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The Best Places To Sell Your Old Computer

The Best Places To Sell Your Old Computer

Have you bought a new computer and no longer need the old one? Selling your old computer can be an excellent way to recover part of the money you have invested in purchasing your new PC. In this article, we talk about the best places you can go to to sell your old computer in the best way and obtain the most money possible.


Before presenting the best sites to sell an old computer, we offer you a list of some things that you should keep in mind:

  • The PC has to work and be in good condition: it seems obvious, but many users come to sell equipment that does not work or is in very bad condition. Nobody wants to buy junk.
  • Research the market price first: as much as you appreciate your old computer, no one will pay you the sentimental value.
  • Get paid on the spot: Many stores ask you to leave your computer with them to check it and to receive the money in a few days. Never trust someone who does not want to pay you simultaneously.
  • Who pays for the shipping? Ensure you won’t have to pay for shipping the equipment, as it can be a big part of the profit.



eBay is a Google Marketplace where we can sell anything used through a direct sales system or an auction. It is a platform used by millions of users around the world, so it seems like a perfect option if we are open to the possibility of international shipping.

You should keep in mind that eBay charges you a small commission for each sale you make as a private user. Another interesting feature of eBay is that it allows you to make payments through PayPal, the safest platform for online purchases and sales.


On the Internet, we can find a multitude of forums specialized in the sale of second-hand hardware, including, of course, desktop computers and laptops.

Hard2mano is the best forum you can go to to sell your old computer if you want to find an honest buyer. The drawback of this platform is that you will need to receive an invitation from a member to gain access.

Sometimes, a registration system such as Rookies is opened for users without invitations. The bad thing about this system is that, according to the forum rules, you must send the product before charging for being a user without sponsorship.

I have done almost 100 deals on hard2mano and never had a problem.



Cash converters are another good option that we can go to when we want to sell our old computer. It allows us to sell our products in a physical store and online. However, in this case, the most interesting option is to go to a physical store to receive the money.

The main drawback is that being a platform that buys products to later resell them, the price they will pay you will be quite low.



CeX is another platform for buying and selling second-hand products, specializing in technology. It is the best alternative to Cash converters. You can go to both establishments to see which offers better conditions.

This ends our article on the best places to sell your second-hand computer. We hope it will be very useful for you.

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