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Dell UP2718Q Review: A Great 4K Gaming Monitor for Xbox One X

Many people use their computers for performing multiple tasks including watching movies, programming, gaming, office work, and regular use. However, not every monitor can be used for both gaming and professional work like programming, but the Dell UP2718Q is featured with the specs that are suitable for gaming as well as programming. It is one of the best 27-inch 4K UHD HDR monitors that provide a great balance between gaming and professional workload-oriented features. Hence, if you are one of those who is looking for an IPS LED monitor that can be used for gaming as well as coding purposes, then Dell UP2718Q can be a great choice.

While the Dell UP2718Q is definitely not a budget-oriented monitor, it is great for those who are seeking all in one package monitor. Apart from PC gaming, this is also a great monitor for Xbox One X since this console can use both the 4K UHD resolution as well as HDR capabilities of this monitor. This monitor comes factory calibrated out of the box and no matter which color space profile you are using, it will display you the accurate colors accordingly.

If you are looking forward to buying this monitor, then it can turn out to be the best decision. Before you go ahead, you need to know about its specs and features. In this guide, we will be taking an in-depth look at all of the aspects of this monitor. Before we move toward Dell UP2718Q Review, we want you to go through its following pros and cons:

dell up2718q Bottom Line


  • 100% sRGB, Adobe RGB
  • 4K UHD HDR
  • 27-inch 384 Zone Backlight Panel
  • Adjustable Stand
  • Great for Console Gaming
  • Sleek and Modern Design


  • Halo Effect due to HDR
  • Average Pixel Response Times
  • Price could have been lower

For more details and price, click here.

Bottom Line

If you are a programmer but love you play games, and you want a single monitor that can be used for both your gaming needs and coding purposes, then this monitor is one of the few monitors available out there which allows you to do so. While this monitor might not be great for competitive esports title, it is more than sufficient for console gaming. And if you are not on a limited budget, then you should definitely go for this monitor.

A Detailed Dell UP2718Q 4K Gaming Monitor Review


The Dell UP2718Q has a very modern design and fits well in an office environment. It has a black and silver gradient color on its back which looks quite classy. This monitor can easily fit both a workstation as well as a gaming setup in terms of aesthetics. Since this is a modern 4K UHD HDR monitor, the bezels are also quite thin which provides you with an immersive viewing experience. It comes with varying bezel width which measures 13mm at the top, 14mm on the sides and 15mm at the bottom.

You will also find 5-small OSD buttons right under bottom corner which allow you to change the settings of this monitor. It also has a power button with the OSD buttons. Though its bezels are narrow, it is not the thinnest monitor available in the market. But if this monitor was thin, it would heat up since the panel goes up to a 1000 nits which generate a lot of heat from its IPS LED panel. On the back, you will find a Dell logo along with standard VESA mounting options. There is also a hole in the monitor stand which serves as a cable pass-through for proper cable management.


You will find one of the best 27-inch 3840*2160 4K HUD panels in this Dell monitor which also happens to support HDR. Because of this, it has a brightness of up to 1000 nits; you will have no issues using it even in bright conditions. The panel has a response time of 6ms GTG which makes it a great choice for casual PC and console gamers. When you are using this monitor in the HDR mode, it offers you with a contrast ratio of 20000:1 which is great to have in an IPS LED panel with a viewing angle of 178 degrees.

dell up2718q Display

Connectivity ports

Since this monitor is designed for the gamer and professionals who might use this monitor along with a workstation, you will find plenty of ports. Talking about the inputs, you will find 1x DisplayPort 1.4, 1x Mini DisplayPort 1.4, 2x HDMI 2.0a, 2x upstream USB ports, and finally an AC power connector. Since this monitor has upstream USB ports, it also offers you 4x USB 3.0 downstream ports to work as a USB hub. While two of these USB ports are on the back, two of them are on the side for easy access. One of these downstream USB ports also supports fast charging for your smartphone. You will also find an Audio out port behind this monitor to connect your headphones. Despite so many ports, this monitor doesn’t support G-Sync or Freesync.

Ergonomic stand

The stand of this monitor matches its aesthetics and offers a lot of adjustment. Not only you can easily make adjustments in its tilt, height, swivel, etc. as per your convenience, but you can even rotate this monitor to portrait orientation. This feature is great to have if you are a developer or want to make a multiple monitor setup. Apart from that, its stand also offers you with a height adjustment of up to 140mm. Overall the movement of this stand is quite smooth, and since it offers all kinds of adjustment, you will not need to invest in any third-party VESA mount. The base of the stand is flat and quite hefty which keeps this monitor stable and secure on your desk. And as told earlier, it even has a hole for cable routing which makes the whole monitor look much cleaner. Compared to the LG 27UK650, this monitor has a much sturdier stand and offers you a peace of mind.


This Dell monitor might be a little expensive for some users as many latest monitor technologies are packed in one package. The Dell UP2718Q is not a budget-friendly option as it is available under $1500. However, as this monitor is designed for the professionals who want a high color accurate monitor that can also be used for gaming as well, the price is worth as per its features. Apart from having one of the best IPS LED panels, it also offers you with a great port selection and a highly flexible stand. Therefore, if you are a casual gamer and looking for high color accuracy monitor, the Dell UP2718Q can turn out to be the best option. Click here to check out its exact price and make a purchase.


dell up2718q Performance

Coming to the most crucial part of the review is performance. Since this monitor comes factory calibrated out of the box with different color profiles, it offers high color accuracy. It supports various popular color space profiles and offers a wide color gamut of 100% sRGB, Adobe RGB, Rec.709, 97.7% DCI-P3, 76.9% Rec.2020. Because of these specs, this monitor is great for creative professionals. It also allows you to quickly switch between different color space profiles using its OSD menu.

You also get other standard IPS LED features like great contrast ratio and viewing angles with this monitor. This monitor can go up to 20000:1 contrast ratio when in HDR mode along with deep blacks. Because of this consuming content on this monitor, it is a treat; you will enjoy playing HDR enabled gaming titles on this monitor. Like Asus ROG PG27UQ response time, this monitor could have been a little better response time, but this is an ideal monitor for casual gaming. This monitor also has 384 zones of backlighting which can go up to 1000 nits when you are using HDR mode. It makes this monitor HDR 10 compatible which is to be expected at this price under $1500. Unfortunately, you might see some halo effect while in HDR modes due to these many backlighting zones.


You get a 3-year warranty on this monitor from Dell along with Dell’s great service and customer support. Unlike some other monitor brands, Dell will straight up exchange your monitor if you face any issues with it in its 3-year warranty period.


Concluding the review, the Dell UP2718Q provided a great balance between gaming and professional work. And it has one of the best 4K UHD HDR panels with great color accuracy available out there. It also has all of the great characteristics of any other IPS LED panel with great viewing angles and contrast levels. If you are looking for all in one monitor that can be used for your professional work and goes with gaming console like Xbox One X, then you should definitely consider the Dell UP2718Q that; it is available under $1500.

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