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Acer G257HU SMIDPX Review: A Decent Purchase for Beginners

With the rising gaming trends, the focus of today’s gamers is more on advanced technology. Even, the market is ready to welcome them with best class gaming monitors so that their gaming experience is much better and more responsive. The gamers need to buy the monitor that comes with complete specs, fair pricing, and all must-needed features. As lots of brands are out there and each of them claiming that they have the best monitors, picking the best gaming monitor becomes difficult for the buyers. However, you can check out the detailed review of various monitors done by the experts. Here is where Acer G257HU comes into play.

The gaming monitors of current time differ greatly from the previous models. Nowadays, monitors are designed to deliver the highest frame rates to gamers. Either there is a need for a laptop, smartphone, or monitor, Acer products always remain at the top of the priority list of the buyers. Finally, the release of the Acer G257HU gaming monitor has also proved this.

It has outstanding visuals, style, and enhanced performance which together offer great value for the money. The gaming and viewing experience has been greatly evaluated through this full HD resolution. Moreover, there is much more to see in this like enhanced graphics and high picture quality that makes it the best module for the beginners.

Also, the Acer G257HU SMIDPX delivers decent image quality for popular applications. The outstanding performance of this monitor adds a pleasurable viewing experience. Overall, this monitor display looks unique and comes at affordable prices in the market. With all the amazing features and pricing, Acer G257HU is highly recommended budget-friendly monitor nowadays.

acer g257hu introduction


  • Incredible design
  • Full HD IPS display panel with 2560 x 1440p resolution
  • Enhanced Performance
  • High Response Time


  • Missing USB ports
  • Flimsy Stand

For more details and price, click here.

Bottom Line

Acer G257HU SMIDPX is available at reasonable prices. Rich colors, high-performance, and its high audio output quality are a few things you can’t find in other gaming monitors available in this price range. Although the lack of USB connectivity is the main drawback, still it is preferred by gamers. The whole technology is invented to deliver maximized and enjoying the gaming experience. One thing that must be appreciated in this monitor display is that there are no issues of lagging or picture stuttering. You can see this as a big plus point which really doesn’t keep you doubtfully, and you can spend tons of money on this monitor without any second thought.

acer g257hu Bottom Line

A detailed Review of Acer G257HU SMIDPX Gaming Monitor


As most of the gaming monitors are usually pricey, but Acer G257HU is the one you can buy at a budget-friendly rate. That is why it is becoming a perfect choice for both office goers and home users. The affordable price of this stunning 25 inch display is under $300. Its price also makes it ideal for multi-display setups whereas this feature does not found in the higher-priced monitors. Overall, this model is better than the previous models in terms of quality, performance, and price as well. 


Acer G257HU has 25 inch IPS display panel with 2560 x 1440p resolution that offers 60Hz refresh rate, and 4ms response time. Moreover, there is a flicker-free backlight that is 350cd/m2 max out and 1000:1 contrast ratio. With impressive color, clean Acer logo, and OSD buttons underneath, this display looks more natural. As this model does not come with mount accessories, you can use a separate black plate and few mounting accessories to mount it on a wall or desktop.

acer g257hu Design

The monitor screen looks stylish, but its stand is a bit flimsy. With this, you will also get the built-in speakers that do not produce much better sound quality. If you want to achieve high sound, it is good to connect separate speakers. Its ultra slim bezel screen provides you with incredible viewing. You can tilt the screen up to 15 degrees. You might face a lack of adjustability with this model, but still, there is a lot of good things you can experience like warranties, replacements, and refunds. For better gaming experience, Acer G257HU is equipped with maximized screen space for gamers. If you are a serious gamer or you want a multi-display set-up, then this monitor is the best option for you.


Connectivity ports are a major part of a gaming monitor and hence they need to be reviewed in this review. Unlike other monitors such as Dell Professional P2717H, Acer G257HU offers decent connectivity options. There are in-built DVI, DisplayPort, and HDMI ports. Even, if you are admiring to work on multiple displays, then the DisplayPort is beneficial. This monitor display would be even better if it consists of USB ports as this helps in increasing productivity among the gamers. Well, not a big issue! A user can still use a separate adapter for other peripherals and multimedia gadgets to connect with them with the monitor.


This Acer monitor resolution allows it to handle multitasking effectively. It offers immersive gaming and multimedia experience. Not only this monitor is decent for watching videos and movies, but also best for creating media. Due to in-built good viewing angles and reflection handling, a user can easily share a video with multiple people. Thanks to the 1440p resolution that makes it useful for multi-tasking.

acer g257hu Multimedia

This decent 1440p IPS monitor is a better choice as this is Gaming monitor under $300. If you want to enhance your gaming experience, then this monitor is for you. No matter what games you play on this monitor, it will never let you down. It also offers great value to your money. Equip yourself with this amazing monitor to enjoy the best games with your friends.


Performance of a gaming monitor is a crucial part of any product review. The performance of this Acer G257HU SMIDPX 1440p display monitor is amazing, especially for the game lovers. It has the resolution of 2560 x 1440p which is more common in 27” screens. You will not face any screen bleeding, tearing and ghosting effects while using this monitor. You will love its resolution even for the long sessions of any gaming or video streaming. Its borderless viewing makes it more demanding as compared to other expensive alternatives out in the market such as Acer GN246HL. With this monitor, you can experience a much higher response time without any lag. One of the main features is its wide viewing angles, which make it the best gaming monitor.

With this, you can still see the quality images from any angle as the In-plane switching display offers consistent color quality. Even, the response time of this monitor is a great advantage as it delivers smooth graphics when you are playing with FPS games. These are a few plus points that make players spend tons of money on this monitor. All in all, it is a worthwhile decision for those who are looking for a high-performance monitor for their gaming needs.


Drivers of a gaming monitor are very crucial as they decide the display quality of the scenes. The drivers need to updated to get the outstanding gaming experience. The Drivers of Acer GN246HL are available at the official website of Acer. You can download these drivers from the website.


The LED backlighting, the IPS technology, and Acer CrystalBrite technology are all there in this model to maximize the gaming experience. The Blue Light filter is also there that allows the users to decide the amount of blue light to be filtered. Aside from image quality, this monitor display is designed with a guaranteed mercury-free. The whole structure is made of eco-friendly materials and latest Acer EcoDisplay technologies. The LED backlighting feature lets users save energy and reduce energy costs. Most importantly, all the technologies inside it allow conversation of natural resources.

We can say that Acer G257HU is a responsive gaming monitor. The only limitation of this monitor is that its low refresh rate doesn’t extend to 144Hz. But still, the whole purchase will make it a worth purchase among the game lovers.


Concluding the review, this Acer G257HU SMIDPX brings you more comfort of viewing and helps you to experience the high graphics games without any lag. With wider viewing angles, this model delivers much better quality, response time, and great gaming experience to the users. Acer has introduced the G7 series beyond the expectations by keeping the needs of gamers and professionals in mind. Its great specs make this monitor stood out in its G7 series monitors. This monitor is perfect for gaming purposes.

However, this monitor display is a worthwhile investment because it brings a number of benefits like high image quality excellent responsiveness and much more. On the other hand, the input lag of this display delivers no delays; the IPS panel greatly handles the motion such as swipes. So if you are really interested in this affordable monitor, then you should go for it without thinking any more. Start upgrading your viewing experience and increase your productivity with the Acer G257HU. For more information, explore the internet.

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