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An Ultimate Asus RT-AC3200 Review

Asus is a renowned global Electronics and Hardware Company that has recently launched its Tri-band Router “Asus RT-AC3200”. It is manufactured with quiet Z-Lift Gas Mechanism and widely known for its stable performance. It is provided with a tilting ergonomic keyboard tray and is compatible with any iMac or laptop.

The Tri-Band Router “Asus RT-AC3200” is an 802.11ac protocol followed tri-band Wi-Fi Router that can boost speed up to 3200 Mbps for use in low-latency online gaming, smooth 4K UHD video playback. Also, it ensures a highly responsive and quick file sharing process. You can control and manage the network with your mobile phone by an innovative Asus Router App provided along with the router. Also, its compatibility with various monitors or laptops makes it a versatile router as a whole. However, this feature is supported only when the mobile applies locally to the router. The tri-band router model is good in the following aspects:

  • Design & Hardware
  • Installation & Monitoring
  • Connectivity

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Asus RT-AC3200 General

However, the router is comparably expensive than other similar products. The exclusive and innovative features present in the tri-band router make it superior with respect to other similar items present in the marketplace.

Before you invest in Asus RT-AC3200 router, it is wise to know about its features. Not only it will help you to ensure that you are making the right choice, but also helps to know why it is better than other routers available in the market. In this guide, we are going to give an overview of Asus RT-AC3200 router.

Various Parameters of Asus RT-AC3200 Review 


Though this router is expensive, its features and performance are highly remarkable and incredible which makes it a complete value for money product. The price of the router is approximately around $400. In various online shopping websites subjected to a variety of discounts, the price of the model reduces to nearly $300. So before you invest in it, don’t forget to check various deals available online.


The tri-band router has an exclusive design. It is provided with AiProtection network security powered by Trend Micro. The adaptive quality of service provided by Asus RT-AC3200 optimizes and prioritizes the required bandwidth. The router is also provided with supervised parental control. Its basic design has the provision for usage of the three available frequency bands. It is designed in such a way that it can automatically select the fastest of the available three bands, depending on the device’s speed, signal strength and the availability of the band. As it can access three frequency bands, a larger number of devices can get connected to Asus RT-AC3200. The router also possesses a built-in VPN Server. 

It is provided with a 3.0 and 2.0 USBs correspondingly. The port for 3.0 USB is located in the front part of the router. However, this approach is not ideal if you intend to connect something other than Dongle or Stick for a longer term. The port for USB 2.0 lies in the rear part of the router, just below a weirdly placed flap. These features and design of the tri-band router demand the redesigning of its structure.  


Asus RT-AC3200 Hardware

The Asus RT-AC3200 router is provided with a dual-core processor which can seamlessly balance the available three frequency bands and dual 5GHz networks. One of the most important and exclusive features of the tri-band router is the provision of six detachable and high-performance aerial antennas. Out of the six antennas, three are used for transmission of the signals while the remaining three antennas act as receivers. These antennas can get twisted as per the necessity so as to maximize the signal strength transmitted by the router.

The tri-band router consists of four Gigabit Ethernet Ports (for connection of the wired devices), USB 3.0 as well as USB 2.0 ports for proper network functionality. The mobile app provided along with the router model allows us to share printers, storage hardware devices and 3G/4G (HSPA+) dongles throughout the complete network. The file transfer speeds through USB 3.0 port makes Asus RT-AC3200 an exceptional yet noteworthy router existing in the marketplace. The manufacturers of Asus have also provided enough space circumscribing each port so as to accommodate heavier and bulkier devices. Thus, in terms of hardware, the tri-band router is one of the best options amongst the other available routers.


The process of installation of the router is pretty easy and simple to handle. The Installation procedure may take only 30 seconds with the ASUSWRT user interface. There are options available such as an easy three-step web-based interface or dive deeper for additional choices. At the very beginning while installation, you would have to set up a strong password for your interface and Wi-Fi. During the installation procedure, the router model can let you identify and classify Asus RT-AC3200 either as a router, access point or wireless bridge. In other words, the process of installation of the router is smooth and much hassle-free.

In the case of beginners, the router can seem complicated and difficult to use. However, with time you will learn more about the various features and additional benefits provided by this router. 


The new feature of Asus RT-AC3200 is that it is provided with a mobile-based app. By using this app, your router can be monitored from anywhere and at any time. Besides easy installation and security settings, running security scans can be managed directly through the ASUS Router App. By using this feature of the tri-band router, it is easy to boost up your online games by enhancing the speed of it.


Asus RT-AC3200 wifi

Asus RT-AC3200 is provided with a unique three-transit, three-receiver aerial antenna design. It enhances the Wi-Fi range and the signal strength provided by the router. The tri-band router also involves high-power amplification of the transmitted and received signals and is provided with astounding RF fine-tuning. It is able to offer a maximum speed penetrating through the brick walls. The Adaptive QoS provided by Asus RT-AC3200 helps in optimizing and hence prioritizes bandwidth. A wide bandwidth is needed for gaming, media streaming, VoIP, web browsing, files transfer, photos transfer and many more. As discussed before also, the tri-band feature of the router provides with the smart facility of automatically allocating the quickest available frequency band to a particular device.

Appearance & Looks:

Asus RT-AC3200 Look

The tri-band router weighs around two pounds. It is available in black and white color that will go well with your decors and rooms. The router model has got a sleek design with a very handy look. The versatility of the router is reflected from its color and appearance also. It is provided with a tilting keyboard tray with +10° to -15°. This feature of the Asus RT-AC3200 router gives it an effective and efficient keyboard design. The product is also compatible with various monitor arms. The spacious surface of the tri-band router can fit up to two 24 inches monitors. While shipping of the router, it is provided with a standing mat.

Additional Add-Ons & Protection:

The Trend Micro’s AiProtection helps us to sustain our internet and keeps it locked down. AiProtection enables a wide range of multi-stage protection against online cyber crimes. It can work in many ways so as to prevent malicious third-party interventions and intrusions. Basically, this add-on offers protection against vulnerabilities and prevents infected devices from spreading the data. The web and app provided along with the Trend Micro’s AiProtection filters out sites having malicious contents from a wide range of various sites. The tri-band router facilitates nine concurrent guest Wi-Fi networks (three on each individual band). Initially all of these networks are disabled; however, you can turn them on as per your requirement and necessity with the help of a simple click. As soon as they get active, the network name, schedule and even security can be customized through the Trend Micro’s AiProtection. The guest networks permit the access of the connected devices to the Internet, but other local resources like files, printers, etc. do not get this advantage. 


Though Asus RT-AC3200 model is expensive, it can suffice the needs for multiple devices and ensure a more efficient method of routing. One of the advantages of this router model is that unlike many other similar routers it has a very simple installation set-up which can be performed at ease. Thus, the recently launched tri-band router models are expensive, but the exclusive features of the product including the protection against malware establish its superiority in the market. Also, its good compatibility with various monitors or laptops makes it a versatile router as a whole. The Asus RT-AC3200 router won’t let you down with its services & facilities and would always keep up to your expectations and requirements. For more information, explore the internet.

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