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SAMSUNG U32J590 REVIEW – Affordable 32-Inch 4K UHD Gaming Monitor

Are you looking for a gaming monitor that can offer you a truly thrilling and immersive gaming experience? If yes, then Samsung U32J590 is the best option for a 4K gaming monitor for Xbox one x. The monitor features include a resolution of 3840*2160p and a contrast ratio of 3000:1. It offers a refresh rate of 60Hz and a response time of 4ms. It comes with a brightness rating of 270 cd/m2. Featured with AMD FreeSync technology to synchronize the refresh rate of your graphics card with the monitor, it gives you a competitive edge during gameplay. The gaming mode in the Samsung U32J590 monitor instantly optimizes screen contrast whereas the Low Input Lag Mode reduces the delay to minimum between input and output device for having a smooth gaming experience.

The Samsung U32J590 offers a brilliant image quality with 4K Ultra HD 3840×2160 Resolution. It is featured with four times the quality of Full HD along with more than a billion color shades. With enhanced 4K UHD upscaling technology, you can watch lower resolution multiple tasks.

If you are hunting for the best gaming monitors for Xbox One X, then no other monitor can beat Samsung U32J590. Before you go ahead, you need to know about its high-tech specs and features which makes it stand out of the crowd. In this guide, we will provide a complete review regarding the Samsung U32J590 4K UHD Monitor along with its pros and cons.

samsung u32j590 Bottom Line


  • UHD upscaling technology
  • Supports a billion shades of colors
  • AMD FreeSync technology
  •  Powerful multi-tasking with Picture-by-Picture and Picture-in-Picture feature
  •  Widescreen 4K gaming
  • Reasonable Price
  • Slim screen bezels
  • 4ms response time and 60Hz refresh rate
  • Magic Bright Technology


  • Response time could be better
  • Disappointing viewing angles.

For more details and price, click here.

Bottom Line

For those who are searching for a monitor with 4x pixels of Full HD, widescreen FreeSync VRR monitor Samsung U32J590 is the best option. This gaming monitor is a 32-inch display which delivers the users more viewing space while enhancing the user experience. No matter whether you are using it for various document checking, browsing WebPages or programming or gaming, its wide screen enables you to perform your tasks with ease by letting you open multiple windows and toolbars. You can also use it for photo and video editing, and playing games in stunning 4K quality.

Though it will please all kind of users, its disappointing viewing angles may disappoint you as the image degrades when viewed at an angle. Moreover, it doesn’t support HDR. However, it is the cheapest monitor of this size. Hence, if you can neglect these drawbacks, then this monitor can turn out to be the best bet for your gaming needs.

Detailed Review of Samsung U32J590 4k Monitor


Samsung U32J590 4K monitor is one of the affordable monitors featured with stunning Ultra HD picture quality and AMD FreeSync technology. If you are looking for a best 4K Widescreen monitor with a 32-inch display for the best gaming experience, then Samsung U32J590 can turn out to be the best choice. Though there are several monitors like BenQ EW3270U that offers better viewing angle, the cost of these monitors is very much high as compared to Samsung U32J590. You can get the amazing feel of UHD images by paying less than $400 for this monitor. It is the price which attracts many people who are seeking the best 4K gaming monitor for Xbox one x at affordable prices. Click here to know its exact price.


The Samsung U32J590 is a sleek, 32-inch monitor which is refined in trendy matte black color. The monitor is mostly made of plastic and framed by slim bezels around the screen. It comes with a metallic finish Y-shaped stand with a large footprint which will look elegant with any CPU. You can’t tilt it, making it difficult to adjust the required viewing angle. The monitor has a plane back except a small vent and an I/O connectivity panel; you can zip tie all the wires of the monitor and place it in the panel for better cable management. Samsung U32J590 monitor has VESA 100x100mm mount compatibility which allows you to mount the monitor on the wall. However, it makes it difficult to access the ports. Overall, the monitor has a decent build quality and design.

samsung u32j590 Design

Image Quality

Samsung U32J590 monitor offers decent overall image quality with 3840*2160 Resolution, 270cd/m² Brightness, 178-degree viewing angles, and also with 3000:1 Native Contrast Ratio. It provides excellent color coverage due to the 10-bit color interface. It offers a refresh rate of 60Hz and response time of 4ms. HDR Peak Brightness is not supported on the Samsung U32J590. It has Disappointing horizontal viewing angles but good vertical viewing angles. It has decent black uniformity and Great gray uniformity. It has excellent color accuracy and SDR color gamut which allows it to provide excellent Adobe RGB coverage, making it suitable for photo and video editing. Additionally, it has outstanding SDR color Volume which allows it to produce bright and dark colors across the entire color gamut at its best settings. It 8.3 MP resolution supports a wide variety of color range which allows it to produce every image with amazing picture clarity.

Connectivity Ports

Unlike Acer Predator X27, the Samsung U32J590 4K monitor doesn’t offer much connectivity ports. It has an HDMI 1.4, an HDMI 2.0, a Display Port 1.2, and a 1.5mm audio jack. Samsung U32J590 supports HDCP 2.2 that allows you to watch copy-protected 4K video content from Netflix and other streaming videos.


The Samsung U32J590 has a DisplayPort that lets you connect it with different device and switch between different sources. It supports a few additional features which include the following.

● Game Mode

Game Mode in Samsung U32J590 can immediately optimize the screen contrast so that you can see the hidden objects in the dark while allowing you to beat your competitor during gameplay. All you need to do is adjust it to its best settings by selectively boosting contrast in some scenes. Game Mode enables you to find your enemies faster.

samsung u32j590 Features

● Powerful Multitasking

Samsung U32J590 allow you to connect two different devices to the monitor while maintaining their image quality with the help of picture-by-picture mode; it can display the image from two sources either side-by-side or picture-in-picture. On the other hand, the Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode not only lets you resize the screen size of the second source up to 25%, but you can position it anywhere for optimal multitasking.


Coming to the most important part of the review, the overall performance of the Samsung U32J590 is considerably much better than some of the rivals in the market. The display is refined and well balanced with nice saturation and brightness levels. The picture quality is crisp, and video rendering is smooth without any lag. The integration of FreeSync Technology helps users to get better stability in terms of refresh rate and thus allows them to play games at moderate settings occasionally. Gaming visuals are also really good without any screen tear or stutter. The brilliant pixel density makes way for punchy colors and highlights every detail in the most sophisticated manner. Other features like the Picture-in-Picture come in handy and make it much easier for the user to control the interface. At a reasonable price that is less than $400, the Samsung U32J590 seems to be the best option for you if you want to experience 4K visuals.

Installation and warranty: In the box of the Samsung U32J590, you will get the Manual, Power Adapter, HDMI Cable and the Stand Hole Cover. Installing the monitor is not difficult; you will only need to place the monitor by fixing the stand, or you can also mount it on the wall with the help of the VESA ports available at the back. Its thin body build and solid construction allow you to set up the monitor very efficiently without any fear of damage. Samsung provides 1-year of warranty which covers any sort of internal damage that the monitor faces.


Concluding the review, the Samsung U32J590 delivers decent picture quality with high screen resolution which is great for watching the latest 4K movies. You can work more comfortably as its widescreen allows you to see most of your media creation projects at once without much scrolling. It produces a wide range of color which delivers you detailed, natural looking, and extremely realistic images. Though it has poor viewing angles and fewer connectivity ports, the price at which it is available, we can expect much. If you are the one who is looking for a wide 32-inch monitor at reasonable prices, then the Samsung U32J590 is excellent value for price product in the market. For more information, explore the internet.

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