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7 Applications To Download Free Music That We Do Not Even Recommend

▶ 7 Applications To Download Free Music That We Do Not Even Recommend

If listening to music on YouTube or Spotify is not your thing, you may be looking for free music download apps to have your favorite songs on your device. But it is difficult to separate those that can give you a good service from those that are not highly recommended.On this occasion, we will not talk to you about recommended applications but rather the opposite. We will mention seven applications that are not as good as they seem. And if you find yourself looking for where to download free music, it is probably better to look for other alternatives.


This app has two main problems. The first of them is that it doesn’t have many songs. There are times when we search for topics that are quite well known, and it tells us to specify better because its search engine cannot find it. Additionally, the folders created from the application do not work well, so organizing downloaded music can be a real nightmare.


This application, in principle, works reasonably well. However, many users complain that songs cut out without doing anything to cause it. Furthermore, probably due to the effect of the fight against piracy, it is increasingly difficult to find songs. If some time ago it worked quite well, lately there are even very well-known songs that cannot be found.



One of the main drawbacks we can take away from this application is its design, which is not intuitive and can be complicated. In addition, it has the same problem as the previous applications: it is not easy to find songs. Sometimes, we even search for a song, and it downloads another song that is not the one we want to download, even leading us to songs in other languages.


A few months ago, this application was highly rated by users. However, as of the latest updates, it seems it is no longer going as well as it did initially. Sure, every app crashes occasionally, but this one tells you to try again later when you search for a song more often than you should. Many times, it can’t find the song you requested. Therefore, you have to end up looking for the songs elsewhere. Therefore, taking up space with an application that doesn’t solve your problem doesn’t make much sense.


This song is quite easy to use, and at first, it seems to have nothing to criticize. But the thing about having nothing is almost literal. There are many songs, even by well-known singers, that we cannot find in it. In addition, many users have also criticized the excess of advertising. Sometimes, songs are even cut to place advertisements, which is logically very annoying.



This application has happened like with some of the previous ones, and with the last update, it has lost qualities and has made it no longer worth it.

Sometimes, when we search for a song, it loads forever, so we can never download it. Sometimes it gets stuck, and it is necessary to open and close it again to use it correctly. And the fact that ads appear in the middle of the song list makes its use uncomfortable. There are other, much better options for downloading music.


This app works a little better than some of the other ones above. However, its users complain that, in many cases, it takes too long to download the songs. Furthermore, downloading the songs forces you to rate the app, which distorts the ratings it has in the Play Store since many give many stars just to be able to access the service.

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