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10 Alternatives To Divxtotal If It Doesn’t Work To Download Torrents

10 Alternatives To Divxtotal If It Doesn't Work To Download Torrents

A handful of torrent sites have survived the passing of the years. One of them is DivXTotal, a website that, from the beginning, has specialized mainly in torrenting movies. Here you can find a fairly wide selection of new releases, older films, and even indie films. In addition, it also has a category focused on series and another on programs, along with a jumble of others where you can find all kinds of content to download. But what if DivXTotal doesn’t work?

And it is that being one of the most popular torrent downloads pages is also one of the most sought after by the authorities to persecute copyrighted content. Make no mistake. It is the vast majority of the site. So it is common for DivXTotal domains to change periodically and mirror websites even appear that seek to trick us into clicking on the links and end up installing malware on our computer. If you find yourself here because DivXTotal doesn’t work or because you prefer to try other options, in this article, we bring you ten alternatives to this website that are working at the time of writing the article. As always, from tuexperto.com, we do not recommend downloading any copyrighted content, so be careful and act at your own risk if you decide to download a torrent.




Elitetorrent is one of those torrent download sites that has made a name for itself over the years. It is focused on movies and has the advantage that you won’t get many advertising pages whenever you want to access the torrent. It has a pretty visual interface. What I like the most is that in the movie card itself, you will see at a glance the language or languages ​​in which the torrent is, and its quality.



This is another page to download torrents that have had quite a run. It also focuses on movies, and one of its best things is the ability to search for movies by file quality (up to 4K movies). Of course, be prepared to get to the torrent. You must open advertising pages and click on Google searches to download the file.



Like the Don Torrent page we see just below, Todo Torrents is a mirror website with practically the same content as its older sister. It has categories such as movies, series, music, or games. And with the advantage that they won’t bombard us with advertising pages like other alternatives to DivXTotal, it’s a great option if you’re looking for versatility and ease of use.



This page is one of the big ones, with a very large database and many different types of torrents. Its forte is usually torrenting movies and series, but we can also find documentaries, music, games, or computer programs. Being one of the popular ones, the problems with justice have been constant, and it is common for them to change their domain occasionally. As soon as you enter, you will be offered to join the official Telegram channel to discover the new domain.



If games are your thing, at Games Torrents, you will find a portal specializing in games of all kinds, from PC to consoles. It is a page that starts with a search engine to find the game you are looking for and then allows you to get to the torrent download quite easily (without advertising pages that open and destroy the experience). And you can also find some other discontinued gems from the past that you grew up with.



A very nice name for a torrent page with a simple visual design focused on downloading movie torrents. Of course, be careful because to download a torrent, you will have to go through a rather heavy process that we have already seen in other alternatives, which consists of having to click on a Google search result of a website and stay on the page for a few seconds for the link to appear. It is heavy, but in the end, we have verified that the link to the torrent appears.



Right now, this might be my favorite DivXTotal alternative. It has a very attractive interface. It is pleasant and intuitive to use. And best of all, it combines it with very easy access to downloadable files without extra pages of advertising that pop up at the least expected moment and spoil your experience. Let’s see how long it takes to suffer problems with the authorities. I give a ten for this page.



This website has a simpler and even more ugly interface than the ones we have seen. Yes, you are not going to fall in love with his appearance. But it’s functional, and best of all, for the moment, it doesn’t have advertising pages that pop up at the least opportune moment. It focuses on movie torrents, and perhaps what I like the most is that you can divide the movies by year and thus download the titles that most appeal to you (or remember that movie that you were passionate about on a certain date in your life).



An alternative that has quite a following, especially in its Latin side. It is a website that focuses on movies and has many first-run titles, some of which are 4K quality. As for advertising, yes, you will find many occasions where advertising pages appear that can worsen the experience.

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