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My Experience With The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G After More Than A Week Of Use

My Experience With The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G After More Than A Week Of Use

As my primary mobile phone, I have used the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G for almost two weeks. From where I send my WhatsApp, I play with Pokémon, share stories about my dog ​​Curro, and swipe left and right without much luck in love, just like I would on my normal cell phone. And all this is to tell you how this mobile works in the hands of a harder. Worth? Do you have a good camera? Does the fact that it is a mid-range have a dent in the autonomy? Does it work for me daily? How much does it cost? I answer all this and much more throughout this analysis. But first, a little context: This is a 450 euro mobile phone with a modern design casing on the back, with a hidden camera module. And with almost flat silver margins. But the interesting thing is its 6.5-inch SuperAMOLED screen with 120Hz refresh rate, 64-megapixel main camera, 5,000 mAh battery, and all the software signed by Samsung. The proposal is balanced, but does it comply?

If you don’t know Samsung’s Galaxy A family, it’s probably because you’ve lived in a cave in recent years. This is the company’s family of mid-range or relatively affordable mobile phones. And they are a sales bomb by cutting some features and, above all, price compared to the Galaxy S family of their star mobiles. They look like the Galaxy S FE, except they do not seek to imitate their older and more luxurious brothers but rather cover these more affordable markets. And it shows in the finishes and its characteristics.


So, you’ve already seen the spoiler. The terminal panel is the feature I have enjoyed the most these days. However, there are a couple of buts to remember so you don’t get surprised when you take it out of the box. But wow, Samsung continues to make the best panels in color, brightness, and wow effect.

These characteristics are typical of the SuperAMOLED technology of these panels, which have great contrast and very well-defined colors. In this case, it is enjoyed in any situation and at any time. The gloss is more than correct. It applies quickly when I have been outdoors to see anything without problem. And well, if you want to leave the whites white and balance tones, you can always customize it in the terminal settings. I, of course, prefer the wow effect of intense colors.

In addition, the panel supports a 120 Hz refresh rate. But it is not progressive. Either we stay with 60, or we stay with 120 Hz. And this is not a but, but you know that with more speed, more agility to run out of battery. I have been using it at 60 Hz without a problem. My buts come from another place:
 One is something I haven’t seen in a long time. It turns out that, in full sun, the panel becomes transparent and shows some elements stuck to it. The most attractive is the fingerprint reader under the panel. Something that appears as if the screen is burned or hit. Luckily, this is hidden as soon as it is turned on and shows something other than a white background. But it’s something I haven’t seen in well-built mobile phones.
 Another but is that of the frames. Yes, we are in a mid-range and not in a Premium. But the frames are generous around the panel and, above all, different almost on all sides in thickness. It will not give you major OCD, but the problem is that once you see it, you can’t “unsee” it.
 Apart from this, its Full HD+ resolution is more than enough to enjoy any content, thanks to its color and brightness. But the “buts” are also there.



No. We already know that with the Exynos 1280 processor, this Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is not going to be either the first or the smartest in the class. But there are really good things and some pretty bad experiences that I have to tell you about.

The good? Well, it is solvent enough to move any current application. Fear not, Instagram filters and these graphic elements are also resolved with some solvency. You can even play casual games and some powerful online multiplayer, although without graphical displays. That said, you will not get the fastest operation, complete multitasking, or attractive graphic finishes and details on the screen. But it performs very well in general.

However, I don’t know if it was the Exynos 1280, 6GB of RAM, or the One UI 4.1 customization layer. But the performance during the first few days was quite objectionable. The time it takes for the phone to react from the moment you press the panel is a few tenths of a second or a whole second. Something that led me to make mistakes with the actions as there was a delay in operation, or that made me press a button several times even though I knew I had pressed it correctly. Luckily, this experience only lasted a few days. And now that everything is updated, the phone works well. It’s not particularly fluid, but it’s good.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G
Screen 6.5 inches with Super AMOLED technology, Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection, 20:9 format, Full HD+ resolution and 120 Hz refresh rate
main camera – 64-megapixel main sensor and f/1.8 focal aperture with optical stabilization
– Secondary sensor with a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens and f/2.2 focal aperture
– Tertiary sensor with a 5-megapixel macro lens and f/2.4 focal aperture
– Quaternary sensor 5-megapixel depth and f/2.4 focal aperture
Camera takes selfies 32-megapixel main sensor with f/2.2 focal aperture
Internal memory 128 and 256 GB type  UFS 2.2?
 Extension Through micro SD cards up to 1 TB
Processor and RAM Samsung Exynos 1280
6 or 8 GB of RAM
Battery 5,000 mAh with 25W fast charging
OS Android 12 under Samsung One UI 4
Connections 4G LTE, 5G SA and NSA, dual-band WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.1, GPS + GLONASS, NFC and USB type C
SIM Dual nano SIM
Design Polycarbonate and metal finish
Colors: black, white, blue, and flesh color
Dimensions 159.6 x 74.8 x 8.1 millimeters and 189 grams
Featured Features Under-screen fingerprint sensor, NFC for mobile payments, 25W fast charging, face unlock via software, IP67 water and dust protection…
Release date Starting April 1
Price From 449 euros

They are details of a tenth of a second when opening multitasking, some extra time when opening an application, and other moments that have reminded me day after day that I am not looking at a high-end mobile phone. The good thing is that later, within the applications and games, the operation does seem a little more fluid, although it is not as fast as in a Premium terminal. But there are these small interruptions that cloud the general functioning. It’s something I hope they fix with an update.



I have criticized ONE UI 4.1, Samsung’s customization layer, on this Samsung Galaxy A53 5G. And it is my bet on the reason why this mobile suffers the occasional stoppage or momentary delay. The reason for these moments of poor fluidity may be created by a customization layer that has countless settings, tools, and solutions to day-to-day problems. And we practically do not need to download applications once we take the Galaxy A53 5G out of the box.

There is absolutely everything, from tools to customizing the chromatic harmony of the mobile according to the background you choose. Options to customize everything include the videos on the lock screen or the entire AR Emoji world, with which you can even create stickers. But also with extra tools in the gallery to edit photos, recover originals, or remaster them without any additional app. And so it could continue with qualities such as gestures to control the terminal, a Game launcher to improve the gaming experience, a quick toolbar with apps… Etc.

There are so many things that I have finally discovered, that the tips and user manual section within Settings is really useful. Many functions are explained here, such as Private Share, secure WiFi, and other tools that are included as standard.

Do I prefer performance over tools I will not always use? Well, yes, I prefer performance. But everything is done well, including on the mobile, without a feeling of bloatware. Now we need to tighten the nuts so that playing Pokémon GO or jumping between applications does not cause those small interruptions on the Galaxy A53 5G, eh, Samsung? Wink, wink. Elbow, elbow.


Samsung has shown in 2022 that it has corrected one of the company’s main problems. And, even using the best sensors, its image processing continued to leave photographic quality several steps below average in its different ranges. It has corrected it in the Galaxy S family and seems to apply it to the Galaxy A. With buts, of course.


The 64-megapixel main sensor with a stabilizer performs very well. I was surprised that its range outlines elements and colors in detail. Always with that oversaturated Samsung touch I’m already used to, which makes the photos more attractive. But the key that has surprised me the most and that I have not seen in many high ranges is the ability to show contrast. I found the dynamic range especially good. Get very light and dark details in the same image without a distorted HDR filter. And, if you have a little skill with photography and catch a day with clouds and clear sky, you will get quite surprising results. Of course, when the light becomes scarce, the seams in the photos begin to appear. Here, the contrast continues to shine, but the definition is lost. The good thing is that the processing respects colors and results quite well on a mid-range mobile.

What it also does not meet are the rest of the objectives. Especially the wide angle. This sensor noticeably loses its definition, even in light, compared to the main one. So, I have avoided using it for the most part. The same as the macro, except for specific situations with inconspicuous results, has gone completely unnoticed by me.

The good thing is that the camera application now has better processing. It is noticeable in normal photos but also when taking a portrait of my dog ​​(<3), even though the green of the grass is completely invented. The result is striking but also defined and contrasted. It has an exaggerated bokeh touch, but we can change it. And, apart from that, there is the Fun mode with Snapchat lenses without downloading this social network. Or the Gallery app settings to retouch, delete objects, and many other tools.

Selfies, for their part, have also been positive for me. It’s always better the more light there is. But even the portrait mode crop gets it right most of the time. Not always falling a little behind compared to other phones on the market with these price ranges, such as Xiaomi, but doing well.

The video also appears to have benefited from image processing improvements. And, thanks to optical stabilization, we can achieve quite good results handheld. The worst thing in this regard is the night approach. Although it manages to reflect good colors in low light, it seems that the focus suffers quite a bit until it finds the object when there is no light to help it detect it.


The first thing by which this Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is identified is its appearance. Definitely. And especially for its back cover. Here, it copies what OPPO began to do with its Find X3 Pro when it came to “disguising” the camera module. This rises above the rear casing but without jumps or edges. Like when you cover a piece of furniture with a sheet. And it is quite iconic in a market where brands continue to draw attention to this element.

Equally “inspired” are its silver sides. They are slightly reminiscent of the iPhone. But, overall, this Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is a simple, young but elegant mobile. None of those strident and tacky mid-ranges. In addition, Samsung has chosen pastel colors that I find very attractive. I have tried the blue version without a case, collecting all the prints of my greasy fingers. But you can also choose an attractive peach color, white or black. And yes, although its finish is plastic and not glass, it is not immune to fingerprints. However, the type holds up very well in terms of resistance. After all, it has IP67 protection that makes it resistant to dust and immersion in fresh water up to one meter deep for no more than 30 minutes. In front, it also has a Gorilla Glass 5 screen. Wow, how sturdy it is (I won’t say that I’ve dropped it a couple of times without a case, and nothing has happened to it unless it’s in the presence of my lawyer).


Where there are changes compared to the previous edition is in the connections. We find only the home button and volume buttons on these silver sides. And below is the USB type C port and the dual SIM tray. Retire your old headphones with a 3.5 mm mini jack port because you can no longer use them on this phone unless you have an adapter. By the way, Samsung is giving away Galaxy Buds 2 for the purchase of this mobile. So, it makes that retirement easier for you.

In my experience, the in-hand sensations with this Samsung Galaxy A53 5G go beyond the mid-range. Yes, the materials are not “noble,” but Samsung knows how to build a terminal well. It is compact, it is light, it is resistant, and it is also attractive. It drinks from here and there in terms of design, but it is quite an iconic mobile, thanks to the colors chosen. It feels like quality in the hand, maybe because of its 189 grams weight. Despite the materials, it is not light, but it does help give it that importance.


Samsung tells us that the autonomy of the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G lasts up to two days. But it’s not my case. As a hard or intensive user, I have had times ranging from 4 to 8 hours of screen time. Good autonomy, therefore, for an average user. But that interval has confused me by needing to charge my phone before the end of the day in some cases, while others have held on without problem. I suppose that here, the algorithms that study the uses we give to the mobile phone to manage energy in each case have much to do with it.

Fast charging is 25 watts, well below the market standard in these price ranges. But at least we don’t need more than two hours to charge its 5,000 mAh. Of course, remember that Samsung still does not include the charger in the package. Cable, yes, but power adapter no. Things about being respectful of the environment, or so they say.


It’s not crazy that Samsung continues to sell Galaxy A like this Galaxy A53 5G like hotcakes. It is a balanced device in all its points, achieving a good quality/price average. It has a good finish, a main camera, autonomy, and sufficiently powerful performance… All this for 450 euros.

It has its buts, of course. Those seams show it is a mid-range, not a Galaxy S member. However, suppose you are thinking of getting it beyond the push of being signed by Samsung (for fans of the brand). In that case, some details are not understood, especially in a market as competitive as the mid-range with the presence of Xiaomi or Realme. For example, the panel detail marked or burned in broad daylight is mere transparency, not including the charger. Some auxiliary cameras are of little or no use. Or performance that sometimes seems to pause for a tenth of a second and tarnishes the overall user experience. Something that for 450 euros has direct competition with better processors or more powerful fast charges. But perhaps they are not as balanced as this Samsung Galaxy A53 5G.

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