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10 Alternatives To Todotorrent To Download Torrents

10 Alternatives To Todotorrent To Download Torrents

Many users still resort to P2P file sharing to get hold of series, films, or documentaries that are difficult to access in our country. However, the pages that offer the service can cease their activity from one day to the next. The volatility of torrent file download pages means that users who resort to them must always have a plan b in mind if they stop working. This article offers ten alternatives to TodoTorrent to download torrents in 2023.


With the file. Don Torrent is a page similar to TodoTorrent’s design. Still, the main difference is that at the time of writing this article downloading torrent files is much easier, without the need to take long detours full of advertising to be able to do so. With more than 21,000 movies and 4,000 games in its catalog, it is one of the torrent pages that offers the best results today.



Internationally, 1337x is one of the most classic websites that users of programs such as BitTorrent have traditionally resorted to. Its frequent domain changes have sometimes made it very difficult to access, but the ‘.to’ domain can now be accessed without difficulty. Its intuitive design also stands out as a place to download ‘anime,’ a genre whose series and movies often do not reach Spain.


TodoTorrent is one of the most searched pages from Spain, but in this country, there are also reliable alternatives to download torrents, such as Mejor Torrent. The specialization of this portal is based almost exclusively on films and series, also having more than 1,500 documentaries available in its catalog. Still, ultimately it is one of the safest websites to get hold of this type of file without fearing an avalanche of publicity.


The classic torrent download pages, such as The Pirate Bay, have passed away after being flagged by the authorities in Spain, but other pages have been offering this type of file for years. RARBG is a fairly reliable alternative to downloading torrents, and it’s relatively easy to find content on it thanks to its intuitive layout and the ability to filter results by the number of users who have also downloaded it (which helps you download the file in less time).



Telegram has become another way with which we can find alternatives to TodoTorrent. Torrents Bot is a robot with which you can search for any type of torrent, and it will offer you the best files available by scanning the web in a matter of seconds. To use the torrents offered by this Bot in BitTorrent or µTorrent, you have to copy all the text that appears after ‘Magnet:’ and paste it into the download client so that the download starts and the file is generated on your PC.


TodoTorrent is a website that thousands of users use to download multimedia files in Spanish, which not all torrent search pages offer. Torrentlandia is one of them, offering an interesting catalog of films and series released in Mexico and the rest of Latin America that usually do not reach Spain due to a lack of distributors. This page is also a good option to download torrents in 2023.


The KickassTorrents homepage stopped working long ago, but that doesn’t mean new domains haven’t sprung up, constantly reviving it. With the ‘.to’ domain, you can access this torrent search and download page, where you can find not only movies and series but also music, applications, and games. Of course, to work correctly and avoid advertising, you must click the icon with a magnet to use the ‘magnet link,’ BitTorrent will open directly on your PC without downloading the file to your desktop beforehand.



Another classic of torrent downloads that has had to reinvent itself with new domains is LimeTorrents, which is still active in the ‘.lol’ domain. This page has much more content besides the most recent movies and series, and its design is quite similar to the KickassTorrents above. To use it, it is very convenient to have an antivirus installed and updated on your computer, although it is quite easy to download torrents without complications.


In order not to get complicated and to see which torrent page is better at each moment, many users turn to Torrends. This torrent search engine offers you the links of the files you are looking for without consulting page by page, which can save us a lot of time. The results they offer are from websites still in operation today, such as RARBG or 1337x, although it also shows more specific results in searches such as books or sporting events.


The last alternative to TodoTorrent to be able to download torrent files on your computer is YTS, although in this case, its catalog is reduced to movies. The main advantage is that it allows you to download files in various qualities, thus adapting to the needs of each user. To use it without complications, you must integrate an ad blocker into the browser and the antivirus.

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