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ASUS VG278Q Review: G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor

With the advancement in technology, internet gaming has completely or partially invaded our drawing rooms with kids and adults glued to the couches playing games with rapt attention. The prolonged playing affects the eyes and induces some serious health problems. But with the entry of ASUS VG278Q, the scenario has completely changed. With its eye-care technology, the above-depicted issues have been eliminated.

The response time is the important element for any gamer to get delved into the game. And it works at 1ms response time which is the faster time than other monitors. ASUS VG278Q   carries ASUS’s ELMB (Extreme LOW Motion Blur) technology that makes all the elements in the game a bit sharper than any other normal display. This ELMB technology enables the gamer to respond quickly to the sharp turns in a fast-paced car game or keeps them on their toes to hit the target right to the point in an action-filled gun blazing action game. Whatever be the case, ASUS VG278Q   can perform to its full potential and satisfy the gamer all the time.

asus vg278q review


ASUS VG278Q costs around 350 USD which makes the users think as they have to invest fatter money only on the monitor. But when compared to other gaming monitors along with the amount that has to be spent to get the features that the ASUS VG278Q provides is quite rare; ASUS is worth its monetary. If you are looking to buy a gaming monitor at a decent price, then the ASUS VG278Q deserves to be on top of your priority list. It is widely preferred by professionals because:

  • The ASUS VG278Q monitor offers stunning imagery with a sharp resolution of 1920x1080p.
  • Fast pixel response that works with 1ms QuickTime; it is the best response time in the industry.
  • Power-conserving capabilities and eye care technologies have been used.
  • Versatile loops and functions with a monster gaming display that comes with an Ergonomic stand.
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 series graphics cards.

However, it has some disadvantages too such as:

  • Wobbly stand with sleek design.
  • Narrow viewing angles.
  • 3D gear not included.
  • Slight pixel fizz occurs after continuous usage of ASUS VG278Q.
  • Chances of compromising color distribution while playing from different angles.
  • Price is a bit fatter as compared to that of the previous version.

Hence, before you spend on this ASUS VG278Q gaming monitor, let’s have a look at its complete review.

For more details and price, click here.

ASUS VG278Q Review – Gaming Monitor 2019


The ASUS VG278Q comes in 27” display with a resolution up to 1920*1080p and has an expected ratio of 16:9. The monitor is best known for its refresh-rate of 144 Hz which indeed is enough for the hardware to handle. You will need the specified Nvidia G-SYNC and a great deal of graphics card memory for the display to work to its full potential. ASUS made this powerful device that takes 1ms to respond. The display area of the monitor is around 597.6 * 336.15 mm and a pixel pitch of up to 0.311 mm. The ASUS VG278Q has a brightness level of 400 cd/m^2 and a contrast ratio of 1000: 1.

About the display itself, it has 1cm bezel which gives it more refined look aesthetically. The stand on the monitor had a smart cable management feature that hides all the cable converging and diverging out of the monitor. It makes the overall look of the desktop even more fetching in addition to its stunning looks all by itself.


ASUS VG278Q connectivity

The ASUS VG278Q comes with the standard connectivity options like HDMI, display port and DVI-D ports that can be put into use for input and output. It also has a 3.5 mm audio out port for audio connectivity.

Not all the monitors out there in the market are capable of pairing itself up with the Nvidia G-SYNC, but ASUS VG278Q is all about it. This NVidia G-SYNC by default provides the user with seamless and tear-free gaming experience by using its VRR on NVIDIA GeForce GTX10 series and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 series graphic cards. It may look very complicated to understand, but with ASUS VG278Q, everything functions and operates at ease.


ASUS VG278Q has put in a lot of deliberation and efforts keeping an eye on the comfort of the users. It has a VESA wall mount of 100 * 100 mm in size and a pivot of -90-degree angle to +90-degree angle and the same goes for the swivel capability of the monitor with 90-degrees possibility on both the sides along the axis. The display has a tilt angle of -5 degrees to +33 degrees. The height adjustment on the monitor is from 0-130 mm.

This monitor from ASUS has ultra-low blue light technology that is put into action to reduce the irritation on the gamer’s eyes. They have four options to choose from, and all the fours have various level of blue light dispersion from the display. A user can toggle between these four options using the on-screen display menu or the display widget UI.


As ASUS VG278Q is designed to be a gaming monitor, it has a super-fast gaming display with a response time of 1ms and refresh-rate of 144 Hz. Since its 27” display is quite large for a desktop monitor, it uses ELMB technology to reduce the strain on the user’s eyes. It has a lag-free display ability. The adaptive sync feature enables the display to function without any screen tearing disturbances. Moreover, the disturbing frame rate issues that might be experienced in any other desktop monitor are also neglected. It is a certified monitor that is compatible with the Nvidia G-SYNG unit. It also has in-built 2 * 2W stereo which ensures the audio output to be in check.


Almost all the games that are played using such a high-end desktop monitor has a lot of minute details that cause the gamer to know more about what is happening in the game at all time. It is possible because of the 144 Hz refresh rate that this monitor is capable of delivering. It gives the gamers an edge over other players using any other typical monitors. With the combined ability of the NVidia unit, first-person shooter games, racing, real-time strategy, and other sports based games can be played on the ASUS VG278Q with zero lag and without any screen teardown.


ASUS VG278Q Performance

Being a game-centric monitor, it comes with some cool options that can make a gaming experience even better. The Gameplus feature is one of the options that uplift the in-game experience for any user. And the same goes for the Game visual set up that provides various pre-set gaming display modes that the gamer can choose from according to his/her preferences. These functions from the monitor help to optimize the visuals to a whole new level for the players who might be sitting in front of this display for a long time. ASUS VG278Q also has a Game fast technology that makes sure that the gamers don’t experience any lag during the game time and keep them up to spend on the live action going on in the display.


ASUS VG278Q has a built-in GamePlus hotkey feature that enables the gamer to have an additional cross line throughout the gameplay without using any other centering or targeting equipment from the game. This feature is specifically designed according to the gamers to help them improve their skills and have a gaming experience like anything that they have ever seen or felt until they have used the ASUS VG278Q.

ASUS VG278Q Game Visual technology comes with seven preset display modes that optimize the visual output for various types of game contents. These features are designed and calibrated so that the gamers can easily access them through the hotkey or by the on-screen display setting option once the player has identified and set the desired gameplay feature for that particular game. It stays the same throughout the play and enhances the gaming experience in a different but good way.


Gaming has become more than a medium of entertainment over the past few years, and the growth in the field of gaming has been enormous over the last few years. Gaming has evolved to be such a stable platform that gamers are making a living out of it by doing what they do best and enjoy doing so. So being a player, it is a tough job and the pain of looking into the computer display for hours together is a brutal way to kill your eyes. Developments like the ASUS VG278Q have been an eye opener for gamers around the globe, and in this case, it did.

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