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The Most Absurd Whatsapp Group Names To Have A Laugh

The Most Absurd Whatsapp Group Names To Have A Laugh

Choosing the perfect WhatsApp group name is not an easy task. And more if you want an original and crazy name that will not leave anyone indifferent. If your neurons no longer give you enough thinking, at Tuexperto, we are very ingenious and here to help you. We leave you the most absurd WhatsApp group names that you can use to surprise all the members and have a good laugh.


If you have come here looking for unique name ideas, let us tell you that you will find them because… You are in the right place!

We have created this list that includes the most absurd WhatsApp group names you can imagine and other funny and ingenious names for family chats, friends, roommates, work, class, soccer, the gym, a community of neighbors, and much more. Because in the end what it is about is that you have a good time!

  1. Where two fit, fit the “number of members of the group.”
  2. We were few, and the grandmother gave birth
  3. There are not two without 3
  4. You have been removed from the group
  5. The Chamber of Secrets
  6. Brothers from another mother
  7. God creates them…
  8. Let’s do how we work
  9. Always say, never tell
  10. Club 69
  11. Trick or Treating
  12. Champions League
  13. couple them
  14. I just passed by
  15. This is not what it seems
  16. Alcoholics (not) anonymous
  17. The streetlight huggers
  18. Here nonsense, the fair ones
  19. I don’t know these people
  20. The backyard band
  21. Desperate but not so desperate
  22. The Super Chicks
  23. The antisocial
  24. The Fellowship of the Ring
  25. The Teletubbies
  26. The Anchovy face
  27. Pim Pam Takes Snacks!
  28. Members and members
  29. “number of members of the group” dumb and dumb
  30. There is a friend in me
  31. What happens in this group stays in this group
  32. Together but not mixed
  33. gossip girls
  34. women secret
  35. The boss is coming!
  36. Writing… Writing… Writing…
  37. the more, the better
  38. Alone, single, and whole
  39. The last one, and we leave
  40. Those of us who studied the day before
  41. Here no one speaks ill of anyone
  42. The ones from NASA
  43. Bernarda’s pussy
  44. From lost to the river / From lost to the river
  45. Benito Camelas
  46. game boys
  47. the golden girls
  48. Those in the last row / Those in the front row
  49. Mondays in the sun
  50. disappointment 21
  51. yard radius
  52. Get fit or die trying
  53. punished without dessert
  54. Error 404. The group name does not exist
  55. The Rolling Phones
  56. the mistakes of our fathers
  57. Here, here no one lives
  58. The mouth flip flops
  59. Monday, I start the diet
  60. The suckers

All these names are also ideal for use in groups of other instant messaging applications such as Telegram, among others, or in groups on Facebook or other social networks.


And if you already have a WhatsApp name and want to change it to one of these, do the following:

  1. Enter the WhatsApp application and search for the group you want to change the name of.
  2. Open the group in question and click on its name. From there, you can modify it.
  3. Now write the name you want.
  4. When you’re done, click save, and you’re done.

Remember that in addition to words and numbers, you can add emojis to the name to make it more attractive and even change the time of the letter. We recommend that you do it! These are just some of the most absurd WhatsApp group names. Surprise your loved ones using one of these… have a great time! 

What other crazy, ridiculous, meaningless group names can you think of for WhatsApp? Tell us! Share the name in the comments so other Community users can use it.

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