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Dell XPS Tower Special Edition Review: A Gaming PC That Fits Your Budget

When it comes to buying gaming desktops, today’s market is flooded with countless numbers of options. These gaming machines are designed to offer incredible gaming experience to both beginners and advanced players. Although Falcon Northwest, Alienware, Origin Millennium are upgraded gaming models, it’s good to go with one that is popular and in trend. There is where the Dell Gaming desktops come into the picture. It is specifically designed by keeping in mind the demanding needs of gamers. From fastest processors to powerful graphics cards, Dell XPS Tower Special Edition makes your gaming experience real and more intense.

It is one of the most elegant gaming desktops of the current time that offers better speed. If you’re in the market for a dependable gaming desktop, then this Dell’s PC is a worthwhile investment that is surely last for years. This latest desktop gaming PC is more demanding these days because of its small size. Moreover, it is in-built with high-end features and components such as Intel’s KabyLake processors which offer enhanced speed, attractive design, and much more.

dell xps tower special edition introduction

Now, our next goal is to help you understand more about Dell XPS Tower Special Edition and its latest components. But, before moving on the full description of its features, you should get through some pros and cons that come into this presentation.


  • Sleek, Attractive, and Simple design
  • Latest Configurations
  • Awesome Upgrade
  • Fast all-around performance
  • Multipurpose desktop


  • Clever case design (little tight)
  • Loud fans
  • Lackluster mouse and keyboard

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Bottom Line

As such, Dell XPS Tower Special Edition does not carry reliable fans as they generate so much noise. But on the other side, too many positive points are there that overshadow this negative point. On the overall basis, the compact design of this gaming PC is highly appreciated. In addition, its updated internals, enhanced configurations, latest graphics cards deliver high performance as compared to their predecessors. However, the whole gaming desktop brings incredible experience for gamers while playing modern games.

dell xps tower special edition Bottom Line

Dell XPS Tower Special Edition Review

There are so many customer reviews on the Dell XPS Tower Special Edition; on the majority basis, it is found that this gaming desktop is the all in one solution because of its affordability, upgradability, and improved configuration. Successfully, this edition delivers high-end gaming power so that a gamer loves to spend quality time for long hours.

We can’t say it the cheapest PC in Dell’s collection, but it offers a good return for the investment. Overall, the Dell XPS Tower special addition is qualified for the job of performing multitasking tasks more efficiently.  Moreover, the whole structure is designed in such a way that it is surely going to set your eyes on it.


Dell XPS Tower Special Edition enables gamers to play high-end games at competitive prices. No matter, which games one has planned to play, having DELL XPS Tower Special Edition within your budget can make all the difference. At a great price, this gaming desktop is ready to offer enough power and higher performance in gaming. Its starting price is $999. All the components and features in this desktop are included at a bit lower price as compared to previous generations. However, the whole compact design is affordably priced so that one can easily pay for without thinking much more.


With so many gaming desktops out in the market, the Dell XPS Tower Special Edition is the most elegant in the matter of appearance. There is a lot to see in this invention, a sleek aluminum front panel, compact chassis, and XPS Tower. Its sophisticated structure makes it easy to fit option into both workplace and home space. In addition, the weight is lighter as compared to other alternatives. In the computer market, it is not wrong to say that it is the smallest desktop that measures at 15.22 x 14 x 7 inches.

dell xps tower special edition Design

Although the size is small, this desktop is bigger enough from the inside with amazing components. In addition, the front cover of the gaming desktop is constructed with a solid sheet of aluminum along with Dell and XPS logo which makes the overall look formal. The XPS Tower Special Edition might not look big, but if you’re looking for gaming machine that fits your bill, then it is one that satisfying customers from day one. However, one will love this clean and minimalistic appearance of the PC.


If we talk about the performance of Dell XPS Tower Special Edition, then it is one that offers enhanced gaming experiences as compared to others. Each year, Dell XPS Tower comes with the new upgraded editions for the better performance. Coffee Lake – the latest upgrade makes this gaming PC more demanding among the audience nowadays. On comparing this edition with the previous one, it gives faster performance due to its in-built two more processor cores in tow.

This multitasking machine is packed with the i7-7700k processor having 16GB of RAM. It means it does not bring your system down even if you jump between multiple browsers, download multiple games or during video streaming. The extra boost in the speed of this desktop allows it to stand out among the other versions.


The Dell XPS Tower Special Edition comprises USB 3.0 ports, SD card reader, headphone and microphone jacks. All these are located in front of the side of the system for easy gaming. If you want to connect other gadgets, then there are four USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports and USB-C ports at the back. With the help of its DVD disc drive, a gamer can make use of different physical discs for playing.

Plus, there is an option of plugging multiple monitors through Nvidia GTX 1070 graphics cards. It can be done with the help of three Display Ports and an HDMI port that are packed inside the graphics cards. Plus, there is also an Ethernet jack and a trio of audio jacks.

dell xps tower special edition Connectivity

Thanks to these all innovative components that make XPS Tower Special Edition the most upgradable desktops on the market. Everything is there from easy to access ports to graphics cards that can be removed without a screwdriver. Plus, a set of conveniently placed locks and handles are another feature that needs to be appreciated.


The DELL XPS Tower Special Edition is perfect for high-end gaming because it is only one that offers gamers a high-end CPUs and GPUs. The unlocked Core i7 K-series processor is also there to unlock the BIOS, whereas this option is not found in the regular versions. Also, there is most of the hardware having some drawbacks; the most noticeable is the standard keyboard. Although it is designed to accomplish the daily computing tasks, sometimes it is a bit uncomfortable to hold due to shallow keys. Overall, this gaming desktop still provides a fine experience. Moreover, a processor with four cores, sufficient RAM, faster CPU, and a fairly spacious storage drive make this system most popular purchase.


For all type of modern games, the Dell XPS Tower Special Edition is fully capable gaming PC. The addition of 8th-generation Intel Core i7 CPU, Nvidia GTX 1070, 16GB of memory, 256GB SSD memory clocked at 2,666MHz makes it step up from the previous ones. With so many latest features, still, it is the mid-range model that can be purchased within a budget. Another impressive thing that needs to see in this special edition version is the XPS Tower, plus a larger 4TB hard drive. As there is a lot of competition among these gaming desktops, this latest edition is going to differentiate itself through performance.


It is concluded that the Dell XPS Tower Special Edition is an affordable gaming machine for gamers. In a few hundred dollars, a buyer can purchase this powerful gaming machine for his/her entertainment. This desktop PC stands in the computing world with its enhanced performance and upgradability. Overall, it is one of the most compelling and compact options that will surely remain demanding for years to come.

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