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Ikea Malm Desk Review- Affordable, Stylish and Functional


A good quality functional desk is very essential if you are a computer worker or desire an office desk. Ikea desks are known for its affordability and functionality. A modern desk setup requires a desk that suits every style and can blend into surroundings. The malm desk range is best suited for contemporary style and functionality with dedicated spaces for cable management.  Malm desks come with back covers that allows it to be kept anywhere in your room without worrying for naked wood exposed on the back.

Ikea Malm desk is easy to put together with the supplied instructions and tools. The table top is quite big at 140cm making it best suited for home office desk setups. If you an avid computer user or gamer, it can be the go-to desk for its affordability and functionality to hide the cables. It has a piece of wood on the back side under the table top to place your extension cords and hides the cables. Being a robust and versatile desk, Ikea Malm desks fits perfectly as an office and computer desk. The materials used are sturdy with a maximum load capacity of 50kgs which is plenty considering its use as an office desk.

ikea malm desk introduction

The goods

  • Comes with a shelf under the table top to collect cables and keep your extension cord to hide the cables
  • Comes with finished back to blend in with any decor
  • The storage unit can be mounted on either left or right side
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to set up
  • Plenty of storage space for office documents and electronics
  • Plenty of finish options to choose from

The Bad

  • No keyboard tray
  • There is no outlet on the table top for cables
  • There is only one drawer

Bottom Line

The Ikea Malm Desk suits best as office desk with plenty of storage space and size of the table top for computers. It has extra benefits for keeping a clean desk with cable management shelf. The cabinet is large enough to keep your office files or even use it to store some of your electronic gadgets. It comes with a clean sleek design and finishes to match your style and decor. For the price, it is functional and has plenty of space for your computer and office work.

In-Depth Review of Ikea Malm Desk

ikea malm desk Bottom Line

Ikea Malm Desk is gradually becoming one of the popular choices as an office desk for its versatility and organizing options. It is sturdy and most importantly scratch resistant which for a gamer or computer matters to keep their desk cleaner and looking like new for years. It is made with functionality in mind to serve your purpose well.

Easy to Setup

Ikea is known for their detailed instructions, which goes true for this Malm desk too. It comes with easy to understand instructions for you to assemble it at your home. The steps are self-explanatory and if you mess up you can always go back and reassemble without damaging the parts. You will mostly find it easy to get the desk set up in no time if you follow the supplied instructions carefully. It can be assembled by a single person, but if you are really skeptical, you can always ask a friend to lend you an extra hand.

The Ikea Malm desk has the option to mount the storage unit on either side, so before you are down to assembling your desk make a decision to avoid any redoing. Included booklet guides you with the process to fix your storage unit that contains a pull out drawer and a shelf. The table also comes with the important cable shelf which can be mounted below the table top.

ikea malm desk Easy to Setup

The instructions are clearly marked with guidelines to assemble the parts one after the other. Make sure you read the instruction completely before getting into assembling the desk as missing or skipping a single step can add to your work of redoing the process. The instruction booklet also provides information on the handling of the electronics while charging for safe use.  Overtime with usage, the joints, and assembly get loose which might require tightening them up occasionally

Large and Sturdy Table Top

The table top on the Ikea Malm desk is 55 ⅛ “ or 140 cm which is plentiful for your computer and office documents. It is made from sturdy material that can take loads up to 110 lb or 50kgs. This would be more than enough to support your computer hardware or office files or equipment. The top is quite thick to absorb some pressure from your gear and withstand some wear and tear.

However, the thickness of the table top will not hinder you in clipping a microphone stand on the edges. If you are looking to use this as your gaming desk, it has the flexibility of fitting in perfectly with its sturdy yet appealing finish. With the added functionality for cable managing around the desk, it can surely carter towards gamers looking a sturdy affordable desk that is not boring. The table top is easy to clean and maintain the shine if you happen to drop your drink or leave some scratch marks from you pounding on your keyboard.

Added Functionality

The Ikea Malm desk comes with a cable management rack along with the choice of fitting the storage unit on either side based on your preference and space. Thus making it a versatile option for any space to fit in the desk.

Primarily designed to be an office or computer desk it provides the option to hide the ugly cables of your computer or office gadgets. The cable management rack is designed cleverly to sit on the back side of the desk under the table top. This can also hold your extension cords and boxes which otherwise might be dangling on top of your desk making a clutter no one enjoys on their desk.

The flexibility of moving the storage unit to either side gives a lot of headroom for tight spaces and people with opposite preferences. With the Ikea Malm desk, you have the freedom to ensure you have your storage unit in the place you are most comfortable.

ikea malm desk Added Functionality


The Ikea Malm desk has a contemporary minimalistic design to fit into any type of office or room setup. It also comes in a lot of finishes and color options like the black-brown, brown stained ash veneer, white, white stained oak veneer. No matter what your taste and choice of color are, there is an option for everyone to choose from based on their preference and taste.

The best part of Ikea Desks is that they are very professionally finished making them look really classy even though they might not be as expensive as they look. The minimalistic yet functional design makes it a great choice for computer and office desk at an affordable budget.


Ikea Malm desk is easy to clean using a damp cloth to wipe off any accumulated dust. You have to bear in mind that, never use any kind of cleaning agent or hard soap as it might damage the finish on the table top and make it look ugly. Soft soapy water will be more than enough to wipe off any stains. Keeping it clean can increase the life of the desk and make it look as good as new for years.

Ikea Malm Desk Review- Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a modern yet functional desk without breaking the bank, the Ikea Malm Desk can be your ideal choice. It has an appeal to all kind of users be it a gamer or an office worker or a writer, the Malm desk can carter all their needs.

With a sturdy build and 55 ⅛” top, it makes a great desk for avid gamers to house all their big monitors or double monitors. The thickness of the table top provides a strong base but does not prevent gamers from using a clip-on mic stand on the edges.

The storage unit will appeal towards the attornies or businessmen who might want to have space to store their important files. Where the strong base will allow the writers to have a great writing experience without any wobble of the desk.

All these are packed in a budget which compared to many is very affordable. It makes the Ikea Malm desk a great value for the money spend. It does the job of a desk without many hues and cries while still being elegant and stylish.

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