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2023’s Best Gaming Hardware Releases

Best Gaming Hardware

2022 was a year that saw some major acceleration take place in the development and release of gaming hardware. Following years of shortages and product delays, the PC market, for instance, unleashed a wave of cutting-edge tech at a pace we struggled to keep up with.

The year started off with the next generation of gaming laptops being released, and then Intel, AMD and NVIDIA all started rolling out new versions of CPUs and graphics cards that bolstered the desktop market even further.

The monitor market was no slouch in 2022, either, with the year being a surprisingly good one for new models and releases.

In a move initiated by Alienware, the first batch of QD-LED displays hit the shelves, bringing together the best bits of OLED panels (saturated colours and pure blacks) with wider viewing angles and impressive brightness levels. Combined with ultra-wide formats and speedier refresh rates, gamers worldwide were treated to bleeding edge monitors that added a hyperreal effect to everything from video poker innovations at platforms like Slots LV to major AAA titles like Elden Ring.

And, while they weren’t technically a 2022 release, the next-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony finally got to have their day. Having been plagued by component shortages and shipping times since they were first released in November 2020, the Xbox Series S and PlayStation 5 finally began their mass market rollout last year.

With so much innovation having been on display over the past twelve months, you’d be forgiven for thinking 2022’s gaming hardware releases couldn’t be topped.

Gaming Hardware Trends in 2023

The year kicked off with the annual CES event being held in Las Vegas in January. As one of the most innovative and influential consumer tech events, it’s often considered to be a benchmark for predicting the strongest gaming tech trends over the following year. 2023’s edition did not disappoint, as there were plenty of exciting new tech advancements showcased that are bound to have an impact on the gaming space.

Accessibility was at the forefront of the event, with manufacturers like Sony showing off a range of gadgets intended to make gaming as user-friendly as possible for an increasingly diverse audience. Intel was in attendance with its flagship Core i9-13980HX CPU – the world’s first 24-core laptop processor. Meanwhile, LG staked its claim as a top gaming laptop manufacturer with its new range of ultra-thin portables.

Best Gaming Hardware for 2023

Project Leonardo – Sony

One of the most anticipated releases of 2023 is that of Sony’s accessibility controller, currently known as Project Leonardo. The controller has been developed to help people with disabilities play their favourite PlayStation 5 games for longer and more easily. One of its key features is that the controller doesn’t need to be held. Instead, it’s completely modular and is designed so that it can lay directly on a flat surface, removing the need for awkward handles and small buttons (that are often difficult to navigate).

Until recently, Microsoft has been setting the bar for accessibility with its Adaptive Controller for the Xbox. However, Project Leonardo, which was created with game developers, community members, and accessibility experts, represents a significant leap forward for PlayStation. It’s poised to be a strong competitor to the Adaptive Controller while bridging the accessibility gap and making console gaming more inclusive.

PlayStation VR2 – Sony

In addition to ramping up its accessibility efforts, Sony is also expanding the gaming possibilities of the PS5 in 2023 with its newest VR gaming headset, the PS VR2. A more streamlined and ergonomic version of its predecessor, the VR2 has all the making of being a VR enthusiast’s “dream”. While virtual reality gaming, in general, has been fairly slow, the lure of the metaverse and Web3 gaming is ushering in the next generation of VR headsets and equipment.

The PS VR2 reflects the years of technological advancements that the VR industry, in general, has developed since Sony’s initial VR headset was released in 2016, and it also comes with some fantastic features that aren’t found in its competitors. It also does away with the excessive wires, junction boxes, cameras and power plugs that plagued the original PSVR, instead being equipped with a single USB-C cable to plug directly into the front of a PS5.

ROG Strix Scar 18 – ASUS

ASUS’ Republic of Gamers brand has a special release lined up for 2023, its first entry in a decade in the 18-inch gaming laptop category. While it’s not a laptop that will suit every gamer’s needs or budget, it impresses with its powerful components and impressive display. In fact, the 18-inch screen is one of the standout features of the model, making it a viable substitute for traditional desktop computers for dedicated PC gamers.

The ROG Strix Scar 18 is also one of the new line of Asus laptops that incorporate Intel’s coveted 13th-gen Core i9-13980HX processor, which should indicate just how much meaty a performance it can deliver.

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