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The Best Websites To Find Recipes For The Xiaomi Air Fryer

The Best Websites To Find Recipes For The Xiaomi Air Fryer

It is the Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L and has become the star air fryer. Although there are many other options on the market, it is clear that the Xiaomi air fryer is one of those preferred by users who have switched to this cooking fashion. This type of appliance produces much less greasy dishes because they only need to be cooked with a tablespoon of oil. In this way, the presence of fats in preparations is reduced by up to 80%.

However, users of the Xiaomi air fryer do not live on chips or croquettes alone. Nothing is further from reality. This one from Xiaomi is a versatile fryer that supports different cooking functions, such as roasting, fermentation, dehydration, or defrosting. There is nothing.

In this way, and throughout these last few months, web pages offer recipes and culinary proposals to make in the Xiaomi air fryer. If you also have it at home but have run out of ideas, look at the best websites out there to find interesting recipes. And to cook!

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Here, you can find a list of the main dishes you can make with the Xiaomi air fryer. You can also find tips and tricks to make your fryer perform to the maximum and achieve great results. You will prepare innovative or traditional dishes with 85% less fat. And this your body will appreciate.


This is a classic website of recipes and cooking tricks where you can find many recipes to make in your Xiaomi air fryer. Although they do not directly specify what type of fryer it is for, the preparations are easily adaptable to the Mi Smart Air Fryer. These are, for example, the six best recipes you can try.


This other cooking recipe website is perfect for finding great ideas for your Xiaomi air fryer. You will see instructions for making paninis, lasagna, croissants, battered hake, marinated dogfish, and even chickpeas with chocolate. There is no shortage of crazy ideas, as you can see, to test the most demanding palates. Try them and tell us how it is.


Look at this because if you want to cook, this will fill you up. Here is a repository of 1,687 tasty recipes to make in your Xiaomi air fryer. You have exquisite preparations like a delicious sheep cheesecake, white chocolate croissants, homemade meatballs in Spanish sauce, breaded prawns, French toast, and even belligerent fit.


One of the biggest problems fathers and mothers find when feeding their children is the lack of variety. Boring and monotonous menus cause children to reject much of the foodPequeRecetas is an inspiring website for families, where you will also find hundreds and hundreds of recipes to make in your Xiaomi fryer. All are adapted for the smallest of the house.



This specialist website only publishes cooking recipes to make in air fryers. You can try them and adapt the times to your Xiaomi air fryer. You have various proposals, including first courses, second courses, desserts, appetizers, and snacks.


Just because you have an air fryer like the Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer does not mean you will eat healthy by definition. His thing would be that you do not get fed up with French fries, croquettes, and pastries, no matter how much they are cooked without oil, because if they are deep-frozen, they are still super-processed and, therefore, very unhealthy. At Sabor Gourmet, you can find a selection of low-calorie recipes, such as tempura zucchini, marinated salmon, Brussels sprouts, or Asian broccoli. They are perfect as accompaniments or first courses.


The Comidista always brings good ideas for everything. He has also jumped on the air fryer bandwagon to tell us its many advantages and offer us an interesting list of recipes suitable for the Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer. As you will see, this is not only about chips and croquettes. Here, you can also learn how to cook zucchini and egg balls, tenderloin rolls, zucchini fingers, and marinated chicken wings. All delicious.


Let’s see a collection of fitness recipes you can easily make in your Xiaomi fryer. Through this page, you will access different selections of healthy and delicious preparations, among which we find Russian steaks, asparagus, potato omelets, and even churros. It’s all delicious but with the advantage of eating without fat.


Cocinatis is another very interesting cooking website where you can find various recipes. Also, to make in an air fryer. It is not specified that they are recipes for the Xiaomi team, but we can tell you again that all the preparations are perfectly adaptable. You will see that there are dumplings with different types of fillings (sweet and salty), a wide variety of appetizers (zucchini, eggplant, or crunchy avocado), desserts (cakes, cakes), and the most succulent dishes, such as crispy chicken, all kinds of fish, mushrooms and roast potatoes.


You must take into account the indicated times and temperatures, but also…

  • Check from time to time how the cooking progresses: it is possible that as they are general recipes, they fall short or go over time. They will tell you exactly the state of the food.
  • Do not fill the basket of your Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer: When we go too far with the quantities, the food that remains in the center usually comes out raw or undercooked. Be careful with that.
  • Stir the ingredients from time to time so that they cook evenly. You can use a wooden spoon or stir the basket so that the food is redistributed again.
  • Use a spray of EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil): The fryers are prepared to cook without a drop of oil, but if you spray the food with a little EVOO, nothing will happen. It will give them the touch they need, and everything will be richer without being bathed in excess oil.
  • Write down the times and temperatures for future occasions: You will have the exact guidelines to repeat the recipe in your Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer.

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