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Acer Swift 7 Review – Is This the Best 13.3” Laptop to Edit Photos and Videos?

Laptops have been developed over the years to suit the needs of different people who are working in various areas in the industry. The laptops come with work specific features, configuration, and functionality that benefit the individuals depending on how they are going to use it. For instance, designers and artists can purchase laptops with a touchscreen panel, stylus pen support, etc. which will help them to design and draw more effectively. Similarly, photographers also have their own requirements; they look for laptops which will support their post-processing apps, editing software and help to maintain a stable system.

So today we will be discussing the Acer Swift 7 which is one of the best laptops for photo editing and videos. Have a look at this Acer Swift 7 review and make sure you read all the aspects that we are going to discuss in the coming sections. First, let’s have a quick glance at the pros and cons.

acer swift 7 review Bottom line


  • Sturdy and robust build quality
  • Very sharp and refined display
  • LTE option comes built-in
  • Has a good battery life and 60Hz Refresh Rate


  • Hardware performance could be better
  • Audio quality is average
  • The TouchPad is less responsive

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Bottom line

The Acer Swift 7 is an absolutely brilliant looking 13.3” laptop that comes with an aesthetic finish and sophisticated design. The laptop is, in fact, one of the ‘world’s thinnest,’ and continues to impress a lot of people. The design is robust and very durable which allows you to carry it anywhere you want without fear of damage. The display is refined and has a good balance in the colors and brightness levels. The battery life, as we mentioned, is quite fantastic as well. But the audio and hardware performance could have been better nonetheless. So have a look at the detailed review of Acer Swift 7 and decide for yourself whether this laptop is worth your money or not.

Acer Swift 7 Review – 13.3” Laptop Detailed Overview

The Acer Swift 7 has got mixed reviews about how well it will perform, especially when you are looking to buy it for your photography works. But it is completely based on the preferences that you can decide if a product is worth your money or not. It has Intel Core i5 along with 8GB RAM and fast 256GB SSD at this price, which seems to be a good offer for the users for photography work.


The Acer Swift 7 comes with a 13.3-inch display and is one of the thinnest laptops you can see in the market. The dimensions are comfortable as well, and thus allow you to carry it wherever you want. The laptop has been priced at $1599 and is available in two different color variants, which are All Black and Black on Gold. At this price, you will get the fingerprint scanner, Windows 10 support, and even the advanced LTE modem. The features and design of the laptop make it a true performer when you are sitting down to edit pictures.

However, at this price point, there are some tough competitors like the 12-inch MacBook and the HP Spectre 13 available around the same price tag. They also offer fantastic performance and overall support in all aspects. So you actually have a pretty good number of alternatives at this price tag at which the Acer Swift 7 is available. There is also a new upgrade of the Acer Swift – the 2019 variant, which is about $100 more than the 2018 variant.

Design and Display

acer swift 7 review Design

Acer has surely slogged hours on the design if not months. The developers have surely made it one of the most attractive and good looking products in the segment and surely one of the thinnest. The laptop weighs only 2.6 pounds and is only 0.35-inches thin. Depending on the variant you buy, the laptop comes in an all-black cover or the black on the gold case. Both the colors look attractive and have a premium aluminum unibody chassis which surely creates an impact. You will be delighted to see that the screen bezels, trackpad, and even the fingerprint scanner are wrapped in chrome linings. The keyboard comes with a backlit panel that makes it easier for you to use the laptop in a dark environment. Apart from the bezel at the bottom of the screen, the sides have received slim bezels that look good on the 13.3” display.

The display of the Acer Swift 7 is good. It comes with a Full HD+ 1080p screen that packs some vibrant and refined saturation and brightness levels. Acer has integrated a new CineCrystal IPS display that provides the users with the well-balanced display quality. The pictures look immersive, and colors seem to be nor too saturated or too cool. So when you are editing pictures, this laptop can be a good option to consider. The IPS panel allows the colors to pop, and it also improves the viewing angles of the users. It’ll surely help you in editing photos, videos, or even while watching a movie on this device. The 1920×1080 HD+ display is refined and offers a decent visual experience.

Connectivity and Audio

Coming to the connectivity of the 13.3” Acer Swift 7, it comes with a good set of ports which will allow you to use the laptop with ease. On the sides, you are going to find the dual USB 3.0 ports which offer much faster and efficient data transfer speeds than the USB 2.0. There is also a USB Type-C port available within this laptop, which is a nice addition considering that it’s used is becoming more popular than ever. You can also find the 3.5mm headphone jack, which will help you connect an external speaker or headphone for better sound quality. Interestingly, Acer has included a SIM slot to the laptop to allow you to use your card anytime.

acer swift 7 review Connectivity

The audio performance of the laptop is average, and to make the laptop the thinnest in the market, Acer has surely compromised on the speaker vents. The thin design does not leave much room for powerful speaker vents to be included with the device. The sound is mediocre, and if you are planning to edit videos, then you will need to use an external speaker or a headphone for better quality. We are glad at least Acer has not left out on the 3.5mm jack in order to make the laptop even more thinner.


This is the most important part of the Acer Swift 7 review. Here we will tell you how the laptop performed in real-world conditions. The specs of the Acer Swift 7 are competitive but not the best in the segment. It has been powered by the Intel Core i5 7Y54 dual-core Processor that can run at 3.2GHz speed. There is also the 8GB RAM (DDR3) which offers seamless speed when you are using heavy editing applications or while rendering a video for the final output. The overall time taken to complete an edited video has surely improved. The RAM and the processor work together to keep the system functioning and stable even with the heaviest applications running in the background. The 256GB SSD is also quick to process the different data that needs to be transferred or retrieved. The device has good display performance undoubtedly.

Now coming to the hardware specs performance, the laptop can effectively run most of the editing applications that photographers use like Photoshop and Lightroom. The laptop has 60Hz of refresh rate but does not offer any third party GPU but comes with the Intel HD Graphics 615. If you are planning to play computer games on this laptop, then do not because you will not be able to enjoy a very good experience. Other than that, your office and home work will be comfortably managed by the device.

Honestly, at the price which the Acer laptop is available, add $100-150 more and have a look at the Acer Swift 7 2019 version. It is because it has all the aspects improved which are mediocre in the 2018 version of this laptop.


The Acer Swift 7 is an attractive and obviously premium laptop undoubtedly. It is one of the best-looking devices we have seen in recent times. It sports a good quality 1080p 13.3-inch display and some interesting hardware specs. But they are not the best to help you play seamless and intensive games. If your essential plan is to use the laptop for editing pictures, watching movies or play some occasional games, then the Acer Swift 7 can be a good option to choose.

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