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Dell D2719HGF Review – The Monitor That Will Revamp Your Gaming Experience


Computers have evolved with time and so do the gaming industry. As people started looking for virtual reality, there are numerous innovation and development in the gaming industry. Dell D2719HGF is one such gaming monitor that provides the people with best in class experience, especially when it comes to gaming. Dell D2719HGF review explains the specs of this monitor and how it is contributing to the sales.

Before you get indulged in the detailed review of this monitor, let us have a quick look at the pros and cons of the monitor.

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  • The 144Hz refresh rate, 2ms response time for smooth gaming.
  • Thin bezels that provide better visuals.
  • AMD FreeSync for enhanced displays.
  • 170°/160° excellent viewing angles.
  • Attractive Anti-Glare display.


  • The inbuilt speakers of the monitor have only a minimum volume.
  • The plastic material used for body construction makes it less appealing.

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Bottom line

Nowadays games are not only about shooting and driving a fast vehicle, but it is much more than that. So when we are talking about games and how they have evolved, surely we all must know that visual experience plays an essential role in the device. Therefore, buy a monitor like DellD2719HGF and enjoy the game time right away.

The Dell D2719HGF is a gaming monitor that is available for a price less than $200 and comes with an excellent 144Hz refresh rate which seems to steal the show. It has a great GPU system integration because of the AMD FreeSync supported by the driver, enhancing the performance of the monitor. The viewing angles of this monitor are well designed and do not create a faded image when the users view it from the sides. However, the plastic body design takes away the premium feel from the monitor. 2W speakers also need improvement because they are not adequately loud. So will it be worth the price that the company has tagged? Let us find out in the detailed review in the upcoming section.


Dell D2719HGF Review – Detailed Overview

The Dell D2719HGF is an affordable gaming monitor that is available at a takeaway price, and it has some fascinating features which are making your dream come true.


In Dell D2719HGF review we will deal with many highlighting features of this monitor but what comes in top of the mind is the price. It is less than $200, and you don’t have to worry about the quality. The monitor is specifically available at a price range between $180-$195. How cool is that? Without even spending $200, you are getting a gaming monitor which supports response time of 2ms, 144Hz of refresh rate.


The Dell D2719HGF comes with 27 inches of LED display that is designed with Anti-Glare. It can support a 1920 x 1080 full HD+ display that is attractive. The monitor has thin bezels on the side and at the top which provides better viewing angles and makes the screen look majestic compared to the other monitors. However, the surface at the bottom is broad and has the Dell logo. The chassis is flat and looks aesthetic because of the minimal design. It makes the device suitable if someone wants to hang the monitor from the wall. The plastic build quality is what bothered us the most.



The major competitors like Acer Predator X27 and BenQ PD3200U in this segment have provided with metal body finish or at least a premium a grade plastic. The monitor has a matte black finish that has no particular shine to it, and that makes it less appealing when it comes to purchasing. The moment you touch the monitor you can understand that it is plastic and it will seem brittle. The wide and solid stand helps the monitor to stay stable in one place without any movement while the game is on. It has a dimension of 17.35″ x 21.20″ x 6.50” and does not weigh too much as well. In spite of being 27 inches, the monitor is constructed as a rectangular design that does not occupy too much space.


Connectivity features always add value to the computers and Dell has never compromised on them even at any of the products manufactured before. One aspect where Dell has never compromised while making the monitors seems to be the connectivity features. The Dell D2719HGF comes with a wide array of ports and outputs. The monitor has a single Display Port 1.2 and HDMI 2.0 connections. These two ports facilitate the monitor’s 144Hz performance brilliantly. The device comes to the users with two USB 2.0 ports, and you can find the USB 3.0 at the other end.

The inclusion of the USB 3.0 has made the monitor to influence the buying as people are looking at the specs carefully. The monitor is also equipped with two built-in 2W speakers and a 3.5mm jack for the headphones at the back. The ports are arranged in a comfortable setup which prevents the wires from tangling and keeps them separate from each other.



Sound and Display

Coming to the sound of the Dell D2719HGF, this is one of the features which are not highly appreciated.  The 2W speakers come with only at a minimal volume, and even the amplification for them is not found to be appropriate. The less powerful speakers of this monitor will surely bother many gamers because you will not be able to listen to background music or clear dialogues unless you attach an external speaker to facilitate the audio. The display of this monitor is crisp and vibrant; however, the color balance tends to fall a bit short of getting a perfect score.

You can notice that the monitor has over saturated display or dimness in the screen from all the angles. However, this depending on the video or game being played as the high-resolution images may not look faded. However, the display seems to be superior and decent for the affordable price of $200, thus making a shortfall to complain about them.


It is an essential part of the Dell D2719HGF review, and you get to understand how well this monitor performs. Many people have made assumptions on this monitor, and the competitors such as Alienware AW3418DW, Acer Predator X27 and Samsung CHG70 QLED are also wondering how all the features could be delivered at such as nominal price value. The only question some gamers ask is that whether they are suitable for high-end games.

The monitor was tested using the high-end games like DOOM, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and the GTA V. However, the quality does not disappoint with what it has offered for the gaming user experience. The monitor display is sharp by default which may cause some negligible distortion in images. The highlight was that the monitor did not freeze during the change in landscapes or during the graphics intensive cut-scenes in the games.

Being a FreeSync-compatible monitor, it acts as one of the attractive features of the monitor and makes it suitable for the buying. The drivers of this monitor perform exceptionally well with the use of an AMD GPU but also provided an equivalent performance with Nvidia GPUs as well. The brightness and the change in the saturation tone were perfectly balanced, and therefore we could get the right amount of visuals we needed. The 2ms 144 Hz response time helps the screen to refresh quickly; there were no significant frame drops or screen freeze while playing the games even when it transformed from medium to high settings. So you are inevitably going to get a pleasing and satisfactory experience with the Dell D2719HGF.


The Dell D2719HGF is an affordable and exciting gaming monitor that comes within a price of $200. The monitor has a slick and esthetic design which allows you to place it whenever you want to without occupying too much space. However, the compromise on the build quality and the inefficient speakers can bother many gamers out there.

Overall, the display quality and connectivity features of this monitor are just phenomenal compared to some of the other monitors available in the market.  If you have $200 to spare and do not want to spend more just on a monitor, then Dell D2719HGF seems to be a one-stop solution.

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