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Arozzi Milano Gaming Chair Review

The Milano Gaming Chair is a true paradox. It looks like one of the bulkiest chairs in its class. But on the other hand, it only has a weight of 38lbs. This is why the chair is quite versatile and not as heavy and fixed as it first looks.

The extra padding is where it gains comfort and also maintains its low weight profile. The durable and supportive foam make this chair a suitable option for added comfort. At the same time, the chair does its job, which is to support gamers for their hours of fun. The chair is part of a larger offer from Arozzi. The manufacturer has specialized in these types of chairs already and the Milan incorporates a few designs and technologies from other chairs of the manufacturer into a comfortable and distinct gaming chair. Two of these cross-product designs are its rocking function and its pleather material. For most users, it creates a space which is familiar, especially if they have already owned an Arozzi chair before.

arozzi milano gaming chair introduction

Summary of features

  • Based on essential characteristics of an office chair
  • Comes with extra padded arm rests
  • Designed with adjustable support pillows
  • Supports the lumbar area
  • Add support and comfort to the head area
  • Thick cushioning on the seat pan and backrest
  • Height-adjustable gas lift
  • Made to support up to 190lbs
  • Rocking function with lock design
  • Available in 5 colors
  • High density 40kg/m³ foam padding
  • Lightweight at 38lbs

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Arozzi Milano Gaming Chair Review – The positives of the Arozzi Milano

There are four essential positives of the Arozzi chair. Its comfort, its support, its low weight, and it’s rocking function are its main strengths. The comfort of the chair is given by its different characteristics which incorporate padding and design. Starting from the top and moving down towards the seat pan, users can see different points of strength. There is a padded headrest on the chair. But this is not a pillow headrest as with the Verona chair. It is actually thicker padding which is incorporated in the backrest. These types of designs are mainly seen for added practicality and for chairs which are made for long periods of sitting. The lumbar area features a similar addition, but in the form of a pillow. This is why the chair offers plenty of support for the spine.

The thick cushioning is present on the entire surface of the backrest, with the exception of the shoulder cutouts. They can be useful for extra ventilation and they also add to the aggressive look of the chair.  There is plenty of lateral support on the backrest as well. This support is also based on foam padding. For most users, it is one of the most impressive design elements, incorporating principles of ergonomics with impressive aesthetics. Practically, there is no room for the back to lean which means it will stay in a proper posture for longer.

The support of the chair is another top strength. It is seen in the design of the seat pan as well, not only on the backrest. With thick cushioning and extra lateral support, the chair is similar to car chairs which also offer similar support on the sides. This increases comfort. At the same time, it gives the users that sinking feeling when sitting down for the first time, which is associated with improved relaxation.

arozzi milano gaming chair The bottom line

This theme of improved relaxation is also seen in the design of the armrests. If most armrests are simply struggling to offer plenty of cushioning, this is not the case with the Milano. Even the Verona does not come with such levels of cushioning on the armrests. This is particularly useful for those who have already experienced forearm and elbow discomfort on other armrests.

With a low weight, the chair manages to impress with its acceptable mobility. This is not a characteristic of such chairs. With a weight of 38lbs, it is not easy to move out of place for vacuuming the gaming area. At the same time, gamers with multiple desks can easily slide from one location to another if the desks are in the same room.

There is a rocking function on the chair, borrowed from Arozzi’s own mechanism seen on most of its chair. While not exclusive to the Milano, the function allows users to move a bit while playing and they can even lock the chair in their desired position to ensure a period in another angle. The function can also be left unlocked at all times so that users are truly able to rock freely and get active while sitting.

The limitations of the Arozzi Milano

It is hard to find faults to the Arozzi Milano as the chair is mature. Unlike many other gaming chairs, its design is not overly complicated and its armrests are not flimsy. It’s gas lifting mechanism works smoothly as does its rocking mechanism. Its instructions manual is one of the best in the industry with clear graphic step-by-step installation instructions.

However, no chair is perfect and the Milano can see some improvements for further releases. Although not a full drawback pint, the rounded armrests are not to the liking of all users. Some users like to have full forearm support, especially when typing on a keyboard. For others, this is not necessarily a drawback, but rather a plus. This is why users need to decide if the design is suitable for their particular case.

The chair is made pleather durable materials. But these materials can also be improved in key areas with perforations. They are suitable for breathability. During the hot summer months, these chairs are known for their effectiveness in raising the body’s temperature and as a result, its overall discomfort. The Milano has perforations on the back area, but these perforations are then not used on the lumbar support pillow nor on the headrest. These two key areas are actually known for their high temperatures and the manufacturer can even consider other types of materials for future releases.

Other possible issue come with the cleaning process. The padding on the armrests cannot be removed for cleaning. None of the paddings can be removed as a matter of fact. All cleaning is made on the spot.

The bottom line

The Milano chair is one of the distinct options for many users. It allows them to enjoy a better level of comfort even when it doesn’t seem likely with such a low weight design. The good news is the chair is actually capable of offering the right level of support in key areas like the lumbar area for an improved posture, which is still not nearly as discussed as it should be with gaming chairs.

Comfort for long hours – who is it for?

The Arozzi Milano is made for extra comfort. But it is also marketed as one of the chairs for playing long hours in the day. However, it is not one of the chairs which are really expensive, so who is it for? The ideal user of the Arozzi Milano is a gamer looking to spend at least a few hours per day sitting in a chair. It comes as one of the impressive solutions for users who need extra comfort but who do not have any posture problems.

arozzi milano gaming chair Comfort

While the chair is not heavily focused on posture, it still has enough positive characteristics to offer basic support. The lumbar support is not very specific, it is rather based on the user’s own support pillow adjustability. This pillow can easily be adjusted higher or lower to the liking of the user. At the same time, it can also be used in key areas of the lower back for pain relief.

However, if the chair is not actually capable to offer the best posture adjustments such as a rocking headrest, it is able to offer proper cushioning. With high foam density, the chair offers a distinct feeling for many gamers. The foam does not easily collapse under the weight of the user. This means the foam is actually truly capable when it comes to back support and durability. It is known that foam can flatten in times on most chairs and this is why it can be among the important areas of control for many users.

The seat pan is also made with the same foam. This means the chair is easy to use and easy to handle. It represents a viable seat pan for most users. However, there is a difference between the Milano and other similar chairs such as the Verona. The difference comes in weight capacity. Users actually need not to be heavier than 95kg or 190lbs. This is where the chair is mainly suitable for shorter and younger users. Those struggling with extra weight might see the chair’s limitations sooner than expected.

Customization options – having a unique gaming space

When it comes to customization options, they are typically tied to the color options of the chair. This is why users can find different levels of customization in terms of colors, just as on the Verona. The all-black option comes as standard. The contour of the headrest, of the seat pan and of the lumbar pillow can be customized with other colors. These colors include blue, green, red and white. For most users, this also means they have the capacity of offering some of the best versions of their custom gaming space a chance.

arozzi milano gaming chair Customization options

Since the chair has so many color options, it can easily be paired with a similar desk. The colors can also be paired with similar accessories such as headphones or keyboards. This is why having an integrated look actually requires choosing products with similar designs or colors. It is how the unitary aspect is often achieved, even with home gaming spaces.

The colors are also similar to what Arozzi offers on other chairs. It is why those coming from other chairs and who want to try the lightweight profile of the Milano will feel comfortable from the start. The look of the Milano is very important as it can be seen in the cutouts of the backrest. Arozzi did their best to offer a viable solution in terms of aesthetics as well.


When it comes to proper gaming chairs, it goes without saying users can find plenty of great designs on the market. But Arozzi Milano offers a distinct approach which combines thick padding with a few posture enhancements in an attractive package. For most users, it is one of the best times to actually achieve more in terms of comfort.

The long hours spent playing the latest immersive games can become more comfortable as a result. The height-adjustability ensures gamers are always at the right level. At the same time, the rocking function of the chair allows users to stay concentrated on their own movement on the chair. Even taking a short break from the same sitting posture can go far. For most users, it is actually a good time to start realizing the full potential of an active style of sitting.

Gamers are in the front line of posture problems as they spent countless hours playing each week. It is why small changes such as rocking on the chair can actually burn calories more than simply sitting at all times. More importantly, it can help deal with the problem of stiff joints. Most users can also enjoy their own gaming experience simply by standing up from time to time. Regardless of the level of padding, the users should not actually sit for 8 hours straight on the chair. It is when they are in good shape that the extra cushioning can prove to be as relaxing as they hope for, especially on the back.

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