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10 Alternatives To Divxtotal To Download Torrents


Torrent downloads are becoming tedious for fans of movies and series who want to download episodes for free. The constant closures and excessive advertising of the reference pages force us to be aware of any other option, and these are ten alternatives to DivxTotal to download torrents in 2023 that can be used relatively simply.


Before the umpteenth closure of a new domain of The Pirate Bay, a web page that resists the passage of time and the efforts of the authorities to close it was RARBG. On this page, you can find all kinds of multimedia files, from movies and series to computer programs or music, as much as this last category is strange having Spotify or YouTube already available. RARBG’s search engine works efficiently, and the results of each search can be sorted by the number of ‘seeders’ or users who share the file to choose those that guarantee a fast download.



Another website that has had to constantly reinvent itself and change domains to avoid final closure is KickassTorrents. You can also find all kinds of content, although it is not as ordered by categories as in RARBG. Of course, you must be extremely careful, since to avoid advertising, it is preferable to click on the ‘magnet link’ icon (the one that appears represented with a magnet) instead of ‘Download Torrent,’ which usually leads to ads.


Although the main domain of LimeTorrents, as seen on the web, is ‘.cc,’ the truth is that it already has a series of alternatives in case of sudden closure. At the time of writing, the LimeTorrents.cc domain and the LimeTorrents.lol domain was active. It allowed downloading movies, apps, music, and files through torrent programs.


At TorrentGalaxy, also known simply as TG, there is not only an extensive catalog of .torrent files ready for download, but they also include additional information that can help a lot when assessing whether or not it is worth opening them. In addition to the number of ‘seeders’ that each film or video has, something essential to know if the download will be fast or cost more than necessary, warnings also appear if any element such as watermarks appears in the video that could hinder the quality of the video. Same.



Torrends is a search engine of search engines that crawls the main currently active torrent search pages to offer the best possible result to its users. With a clean and simple aesthetic, for it to work correctly, you have to use a little trick. Clicking directly on the search result you want to see will likely result in your connection being refused, but if you right-click and open the link in a new tab, you’ll get to the website where the torrent is (usually RARBG).


One of the alternatives to DivxTotal and any torrent page is Mejor Torrent, which has the particularity that it provides a lot of content in Spanish, something that the rest can leave aside to focus on the news from Hollywood. This website has its own Telegram channel that informs about which domain is in force and any mishap it may suffer in the form of an unexpected fall. Its design, although very 2000s, is functional and intuitive.


If it is difficult to find movies and series from Spain, those released in Mexico and Latin America can be even more inaccessible. To minimize this difficulty, there is Torrentlandia, a website with a clean design in which the only concern that must be taken into account is that, when accessing a movie, the .torrent link is at the bottom since the player is not more than the embedded IMDb trailer. Once that little trap has been circumvented, downloading is easy since BitTorrent or µTorrent will open directly.



1337x is another classic torrent download page that you should watch. Right now, its domain is ‘.to,’ but its creators also already have new domains ready to jump to the front line in case of closure. When downloading content from it, it is preferable to always do it from a ‘magnet link’ (magnet icon) to avoid finding advertising and mirror pages replicating the original when trying the direct download.


Torrent search engines are found through the browser and on TelegramThe Movies Torrents 1080p channel usually provides more than one torrent movie daily to download directly through a ‘magnet’ link. The only problem is that they are usually original versions without subtitles, although those fluent in English will not find any problem.


Torrentz2 is also active, although it is a minefield to avoid. You can access some of the latest movie releases on this page, but if you use it, you better have your antivirus active and up-to-date and an ad blocker (and even then, new tabs open). Of all the resources to find out-of-print or difficult-to-access movies in Spain, Torrentz2 is probably the least reliable.

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