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Funny Messages And Congratulations About Kings And New Year’s Resolutions

Funny Messages And Congratulations About Kings And New Year's Resolutions

Arrives what is probably the most exciting night of the year for children and parents. Tomorrow is the night of the Three Kings, and they will leave gifts for children and adults in many houses. A day that, without a doubt, is worth congratulating all our loved ones and friends. But why do it in a dull way? Three Kings Day should be happy, so it’s better to congratulate it with humor. If you don’t like Memes and GIFs, we will propose some fun messages to congratulate the Kings. As we usually do, we will focus on messages with humor and, why not, with some satire. Let’s go there!

We begin with a very recurring theme in recent years: the crisis. Unfortunately, although some insist that we have recovered, the crisis is still very present. So it’s best to take it with humor :

Let’s go now with a message focused on gifts. Let’s demonstrate because we have all received that typical gift from someone who does not know what to give!

And continuing with the crisis, the cuts in companies reach the whole world, including the Three Wise Men:

Have you seen the Three Wise Men looking for gifts? Surely during these days, more than one has been in this situation, as has happened to his majesties:

And again, the crisis is the protagonist of our next message :

Now we leave you a very funny message, addressed to our most hooligan friends :

Funny Messages And Congratulations About Kings And New Year's Resolutions-1

And here you have another very horny phrase, designed to congratulate adults on the Twelfth Night, of course:

Here we leave you a very interesting New Year’s resolution. Who wouldn’t want this wish granted?

Let’s go now with a somewhat more tender congratulatory message. Designed for that special person or someone you love very much:

We end with another wish of Kings much more interesting than material gifts. Surely more than one would like the Three Wise Men to give them this:

And here are our messages to congratulate the Night of Kings in a fun way. And you, what kind of congratulations do you like to send the most?

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