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10 Alternatives To Games Torrent Or Gamestorrents To Download Torrent Games And Others

10 Alternatives To Games Torrent Or Gamestorrents To Download Torrent Games And Others

Games Torrent or GamesTorrents is a torrent file download page that focuses on a specific type of torrent: games. On this page, you can find video games of all kinds, from recent titles to great classics, and through various platforms: PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox, Android, or Wii. Of course, remember that much of this content is protected by copyright, so it is a page that is a strong candidate for legal problems. So it is likely that at some point, you will find that Games Torrent or GamesTorrents is down or does not work, in addition to changing domains regularly.

In this article, we offer you ten alternatives to Games Torrent that are functional at the time we write this post, both to download game torrent files and to be able to download other types of torrent movies, series, documentaries, or music. Let’s go there.

From tuexperto.com, we do not recommend that you download any of these files if it is protected and that you bet on 100% legal platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney +. By the way, fully functional at the time we launched the article and compatible with programs like BitTorrent. In addition, it may be the case that one of the torrents you download has a virus, so be extremely careful if you will use this route.




This is an alternative to Games Torrent if you are looking for a torrent of movies and series (man lives not only from games). It has a very attractive design, and with each movie or title, you have a tab with information about the quality of the file or files you are going to download. The worst thing about this page is that it downloads a torrent. You will have to go through a tedious process in which you are asked to click on a Google result and stay on that website for a few seconds.



Elitetorrent is another torrent download page that focuses on movies and series. It has an attractive cover, also with a file that indicates both the quality of the title and the size of the download (which also gives you an idea of ​​the quality) and the language in which you will find it. The options vary between Spanish, Latin, Spanish, and English with subtitles. In addition, it hardly has advertising, a very important plus for this type of page.



And here we come to the first alternative page to GamesTorrents that includes a good handful of games. Specifically, more than 4,000 titles make it one of the most powerful options rivaling the video game portal. In addition, like the previous site, you will hardly find any advertising, and at the moment, there are no ways to get to the torrent you are looking for.



This is one of the most popular torrent sites in recent years. And that shows in his continued problems with the law, which causes him to change domains occasionally, or this page crashes. We have had to update the current domain between writing the last article and this one. The option we bring you here is incomplete, and one of the missing categories is that of games. But it is still a fairly complete option with very little advertising, making it easy to get to the final file.



An alternative that has quite a following, especially in its Latin side. It is a website that focuses on movies and has many first-run titles, some of which are 4K quality. As for advertising, yes, you will find many occasions in which advertising pages appear that can worsen the experience. Arm yourself with patience if you like this website.



Pelispanda is one of those pages I discussed in the previous section. With a very nice visual design, it spoils the experience with the continuous bombardment of advertising pages. It is focused on movie and series torrents, but among your options, it is not one of the most recommended. Of course, we have verified that it is possible to reach the files after taking a few detours.



This is a good alternative to Games Torrent… Of course, only if you are looking for movie torrents since it is exclusively focused on this type of content. Movies DVDR combines a very visual and modern interface with easy access to the files and very little advertising, which results in a very good user experience.



Another website focused on movie torrents. Yes, you are not going to fall in love with his appearance. But it’s functional, and best of all, for the moment, it doesn’t have advertising pages that pop up at the least opportune moment. What I like the most is that you can divide the movies by year and thus download the titles that most appeal to you (or recall that movie you were passionate about on a certain date).



This page is another of the great ones, with a large database that includes more than 4,000 game torrent titles, so together with TodoTorrents, it is the best alternative to GamesTorrents you will find today.



We end the review with this page, which has become very popular recently. It is focused on torrents of movies that you can find in good quality and are available in the original language of each title. By the way, they make it easy for you to search for subtitles from the same website, which makes the process much easier. Some advertising pages jump when you click on the movies, but they are not an exaggeration.

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