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Wobble Stool Review: A New Style for Better Posture

Wobble Stool Review

The Wobble Stool is a modern choice for fans of active sitting. Designed entirely by Uncaged Ergonomics, the stool is mainly used to get more active and burn calories while working at a desk. But it also comes with other claims such as better posture and even increased productivity due to its active nature. So are these claims actually based on real results?

Wobble Stool Review – features summary

  • Swivels in all directions
  • Made with height adjustability between 23 and 33”
  • Designed with a seat diameter of 13”
  • Holds weights of up to 250lbs
  • Made with a weight of 20lbs
  • Can be used with height-adjustable desk
  • Versatile for musicians
  • Can be used in meeting rooms
  • Promotes active seating
  • Made with a patented balanced base
  • Includes an anti-slip non-marking base

The good

Any wobble stool review needs to include a short characteristics overview. But the good news is that the Wobble stool is actually minimalistic and all of its features are used at the same time. For example, its large 13” seat is seen among the comfortable options in its class. Unfortunately, there are only three colors users can choose from for the seat itself. Black, blue and red are the colors which can be chosen to suit various spaces.

Most importantly, the seat comes with a solid base. This based has a patented design. It works to support the user in various angles. Apart from the fact that it allows users to actually swivel and wobble in all directions, the base also promotes easier standing and sitting compared to a traditional office chair. But its benefits are even more considerable when it comes to posture and long hours of sitting.

Many users expect their posture to be negatively influenced by the Wobble Stool, which is far from the truth. In fact, the stool is actually used completely different from a regular chair. If on a regular chair users have to put their back against the backrest and sit further away from the seat pans’ edge, the Wobble Stool has a different approach. Users sit more towards the edge and the spin is forced to sit in an upright position. This promotes proper posture as well as comfort, especially in the legs which can see reduced circulation from the seat pan’s edge on traditional office chairs.

Wobble Stool Review - The good

But the design of the Wobble Stool also means users have the capacity to find their core activated much more than with traditional sitting options. Of course, actual science doesn’t show wobble stools to be better than office chairs, but many users believe they can burn more calories and activate posture muscles while sitting on the Wobble Stool.

This Wobble Stool review understands that its design is not as limited as many would expect. Of course, it is marketed towards the office worker facing a desk and a screen for the entire duration of the day. But the versatility of the stool is what makes it a possible option in different scenarios. It can be placed in the garage where it can lift users up to the bar’s height as it comes with height adjustability between 23” and 33”. At the same time, it can favor those playing music in the garage or even the basement. For example, it can serve the guitar, piano players or flute players. But the main advantage of the Wobble Stool actually comes with its combined height-adjustability characteristic apart from the actual swivel. It is what can make it one of the options for those using standing desks.

As the Wobble Stool tilts under the control of the user and not as a result of an accident, it can actually be used to keep wobbling at the desk from time to time. In theory, this should improve circulation and burn calories. But its simple nature also means the stool is easy to get out of. Users can combine sitting and standing, especially if working on a standing desk. At the same time, it can be one of the stools used on commercial premises, such as at the cashier where workers can alternate sitting and standing for better posture through the day and proper posture on the long-term.

The bad

There are not too many drawbacks to consider with the Wobble Stool. But all user reviews actually mention that it comes with a learning curve. Unlike many other sitting solutions, the stool needs a period of adjustment from the user. It might not come as the immediate response many users can hope for. If the user has been diagnosed with back issues, a stool can be a solution for better posture. But the Wobble Stool will not fix those back issues. It can be a design to consider especially in the prevention of back issues which start with bad posture. Furthermore, it is also important to consider that the posture also takes some training to achieve.

There is no backrest to lean against and there are no armrests to rest the arms. It is why the learning curve of the stool varies from a few days to a few weeks. Some users might even be afraid not to wobble too much and fall off the stool. But this would be difficult to see as its base is very solid. In fact, the stool’s base allows it to be used on carpets or slippery surfaces such as wooden floors or tiles without leaving any marks.

Bottom line

Wobble Stool Bottom line

Made with an interesting design, the Wobble Stool can be a top choice for those who want to take short breaks from standing. At the same time, it might just be one of the most interesting options for those who want to be more active at their desks. With tool-less assembly, the stool is not complicated to set up. Even if it ships in a box, all users can still put it together with no additional help. At 20lbs, the stool can easily be moved from one place to another as needed.


At $109.99, the Wobble Stool is slightly more expensive than the average alternative such as the Amazon Basics Adjustable Tilt Stool. At the same time, it offers a bit more reliability than its competition which means the price is justified.

With 3in cushion thickness, the stool is also more comfortable than most affordable alternatives. Its counter-balance design also means the stool is more stable than most other designs. Its pricing places the stool among the quality options to be considered for years to come. Users can even see it as an up to date stool which will not need an update anytime soon.

Design, features, and benefits

Wobble Stool Design

The stool might not be as high as its Learniture Active Learning alternative, but it still comes with easy adjustability. Criteria often looked at for those looking at these designs include assembly. It is why users can create their own workspace standing and sitting solution with no tools in minutes.

But the stool’s seat also comes with an improved design. Its dimpled design now allows it to offer better breathability. Even when users are not considering it to sit for hours and hours, it still offers plenty of ventilation to avoid overheating. Based on premium molded foam, the seat actually waterfalls towards the edges. With no sharp edges, it promotes good blood flow in the lower body, which can be said about all office sitting solutions.

When it comes to putting all of these features into practice, the stool is among the remarkable options for those who need a bit more practicality. Turning from side to side is easier than on a regular office chair. Sitting up is also easier. But even activating core muscle for better posture is easier. A comprehensive list of benefits can include the following.

Cushioned foam comfort on the seat

  • Added seat breathability
  • Height-adjustability to suit all users
  • Versatility for office work and other uses
  • Improved posture after a short period of time
  • Better blood flow based on the waterfall seat design
  • Improved physical activity by promoting sitting
  • 1-minute assembly before first use

All of these results are those which actually make the Wobble Stool a recommended design before its alternatives. It even goes to show that minimalistic designs can be considered for improved posture. But are the health claims some users make as reliable as new users expect? In reality, improving health takes more than just changing a work seat. But the good news is proper posture can be based on the Wobble Stool.

Even its comfort level is not too bad considering there is no backrest and no armrests. But maybe the most important health aspect comes with the extra calories consumed simply by standing and sitting multiple times per day, which is so easy based on the stool’s design. At the end of the week, these calories can add up and they can play their smart role in the overall health improvement plan.

Final considerations

The Wobble Stool is unlike any other stool in its price range. Based on a stable platform with plenty of comforts, it allows users to move freely and to alternate sitting and standing. For most users, it is a drastic change which immediately improves the strength of the core and posture muscles. The result can be better posture, especially after a few uses.

An additional benefit to using the Wobble Stool in combination with a standing desk is the extra calories consumed with its active profile. Users simply burn more calories through the day which means they can fight weight problems even before reaching the gym. For its versatile profile, the stool also deserves a high mark. Not everything begins and ends at the desk and this is why the stool can be used around the house, at the bar or even when playing music. Its versatile profile recommends the stool in these conditions where many would argue that it’s not stable enough. In reality, it is very stable but at the same time very different from traditional chairs or stools.

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