabric, vinyl or even leather/vinyl. Unlike other chairs that come in only one type of material, the Steelcase Jack chair gives you an opportunity to select the material that you like. You can also choose the kind of color that you want from the various colors of chairs that are available at Steelcase.com.

The Steelcase Jack chair is very customizable and adopts widely to cater to the needs of different users.  Be it you are short, tall, small-sized or even have a large size; this chair will be fit for you. The chair’s adjustable armlets, backrest, height and also the tilt angle, allows any user to have a good sitting posture while working. This will enhance increased productivity and even make you remain more focused on work. You will be amazed at how your brain will work better when your body is well supported. When you are not always worrying about your health, you will be able to dedicate all your energy towards your work. The chairs will also support sitting in different postures while working. While working on different tasks, you may at times find yourself sitting straight, sitting sideways, leaning back and many other postures. The Steelcase Jack chair will definitely support this.

The Jack chair has an upholstered seat and back. This makes the chair look elegant and is padded. Unlike chairs with plastic or even metal seats, a chair with an upholstered seat is comfortably padded. When the upholstery fabric is added to a chair, it looks more formal, elegant and complete. Again, you cannot ignore the range of fabrics, textures, patterns, and colors that the Steelcase Jack chair has incorporated. This will give the users a distinct advantage to choose what suits them. Additionally, an upholstered chair will last longer because the fabrics used are usually durable and easy to clean.

The chair’s variable back lock enables the user to lock the chair into multiple positions. The same way you can adjust the height so can you adjust the tension. The Steelcase Jack chair is a swivel and tilt chair, and therefore you can easily adjust the tension of the tilt. The chair also has a built-in synchro-tilt feature, and so when the backrest makes a 2-degree tilt, the seat will tilt by one degree. This happens in tandem, and so it is not necessary to fiddle with the back and the seat at the same instant.

The Bad

Nothing good comes without its shortcomings, and the Steelcase Jack chair is not exceptional. Most individuals who have used this particular chair will agree with me that the chair does not bend backward. This can sometimes be uncomfortable considering that you will at times need to bend backward especially when relaxing. The inability of the chair to lean makes it not to be a good choice for most people.

Also, the fabrics used on the chair can easily get dirty. This means that you will to occasionally clean it so that it can retain its elegant look. This may not be so good for some people because it may interfere with their working schedules.  However, if you buy it, you can clean it regularly using a vacuum cleaner. You should not do steam cleaning, but you can remove most stains by using a slightly damp cloth with a mild soap applied on it.

The Bottom Line

The Steelcase jack chair is affordable at any budget and appears fine doing it. The chair features a contoured seat and also back to enhance all-day comfort and support. When looking for a low budget chair, this could be fine for you. However, it may lack features that are in most modern day chairs such as the 3D mesh back and adjustable headrest. This means that the chair is a good option but only for those looking for relatively less expensive chairs.

Customized Options

  • Seat width: 18.5’’W
  • Seat depth: 16-17.75’’D
  • Back width:17.5’’W
  • Seat height: 17.25-22’’H from the floor
  • Bach height: 19.6875-21.6875H from the seat
  • Width between arms: 18.5-20’’W
  • Overall height:35.125-43.125’’H
  • Overall width: 27.75’’W
  • Overall depth: 27.75’’D

This makes the Steelcase Jack chair suitable for users with different heights and sizes. It is an all-purpose seat. With its contoured back and a generous seat, it makes it easy for any user to personalize the chair to cater for your needs. The chair is also available without arms and with a choice for adjustable width. The swivel tilt swivels and reclines and have a tension knob that determines how hard or easy you recline your chair. This also allows you to lock your chair in an upright position so you can avoid recline.


Although for most people price is the least of their worries, the Steelcase Jack chair comes at a relatively affordable price of $210. Having said that what most users consider is the features that they are looking for to determine whether the price of the chair in place is worth, the style of the Steelcase Jack chair matches its affordability. With its all-day sitting value, great design and the available features to dial to your personal comfort makes this chair cost conscious as compared to other chairs.

steelcase jack chair price


The Steelcase Jack chair is indeed an affordable chair in the market. Although we cannot claim that it has all the necessary features for the best ergonomic chair, considering its price, you may opt to go for it. Considering the price of the Steelcase Jack chair, it will be worth to applaud the steps that the designers of this chair have taken to make it as customizable as possible. Not many designers would be able to come up with such a chair at that cost.

Having that the chair can accommodate people with different sizes and height, it is more appealing to most people. With upholstery from a variety of fabrics, it gives you an option of choosing the type of fabric that pleases you most. It also allows you to sit in many different postures while working, which many would consider a plus.

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