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Tiktok Doesn’t Work, The App Crashes In Spain

Tiktok Doesn't Work, The App Crashes In Spain

It’s not you. TikTok has stopped working in Spain and part of Europe in what appears to be a general outage that affects most of the countries where the social network operates. In just a few minutes, tens of thousands of users have reported numerous problems related to the application, both on Twitter and in some specialized forums: TikTok does not work, followers have disappeared or are showing zero, videos do not load, it does not allow posting videos …


The most popular social network of the moment has suffered a fall, affecting most services worldwide. As we saw a few months ago, the content displayed in the application is no longer public, not to mention the problems related to the publication of videos and the interaction with certain social network functions, such as comments or ‘Likes.’.’

Regarding the origin of the problem, the company has not ruled on it yet, but everything indicates that it is a server crash in different parts of the globe. A possible computer attack on the company’s centers in Europe and the United States is not ruled out.



Regarding the restoration of the service, most likely, the application will recover its natural state in the next few hours. The service recovery could be effective in Spain during the early morning hours, considering that TikTok’s headquarters are in the United States. And it is that when writing these lines, the truth is that TikTok does not work. We will update the article with all the information in this regard as soon as it is available through official channels.


The app is still down, and TikTok has yet to comment on the app’s issues.


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