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AOC G2460PF Review – A Mid-Range Gaming Monitor that sets the Bar High in its Segment


High-quality gaming has been the talk of the town for the past few years. Gamers have increased their demands and preferences in terms of games and developers work hard for a year or more to make sure that their games have all the necessary elements required to enhance the user gaming experience. However, it is a fact that as you demand a higher level of graphics and massive detailing in a game, it will take a different level of the efficient system. Your hardware components should duly support the minimum system requirements for any game to run it. Here is where AOC G2460PF monitor comes into play.

Today we are going to talk about a gaming monitor under 200 that will not burn your pocket and never had failed to provide you with decent gaming quality. Yes! We will talk about the AOC G2460PF gaming monitor that is available at an affordable price in the market. Before we move into an AOC G2460PF review and detailed overview, let us see discuss the pros and cons in the following section.



  • Inexpensive compared to other monitors
  • Bright, clear and vibrant colorful screen
  • Sleek and sophisticated design
  • Thinner bezels that look attractive
  • Brilliant and fast 144Hz refresh rate


  • Dated and unintuitive menu
  • Speakers are not loud enough

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Bottom line

The AOC G2460PF seems to be a real contender in the mid-range segment of gaming monitors. The monitor successfully delivers bright and vibrant images which are nicely balanced between colors and contrast. The top-notch specs along with144Hz refresh rate help to improve the gaming experience. The thin bezels and excellent build quality give a hefty feel to the overall body of the monitor as well. However, the less audible speakers and complicated menu of the monitor can bother a few people. Let us have a look at the AOC G2460PF review and decide whether it is worth to spend your hard earned money or not.

AOC G2460PF Review – Detailed Overview

AOC G2460PF has an excellent response time, and it is one of those few 24-inch 3D gaming displays that have the potential to revamp your gaming experience. Without wasting much time, let’s discuss its critical points.


The AOC G2460PF is available at a price that is less than $200, and ranges anywhere between $185- $199, depending on the seller from where you are buying. It is an affordable option for anyone who has not been able to convince themselves to spend more than $200 on a monitor. The 144Hz refresh rate and the vivid monitor display surely look fascinating when turned on. At this price, the Acer GN246HL is also available along with a few other products which can give a robust competition to the AOC monitor. However, they have their own set of flaws as well. AOC G2460PF performs better than all other versions of gaming monitor available in the market. 


The very first thing which will attract the user’s eyes will be the red and black tones on the AOC G2460PF. The monitor looks more aggressive and gaming-ready due to such a classic color combination. The circular stand with a black matte finish holds the monitor in the appropriate place to keep your gaming setup ideal. It is a 24.0” 1920×1080 144Hz monitor, which shows the actual capability of the monitor when playing games.

To your delight, you can now adjust the angle of the monitor to your preferences while watching a movie or using it casually. It can rotate up to an angle of 90°, and that is a fantastic feature which not many manufacturers provide. The monitor can also rotate back and forth, from an angle -5° to 20°. Since the display is vivid and has much detail, the viewing angles of the monitor are excellent and immersive. In spite of the 24-inch screen, such flexibility makes it more efficient. The speaker vents are available in the back in a subtle design.



The AOC G2460PF has an exciting panel of several connectivity features. The manufacturers always provide extra wires and screws in case you lose anyone. There is absolutely no shortage of ports in this monitor which is a severe issue in the Acer GN246HL. There are 2 USB on the side of the monitor, and one of them has been integrated with fast charging support which can be used to power phones and other mobile devices as well. Apart from these drives, there are two more USB ports, one DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, and D-sub for making connection with smart devices. There is also a DisplayPort and the Headphone jack. If you need a multi-connection system, then this monitor is a good choice. The port is comfortably placed with a suitable driver and thus prevents all the wires from tangling with each other.

Audio and Brightness

The audio quality of the AOC G2460PF is comparatively less, and it is one of the lower version set up to be found in the market. Several other competitors deliver a much better and reliable sound quality than the AOC monitor. The built-in 2W speakers of this monitor are available at the back. The speakers have a low amplification, and you probably will not be able to hear the dialogues and background music in the games very clearly even if you boost the volume of the sound.


So it is better to use a speaker system or plug in the headphones and not rely on the built-in speakers. The monitor display has 72.5% of the RGB color spectrum. The color accuracy is excellent and perfect for the games, and it is a bit tilted towards the bluish side of the color palette.

Technology and Features

The G2460PF operates at an 80,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and provides a much premium display quality and viewing angles to the users. Even though it is not an IPS panel which would have cost you 3 times more, its display panel is good, the monitor has been coupled with the AMD FreeSync Technology that helps to provide the 144Hz refresh rate and don’t forget about the 1ms pixel response time as well. The specs include FreeSync Technology helps to keep the frame-rate of the GPU stable more efficiently.


NVIDIA GPUs work fine with the monitor as well. These are some of the specs which make it one of the top gaming monitors. Also, it comes with its essential drivers which make its usage much simple and easy. But their inclusion in this budget-oriented monitor surely makes it more value for money investment.


Now coming to the performance of the AOC G2460PF, we were swayed by the way it performed. There is a significant difference when you look at a game that is running at 120FPS and 60FPS. The change is dramatic, and gamers will be able to experience a significant smoothness during overall gameplay since the monitor gets refreshed at 144Hz per second. The camera glides and pans throughout the landscapes of open world games like the Assassin’s Creed Origin and Tom Clancy’s Wild Lands. The overall gaming environment felt a lot more responsive and fluid.

The monitor also brilliantly tackles motion blur settings, and we were astonished to see it. When we tested DOOM on this monitor, the high settings of the game and the motion blur undoubtedly helped to provide us with an extra touch to the graphics. Coupled with the AMD FreeSync Technology, the monitor can stabilize and balance the frame rates well. It is enough to enjoy lag-free gaming unless you have skyrocketing preferences.


The AOC G2460PF is a good buying option when considering that it is available within the price tag of $200. It has the essential and necessary features which are required to provide the gamers with a decent performance. The review forms an image that even though it fails to impress in some areas like the audio quality and the dated menu, it scores well in terms of performance and connectivity options. So if you do not have much to spend, you can surely go for the G2460PF.

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