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Auronplay Does Not Role With Perxitaa In London Eye RP: Break In Sight?

Auronplay Does Not Role With Perxitaa In London Eye RP: Break In Sight?

One of the star products within Twitch is GTA Roleplay, which consists of creating a character and making life on a server with more people. This game took a huge leap when the mainstreamers of the platform began their journey on different servers. Two of them, Auronplay and Perxitaa, don’t roll together in London Eye RP, the server in fashion.

This is one of the most fruitful friendships in the Hispanic community on Twitch due to the chemistry between the two and the number of episodes they have added to Grand Theft Auto. Anecdotes, laughs, action… endless stories that seem to have ended on this new server founded by Auronplay himself and CooLifeGame. Let’s look at their journey together in this game and why their characters have separated.


It all started as a test they both did on SpainRP, an unknown server for almost the entire community. The two entered to try by invitation since they had never roleplayed live. They liked it so much that it went from a hobby to a serious, deep story with a plot.

They came to the server under the names of Gustabo (Auronplay) and Horacio (Perxitaa) to do anything that wasn’t productive. They were two close friends who wanted to earn a living with any job and waste time doing crazy things and nonsense. His goal was to make people laugh and laugh with his witticisms. That was taking shape to the point that they began to work as a police officer under the command of Jack Conway (Reborn). The story ends with Gustabo betraying the police and going to the mafia to do evil, possessed by a spirit named Pogo.

After the explosion of a church and the disappearance of Gustabo, that story was totally up in the air. Then came Marbella Vice, the server Ibai created, and Auron and Perxitaa came together again, this time with new characters. His story represented the brothers Toni (Auron) and Carlo (Perxitaa) Gambino, two members of the Italian mafia who came to the city to sell their drugs and gain control of Marbella.

After becoming the most influential icon and before the last coup, Toni met with the reappeared Gustabo, where the FBI agent asked the Italian to kill him to end Pogo and the torture sinking him. That’s what Toni Gambino did, who threw the body into the sea and fled without giving any clue to his friends, not even his brother.


Given this disturbing scenario, the third season of this story arrived on the London Eye. Toni Gambino reappeared in London posing as Gustabo, thus escaping the search and capture order to which he was sentenced shortly after he would meet again with Hai (Jacky), Igor (Genesis), and Jose (Pato). However, a member of the band was missing. What about his brother Carlo from him? Much of the community that was following the story wandered.

Well, it seems that Perxitaa’s character will not intervene in that plot, which Auron confirmed in one of his live shows. And everything points to toxicity in the communities of both streamers. The Catalan already warned that GTA was one of the games that generated the most conflicts on Twitch because followers take these virtual stories to the real and personal. Perxita’s followers take these pitfalls to heart within GTA, and Auron received a lot of hate during his roleplaying with him in Marbella Vice.

Auron has decided to take action and move away from that hatred by separating Toni and Carlo’s stories. Due to this decision by Auron,  other streamers have decided to join in and avoid associating with Perxitaa and her character in GTA. Although Perxitaa has been affected in several broadcasts, Auron has stated that she distances herself from her simply because of her role and that their friendship with her is still intact.

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