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SAMSUNG U28E590D REVIEW – A 4K Gaming Monitor for XBOX One X

Every hardcore gamer understands the need for a good quality gaming monitor which is compatible with gaming consoles like Xbox and PSPs. Though finding a good gaming monitor is as essential as finding a good gaming CPU as it ultimately adds up to the overall experience, it’s not an easy task. Even if you manage to find a good quality gaming monitor for Xbox One X that comes from a trusted brand and fits your need, the price may disappoint you. So, if you are facing any such issues, this article is a must read for you. We have got for you the review of a budget-friendly UHD LED LIT 28-inch monitor. Yes, you are thinking right; we are going to talk about Samsung U28E590D.

In this in-depth review, we will cover all aspects of this gaming monitor like display quality, connectivity, its features and all that should be looked before buying a gaming monitor. So, before taking a deep look at the Samsung U28E590D 4K Review, let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of the device.

samsung u28e590d introduction


  • Pricing: The pricing of the monitor is the most attractive feature as it comes with a price tag of under $600.Refres
  • h rate: A refresh rate of 60Hz which is more than enough for AAA gaming.
  • Resolution: 4K resolution which is 8-times more than that of FHD.
  • Durability: Samsung assures you in the durability department as well.


  • Stand versatility: You can’t change the position of the stand.
  • No UBS ports: No USB ports, so you can’t connect any USB drive or any speaker with USB output.

For more details and price, click here.

Bottom Line

samsung u28e590d Bottom Line

If you are a hardcore gamer and planning to buy Samsung U28E590D as your primary video output device, keep in mind that it’s viewing angles and picture quality might not be according to your expectations. However, it is made up of durable material and offers a decent refresh rate of 60Hz. Its price, best settings and features both justify each other. It can be an ideal purchase for the ones who have just taken a step towards gaming.

A Detailed Review of Samsung U28E590D 4K Gaming Monitor

Display/image quality

First of all, the Samsung U28E590D is a little different in terms of picture quality when compared to other gaming monitors as it features a TS panel which when compared to IPS or VA panels produces a lower quality image. However, having a TS panel has its own plus points when it comes to the response time; this monitor offers better response time (1ms) as compared to the most panels out there in the market.
Here, the lower image quality means disappointing viewing angles due to which this monitor produces narrow and lower color reproduction. This Samsung U28E590D offers viewing angles of 170 degrees horizontal and 160 degrees vertical with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

But when the budget is taken into consideration, this is almost satisfactory because it has other features which cope up this drawback. In other areas, this Samsung U28E590D works completely fine; it has a maximum brightness of 370 units which is bright enough for most users; considering the fact, it is going to be used in artificial lighting conditions. The 4K resolution of this 28-inch monitor is 3840*2160p which is 8-times more than a full HD gaming Monitor like HP 25X 24.5-inch. It ensures that the image produced is crisp and most of the details are visible.


The Samsung U28E590D monitor stands up for its price tag as it is available under $600. Being one of the cheapest and convenient options for people with a low budget scenario, it turns out to be a great choice. Though this does lack a few features like not allowing you to stream or watch HDCP 2.2-protected content in 4K on Blue-rays and other available streaming services, it is great for gaming purposes as it offers a refresh rate of 60Hz. Its audio output and many other high-tech specs make it worth the price it is available. So, if you are planning to buy the Samsung U22E590D.


samsung u28e590d Performance

In the area of performance, the Samsung U28E590D monitor supports HDCP 1.4. Hence, you are able to play the protected 4K content. Moreover, even if the TN panels have average viewing angles or colors, but they have faster response time 1ms, due to which they give you smooth motion clarity. Also, the performance of the Samsung U28E590D input lag is quite good that amounts to 9ms.

Moreover, when it comes to other best settings and supporting HDCP 2.2, the Samsung U28E590D monitor doesn’t provide that. Also, the users are not able to stream or watch the protected content in 4K on blue rays and on some other streaming services like Amazon or Netflix. The fast response time of TS panels benefits you in terms of the solution to issues like ghosting or motion blur which is a considerable problem in racing or games with fast moving pictures. All in all the image quality after a bit tweaking is best when seen with the price tag of under $600.

Design & connectivity

The Gaming monitors like the Samsung U28E590D have got a traditional T-shape stand design that is durable and sturdy enough to handle the monitor and without any wobble. It is VESA compatible monitor. Hence, you can also mount this on your wall, but as far as gaming is concerned, keeping it in the T-stand is a better option.

When it comes to connectivity, there are a few numbers of ports available with this monitor. It comes with two HDMI 2.0 ports, a headphone jack and a display port. The display port in the monitor itself provides you a frame rate ranging from 40 to 60 FPS. However, if you are an avid gamer and the higher refresh rate is the thing you are looking for in a gaming monitor, then this monitor is not for you; you’ll get a better deal in the form of HP 27XQ 27-inch Gaming Display Monitor.

The Audio output through this Monitor is Whopping 32-watt, which is extremely good for most of the parts. Samsung is smart when it comes to the aesthetics of their devices; this monitor has a single button on its thin bezel to control the other features or options; at the same time, it acts as a joystick.


samsung u28e590d Installation

The installation of the gaming monitor should be simple, so in case you set up your system yourself, there should not be any problem in doing so, or you needn’t stick to any YouTube tutorials. In terms of installation, this Samsung U28E590D monitor is very easy to use; you’ll get the cables, T-stand included in the package.

All you need to do is connect the monitor to the stand, connect the cables and there you go. Moreover, in case you want to mount it on your wall, that’s also not a big deal as you also have that option. And you get the installation guide as well in case you are doing this for the first time.

Additional Features & Specs: This segment includes all the features which are a little less looked from the conventional features. To start off, this 4K UHD LED LIT monitor by Samsung has an eye saver mode which reduces the strain that is caused due to the use of the monitor for long durations.

On the other hand, this monitor comes with a price tag which is almost half to the other 4K monitor and houses the same features, specs and best settings. The pricing is quite impressing; keeping in mind that, this monitor is an ideal choice from the house of a premium brand Samsung.


Considering all the pros, cons, best settings and other specs of the Samsung U28E590D from the above review, this monitor is available under $600 which definitely makes it a steal deal. Also, you will be getting the monitor from one of the world’s most trusted brand. Hence, you won’t need to worry about the quality or durability of the product. Also, considering the downsides covered in the review of Samsung U28E590D, they provide lesser options in terms of connectivity, but its price and performance allow it to attract gamers. Hence, the Samsung U28E590D along with its pros and other amazing specs stands out as the best 4K gaming monitor in the market. In the end, if you are someone who is more concerned with hardcore gaming, then this gaming monitor by Samsung can prove to be the best choice for you. For more information, explore the internet.

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