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Secretlab Gaming Chair Review: Comfort With Customization


The materials of the gaming chairs are diverse. Unlike most other gaming chairs which don’t actually allow gamers to choose between different materials on the same gaming chair, Secretlab manages to impress with its simple and efficient approach depending on budgets and expectations.

While all gaming chairs are cushioned with premium foam, they come in different covers for a different feel and look. The standard option is PU leather, often seen on the market with many alternative brands. But other options involve a manufacturer-specific textile SoftWeave fabric. It is mainly to be considered for its added breathability level although some gamers might love it for its look. But Secretlab also offers a Napa leather alternative. This premium material is among the options considered for the ultimate type of aesthetics and feel. While it will require a larger budget, the leather represents one of the most distinct options gamers can now consider.

Other materials include aluminum, PU, and industrial aluminum which are used for durability. They are used in different areas of the chair such as the base, casters or recline systems. All chairs form Secretlab come with proper recline function suitable for gaming purposes.

One of the main materials seen on all gaming chairs is the cushioning. Based on cold cure foam, the ergonomic cushioning of the Secretlab gaming chairs is considerably supportive. It allows all gamers to enjoy one of the best levels of comfort regardless of the chair of choice. The foam covers the entire surface of the backrest and the entire surface of the seat pan on all gaming chairs. With such levels of comfort, the chairs are supportive to all areas of the body. Even when the chair is in a reclined position, it still offers one of the best comfort levels gamers can hope for.


But it is not all about the materials when it comes to customization. Secretlab offers a simple color scheme which allows gamers to have a distinct-looking gaming chair. Unlike many other brands which seriously limit how a chair looks by simply offering a single color, Secretlab has different color options in all of its three series. So gamers can choose different colors for different chairs. Pairing the gaming chair with a distinct-looking desk is easier as a result. At the same time, the color options also depend on the materials. Those seeking the largest selection of colors go towards the PU leather and the Napa leather options. The fabrics alternative comes with reduced color options at the moment.


The chairs also offer great ergonomics which can even be customized for better posture. One such example comes with the Throne gaming chair which ships with a lumbar support pillow. Another example includes the Titan gaming chair featuring its built-in lumbar adjustable support. Gamers have the freedom to use these options for better posture at the desk.

Recline functions are added to all three gaming chairs. This adjustability option allows users to lay back and enjoy a moment of relaxation and even continue playing as the backrest comes with a lockable feature on recline.

But the ergonomics of the chair can also be seen in the way it is built. With proper lateral support both in the backrest and on the seat pan, the gaming chairs are made to follow the contour of the body. Even the high adjustability level of the armrests is a clear indication of this profile. Users can benefit from one of the most adjustable armrests designs on the market. With 4-way adjustability, the armrests can be set to a truly supportive and comfortable position. Gamers of different heights and weights can find this particularly appealing. Furthermore, many gamers can also benefit from the increased level durability. 

Weight capacity

Based on class 4 hydraulic pistons, gaming chairs are easy to use for vertical adjustments. They are also supportive. Each gaming chair is made for a different type of users. Depending on their maximum weight capacity, the gaming chairs are among the designs made for different heights. Unlike many universal chairs, Secretlab gaming chairs are actually made for gamers of different heights and weights. This is why gamers should first establish their parameters and then find the chair suitable for their body type.

From a minimum of 60kg to a maximum of 130kg, the weight capacity of the three Secretlab gaming chairs can suit most users. It must be said that regardless of their weight capacity, the chairs share similar functions.

The durability of the gaming chairs is undeniable. Apart from offering some of the best materials on the market, Secretlab also offers a 2-year warranty for all of its gaming chairs. This is also coupled with an impressive 49-day return policy. In this period, gamers can ship the chairs back in case they are not satisfied with the performance.

Secretlab Omega gaming chair review – the options

There are three main gaming chair series at Secretlab. The Throne, the Omega and the Titan are valuable options. But those who do not want a separate gaming chair as they might also do office work from the same location can also consider the two NeueChair alternatives.

  • Secretlab Throne series gaming chair

General specifications

User height range 145-165cm | Weight capacity 100kg | Upholstery Prime PU leather and Softweave fabric

Secretlab Throne


Thorne is the most affordable gaming chair form Secretlab. Even with a low price, it offers an ergonomic design, a choice of materials and customization options with different colors. The ergonomic chair is available in PU leather and textile fabrics which already places it above many other products in its class. 

Posture-fixing measures include a lumbar support pillow and a head velour pillow. They are shipped for free, together with the chair. These pillows can be used to improve posture and to also improve comfort.

Since the chair comes with an affordable price, not many gamers would expect it to come with functions such as recline or 4D armrests. But the chair is truly comfortable as it leans back, adding to the general level of comfort. The adjustable armrests are also seen as one of the more distinct features of Secretlab as this type of adjustability is normally seen only with premium designs from alternative manufacturers.

The gaming chair is also suitable for weights of up to 100kg. It is very comfortable for short gamers and it can support those with heights of up to 180cm, as long as their weight is within the maximum limit. Throne chair is available in black-white, black-red and black-rush purple in its PU leather release as well as in a coal pink fabric color.

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  • Secretlab Omega series gaming chair

General specifications

User height range 160-180cm | Weight capacity 110kg | Upholstery Prime PU leather, Softweave fabric, and Napa leather

Secretlab Omega


The comfortable Omega gaming chair is the mid-range solution from Secretlab for comfort and durability. It already comes with some of the most impressive materials on the market and higher weight capacity than the Throne. It is characterized by the large choice of materials and colors which start with PU leather, SoftWeave fabrics, and distinct Napa leather.

But the chair also offers impressive comfort based on its cold cure foam cushioning.  The foam is known for its impressive capacity and its role in proper cushioning even for heavier users. With a 110kg weight capacity, the chair is among the most durable options in its class. It comes with user height recommendations between 160 and 180cm.

It is also supported by multidirectional armrests. They are mainly suitable for the ultimate level of adjustability. Gamers can adjust the armrests to the left, to the right, to the front, and to the back.

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  • Secretlab Titan series gaming chair

General specifications

User height range 175-200cm | Weight capacity 130kg | Upholstery Prime PU leather, Softweave fabric, and Napa leather

Secretlab Titan


As the premium release from Secretlab, the Titan gaming chair is special. It has the most customization options as well as the highest weight capacity. It is why the gaming chair is often considered by tall or overweight users.  With the capacity to support those with heights of up to 200cm, the gaming chair also has a maximum weight capacity of 130kg.

Any Secretlab gaming chair review needs to talk about ergonomics. But when it comes to ergonomics and proper posture support, the Secrtelab Titan gaming chair also stands out with its practical design. Unlike the other two Secretlab gaming chairs, it has an integrated lumbar support system. Included in the backrest, the adjustable lumbar support is specifically made for those who don’t want to miss out on all the benefits of great posture.

Customization options are also at a high level with the foam-cushioned gaming chair. With good durability, options include PU leather, the specific Secretlab Softweave fabric as well as the distinct Napa leather.

Click here to read a full product review : Secretlab Titan Gaming Chair

  • NeueChair Silver

General specifications

Backrest height 57cm | Weight capacity 110kg| Upholstery 3-layer NeueMesh

NeueChair Silver


Those who want to still enjoy the versatility of an office chair even while gaming can consider the NeueChair Silver. With a distinct polished aluminum look, the chair is among the ergonomic designs perfect for all types of the task at the desk.

Featuring the distinct NeueMesh materials, it can also be an alternative for gamers who need the extra breathability such a backrest can come with. The material might be thin, but it is actually one of the durable mesh options to consider.

With height-adjustable lumbar support, gamers will not have to sacrifice their posture. So the chair is suitable for long hours at the desk which may also alternate with work hours. But the chair also has other distinct features, typically seen in high-end chairs. One of them is the unique armrests adjustability system. Purely made for the ultimate posture, it has very distinct controls.

  • NeueChair Obsidian

General specifications

Backrest height 57cm | Weight capacity 110kg| Upholstery 3-layer NeueMesh

NeueChair Obsidian


The NeueChair is also available in the Obsidian alternative. This industrial-plated aluminum chair impresses with its durability. With a backrest of 57cm and a weight capacity of 110kg, the chair is among the suitable options for the taller users.

It even comes with the distinct armrests NeueChair has to offer which are adjusted by pressing their front controls. Featuring breathable materials, the chair is recommended for those who tend to overheat and who cannot deal with the bulky nature of a gaming chair. Even the added lumbar support is not a bad addition, especially when it comes to users of different heights. Having the ability to choose the preferred height for the lumbar support can make the difference for a long day of sitting at the desk.

Final considerations

Secretlab gaming chair reviews are available for these products. They all have their owns strengths and its worth having a look at the type of gamer they are made for. Not all of them are suitable for all gamers. In fact, Secretlab differentiates users by their height and weight. For this reason, the Throne, the Omega, and the Titan are used by different types of gamers.

But the manufacturer also stands out in the way it allows users to customize their preferred gaming chair. This type of customization is not seen in many other alternative brands. But the good news is these customization options are not just added on paper, they actually make the chair considerably distinctive. A Throne gaming chair with a SoftWeave fabric feels considerably different from a Throne chair with Napa leather. Gamers can find the right custom materials for their needs.

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