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ASUS VP247H P Review – A Perfect 24” Full HD Gaming Monitor

In the current time, gaming PCs has gained a lot of popularity as these are the gadgets that allow humans to perform the activities they never think of doing even in their dreams. A gamer not only needs a powerful processor to control the actions but also high-quality graphics and specs for exceptional viewing portal for perfect gaming.  There are so many gaming monitors out there with different features and components, but which one you choose, it all depends upon the features you are looking for in your display.

Finally, ASUS has brought the most affordable 24-inch display for all of us named as ‘ASUS VS247H-P’. It is achieved with the help of upgraded LED technology that allows the manufacturers to produce thinner, lighter, and higher performing products. Whether you need a monitor display for gaming or you want a display to handle the computer demands, ASUS VP247H P is the perfect gaming monitor that suits the individual’s needs and budget. It is the most affordable monitor that offers gamers an incredible viewing experience. If you need monitors for business purpose, then this monitor is made for it. It greatly works in the office environment as its whole design is slim and stylish. Due to the VESA compatibility, you can easily install these monitors on the wall.

Investing in a superior quality monitor like this means that you have not to worry about buying a new one for many years to come. This gaming LED monitor screen is designed to last for long and also come with a three-year warranty. With fast 2ms response time, ASUS VP247H P 24” monitor is the first invented display that helps you enjoy smooth motion playback, both for watching videos and movies. If you are seeking a great screen quality for your gaming purpose, then don’t hesitate to pick this monitor.



  • A reasonably priced monitor
  • Delivers Good Performance


  • Minimal Adjustability
  • Too Brighter Images

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Bottom Line

We are fully impressed with the outcome of the ASUS VP247H P. Although it lacks in proper adjustability, still its thin screen design, quick response time, and superb image quality make it greatly stand out in the market. Additionally, one will not find any issues regarding the screen due to the excessive light feature. All in all, this affordable monitor offers an excellent viewing experience that makes it an obvious choice for users.

To have a detailed idea about this outstanding monitor, let’s continue with the ASUS VP247H P Review.

ASUS VP247H P 24” Monitor Detailed Review


This monitor is just awesome in terms of appearance. If we talk about the design of ASUS VS247H-P, then it has a slim and attractive body coated with a matte finish. The whole screen is matte, but the outside appearance is of glossy black. This slim and attractive design truly matched with its high-quality performance. Such an appearance will add flair to your room and looks pleasant even when it’s turned off. The base of this monitor is a small size which might negatively affect the stability. But, this is not a big problem as it still has a premium quality that makes the buyer say wow.


Plus, a presence of delicate touches makes this monitor more powerful. A full HD gaming LED monitor and HDMI interface both are optimized for the finest image and color quality. As compared to other monitors, ASUS VS247H-P does not have the issue of dead pixels which makes it more popular among buyers.


Are you looking for the best monitor at an affordable price? If so, then this monitor will bring your dream into reality for sure. ASUS VS247H-P 24” is one of those displays that offer exceptionally fast response time, great resolution, and rich image quality at surprisingly low price. This full HD display is a well-performing monitor available under $200. For low-budget competitive gamers, it is the perfect piece which can be bought without worrying about the budget. Overall, you will definitely get the good value for the price you spent on it. You will be amazed to experience its performance at such a low cost. All thanks to ASUS for this invention. 


The specs like 24 inches LED FULL HD display with 1080p resolution and 2ms response time makes the ASUS VS247H-P a perfect gaming monitor. You will be happy to know that this monitor will never disappoint you in terms of performance as it performs very well. It will offer you outstanding performance while running StarCraft2 on ultra-settings with no sign of stuttering or ghosting. Moreover, its low light quality will never make you lost in the dark scenes. This model is capable of running smoothly for long hours without heating up.


After testing this monitor, it is assumed that its image quality is far better than the version – Apple’s Retina MacBook Pros.  A buyer can enjoy rich colors while watching HD movies and TV shows. You can also enjoy performance benefits by plugging in a headset or speakers into this monitor. Moreover, if you want to play Call of Duty and other games without compromising on the display quality, then ASUS VS247H P 24” display monitor will turn out to be the best option. All in all, it consists of a variety of inputs which makes this monitor demanding among the others out in the market. This monitor can be used as a gaming system, cable boxes and other devices like Apple TV with an HDMI and audio out port.


It features multiple input options including HDMI, DVI, VGA, and an audio out port for connecting external speakers. The availability of HDMI connectivity helps in delivering the high definition video and audio to external monitors or projectors. Even, the HDMI and audio out port allow the user to use the monitor with gaming systems and smart devices like an Apple TV. Moreover, a gamer can enjoy more performance benefits by plugging headset or speakers to monitor.


Technology makes up the most important consideration for the buyers at the time of buying a monitor screen. ASUS VS247H-P 24” monitor is featured with the Smart View and Splendid Video Intelligence technology. This advanced Smart view technology eliminates issues with TN panel’s angle viewing by adjusting the color parameters and offers the most comfortable experience for watching movies from specific distance and angle. Another amazing thing is that Splendid Video Intelligence technology is that it automatically optimizes image quality by adjusting the parameters like brightness, color and contrast, etc. It also provides the six different presets like Scenery, Game, Theater, sRGB, Night view and standard modes which can be chosen by the monitor’s hotkey.


Even, there is one more stunning feature to see in this monitor is its quick response time. This added technology allows gamers to play the most competitive games with ease without facing ghosting effects in dark backgrounds. Also, the latest HDMI connectivity delivers both high-definition audio and video to external monitors, projectors, and compatible TVs.


Finally, a low priced monitor is ready to welcome its gaming lovers with excellent performance, great design and amazing image quality. It is definitely a worthwhile investment for those who aim to buy a great image quality monitor at an affordable price. As this product comes with the 3-year warranty, one need not worry about making frequent payments on its failure. Equip yourself with this long-lasting monitor and attain a smooth gaming experience. So for all low budget gamers, ASUS VS247H-P 24” display is perfect gaming monitor to have for both quick response time and great image quality.

As per the user’s reviews, it is proved to be a well-performing monitor as compared to others monitors such as ASUS VE247H, especially for the technologies used in it.

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