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What Is Tortillaland 2 By Auronplay And How To Follow It

What Is Tortillaland 2 By Auronplay And How To Follow It

The expectation only grows, and more and more Twitch users are writing on networks about what is expected to be one of the year’s events. Auron returned from his vacation with renewed energy and is about to start a new Minecraft series with which he hopes to achieve at least the same success as in 2021. Those outside of the Twitch world are still wondering what AuronPlay’s TortillaLand 2 is and how to follow it, but if it continues its progression, it will soon become an Internet classic.

Before going into the details of TortillaLand, it is convenient to contextualize the phenomenon that these events have recently brought about on Twitch. It is increasingly common to see great streamers joining forces in series in which they interact with each other. Whether Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, or Fall Guys, the synergies that form when these creators come together are evident, and everyone often benefits.

The vast majority of Twitch users are young people, and the popularity of Minecraft both on this platform and on YouTube is evidence that the vast majority want to exploit it to the fullest. With this objective, several ad hoc servers have been created where the great Twitch stars are seen playing almost daily: Karmaland, EliteCraft, TortillaLand, etc.

On these servers, participants must evolve in a Minecraft world that they share with the rest of the streamers while carrying out missions, participating in events, or unlocking new game features over time. Viewers multiply with each broadcast, meaning smaller streamers can also make themselves known by interacting with the larger ones, which benefits everyone (and Twitch, above all).

As with any audiovisual product, reinventing yourself is the key. While Karmaland, the series driven by veterans Vegetta777 and Willyrex, is already showing signs of exhaustion and GTA roleplays no longer attract as many eyesAuronPlay hit it big last year with TortillaLandtaking home the Esland award for Best Series.


The second season of the TortillaLand series will begin on August 14. The developers of this Minecraft server, like the streamers that will participate, are already warming up for an event that will last until after Christmas, according to AuronPlay. TortillaLand 2 can be followed on Twitch or YouTube broadcasts carried out by the participating creators and in the videos that the vast majority usually re-upload to YouTube for their followers on the Google platform.

The guest list for the server has big names from Spain and Latin America, such as JuanSGuarnizo or Spreen, which will cause the audiences of Twitch and YouTube to skyrocket after the traditional summer decline. Among the great absences from the second season of TortillaLand are TheGrefg, Nia, and Mister Jägger, who put their personal touch last year.


The participants in TortillaLand 2 have been getting to know each other recently through the Twitch streams of those involved and the Twitter profile of the series. AuronPlay, as an organizer of the event, has been in charge of inviting all the streamers, whose number amounts to 36 participants: Spreen, ElMariana, Karchez, Axozer, DjMaRiiO, Biyin, AriGameplays, Carrera, Carola, Pol, Auron, JuanSGuarnizo, Mayichi, Aroyitt, Focus, Ibai, Reborn, Tanizen, BarbeQ, BarcaGamer, 8cho, Cristinini, Pato, DaniRep, Perxitaa, Violeta, Magnetado, Desst3, Komanche, Zorman, Ampeter, Jacky, Genesis, Jabu, DeqiuV and Betra.

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