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The Lenovo Flex 6 14 Review You Need To Read Before Buying One.


Are you looking for a laptop? What do you look for when you go out to buy a laptop or tablet? Sturdiness? Design? Specs and features? Productivity? Battery Life? Price? Well, look no further, because the LENOVO FLEX 6 14 has got all that you want in a laptop and more. Here we are going to give a detailed review of Lenovo Flex 6 14 – best laptop for copywriters. It is a top of the league machine from the laptop cum tab 2-in-1 series.

THE LENOVO FLEX 6 14 boasts an exemplary design and a 360-degree touchscreen that makes it a must buy for gadget geeks. From design to performance, this machine has what it takes to give other pricey alternatives a run for their sales and purchase. Not only it is affordable, but its performance is also above many current mid-range counterparts in the market. When you take its glossy aluminum finish, HD display, snappy keyboard, powerful hardware and price into consideration, you can’t lose it.

If you are planning to buy this laptop, then it can turn out to be the right decision. Before you go ahead, you need to know about its specs and features. In this guide, we are going to review the Lenovo Flex 6 14 so that you can decide whether it is worth investing in this gaming laptop or not. Before we move toward the review, we want you to have a look at its pros and cons.

lenovo flex 6 14 review Bottom Line


  • 360-degree touchscreen
  • Nvidia MX130 graphics
  • 5+ number of connectivity ports
  • Lightweight
  • Value for money


  • No Thunderbolt 3 Port
  • Dimly lit screen
  • Average built-in speakers

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Bottom Line

Sadly though, this LENOVO FLEX 6 14 REVIEW won’t be a genuine one if we don’t mention the downside of buying this beauty. Even with system’s Nvidia graphics core, the Flex 6 14 is saddled with dimly lit screen and substandard graphics. If you are someone who’s into photography or photo editing, then a thought or two should be given before buying it, but if you are from an editorial or writing background, then rest assured, as this is one of the best laptops for copywriters and something you should invest in without further ado.

In-Depth Analysis of the Lenovo Flex 6 14 Specs

Design and configuration

The Lenovo Flex 6 14 comes with a sturdy Intel’s quad-core 8th Generation Core i5 processor, a catchy 14-inch 1920x1080p resolution touchscreen, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, classy IPS, and an amazing Nvidia MX130 graphics. The discrete graphics quality is a plus for the people who are into the writing profession as it is like a free advantage. Undoubtedly, Flex is the most power-packed variant amongst the series 2-in-1 systems available with 8th-generation core i5.

It seems quite obvious that the Flex 6 14’s primary focus has been its 360-degree hinge that allows the touchscreen to lay flat across the laptop base so it could also be used as a keyboard-free tablet. Whether you are using it in tab mode, tent mode or with keyboard, the performance of this beauty doesn’t get hampered even a bit. And all the modes are equally capable of delivering the desired tasks.

lenovo flex 6 14 review Design

Further, look wise, the Flex 14 posses a polished aluminum finish with a peppy metal paint job that gives it a professional look. For the price range, the laptop is sleek, handy, light-weight and a complete eye grabber. Even with it being a 14-inch laptop, it weighs just around 3.6 pounds which makes it easier to carry around and an ideal buy for students, writers, editors, and similar professionals.

Another point that holds true in this Lenovo Flex 6 14 review is that the anterior part of the laptop has a sloped surface which closes down on the bottom part seamlessly, but it is a tad difficult to pry the laptop open from the desired spot, especially one-handed.

Features and Specs

Undoubtedly, Lenovo knows how to do touchscreens and keyboards. The series 2-in-1’s biggest selling point is its 360-degree rotating screen which comes with thin bezels and HD color representation (brightness is only average though).

The keyboard of this core i5 machine, on the other hand, is super sleek and trendy. The keys are large and aesthetically spread out, even for such a small frame, which is why it makes it into the top position in many best laptops for copywriters guides.

The Flex 6 14 is definitely feature packed for the price it is offered in. The 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD makes it must buy for people who are looking for specs loaded laptop at a friendly price range. Comparatively speaking, the Dell XPS 13 comes with half the RAM and half the SSD space at about $150 higher price point.

Surely, one is not getting Thunderbolt 3 in the Flex 6 14, but we know many series 2-in-1 laptops at a much higher price that doesn’t offer Thunderbolt 3 either. It comes with USB 3.1 and USB 3.0, an SD card slot, HDMI reader and headphone jack – in total 5 number of ports, which should be enough for most users.

Screen and Speakers

Brightness is an issue, we have cleared that base, but it surely isn’t a deal breaker. The touchscreen comes in at 250nits which makes it ideal for working indoors. The lightning is just adequate for writing and watching videos. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself squinting at your screen when you’re out in bright sunlight.

The IPS display with a reflective coating is fantastic; no inverse colors were seen from any angle that you would generally find in laptops with a cheaper display. Whether you use the Flex 6 14 in laptop mode or tablet mode, the machine works smoothly. While most 2-in-1 laptop makes you bang your head hard in its tablet mode, this beauty doesn’t.

As usual, the speakers come at the base; the sound it generates is fairly large but gets easily muffled if you place the laptop on your lap. The Harman Kardon speakers work better in tablet mode, and both the speakers are placed at a good distance. Sound clarity is as good as you can expect in laptop stereos. Fairly speaking, the headphone jack would be a better option if you are planning to do something for longer duration like watching a movie or editing a video or a web conference for that matter.

Battery Life

When it comes to tablets and laptops, our main concern is battery backup. Here is where the Flex 6 14 doesn’t disappoint even a bit. The battery life stands strong with more than 7 hours of continuous video playing which in itself is better than other mid-range laptops. An all-day run is warranted if you are doing some official work that doesn’t involve playing of videos that much. Just for the sake of comparison, the battery life is way better than Asus ZenBook Flip 14 which comes at a much higher price point. But if we compare the battery performance with other 8th generation variants like that of HP or Dell, then yes, the battery could have been better, but then again, those variants are all above $1000. All in all, the battery backup is decently good and should be enough for regular users.

lenovo flex 6 14 review Battery

General Performance

The Lenovo Flex 6 14 is definitely adequate for day to day use. The machine’s 8GB RAM ensures enhanced general application performance. The touchscreen responds smoothly to taps and swipes and boasts of pen support as well. The backlit keyword is adequate and fairly roomy. It is easy to carry around and is solidly built for uninterrupted performance.

Further, the fingerprint reader which is situated just beneath the bottom right corner allows you to unlock your Windows profile with a single touch. You can also open the Windows Hello-Compliant apps with a simple touch on the same reader. Most of the Lenovo Flex 6 14 reviews also stress the same point that you won’t get a better alternative at this price range.

While Lenovo laptops are often expensive, this sleek beauty is quite cheap and is available in under $1000. The budget friendliness doesn’t affect the quality performance through – the light-weight laptop comes packed with a quad-core eighth-generation Intel CPU and backed by an impeccable battery life that contributes superbly towards its endurance in the long run. The machine is performance packed and speedy enough for regular use and a major bargain for those looking for a simple yet productive laptop.

Additional Features

  • The trackpad of this IPS enabled display variant is a highly responsive one. The Microsoft Precision trackpad is super sensitive, and Windows 10 gestures work pretty smoothly as well.
  • The Flex 6 14’s 720p webcam sits comfortably on the top bezel of the screen and is sub-par. It easily captures crystal clear videos and is ideal for video calling and Skype chatting.
  • The machine is also compatible with the Lenovo Active Pen stylus which works pretty fly as well.
  • It is surely a fast performer. As a result, its productivity is commendable for its sturdy built and svelte chassis.


The Flex 14 starts at as low as $460 which makes it one of the least expensive 8th generation machines and a great buy for professionals looking for a light-weight and yet classy system available in minimalist design. For sure, it would have been better if it came with a brighter screen to fight off glare, but that isn’t a major issue. While certain specs are limited, the fact that it comes with a super flexible touchscreen and an unreal battery life makes it worth consideration for budget shoppers. We will like to conclude that this ultraportable 2-in-1 hunk is surely snag-worthy!

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