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Arozzi Gaming Chair Review 2022 – How Good Are Arozzi Gaming Chairs?

Arozzi gaming chairs are among the most interesting options for gamers. They cover a wide range of chairs from affordable to premium designs. The manufacturer is known for its choice of quality materials which include high-density foam, pleather, and durable caster. But most importantly, the chairs come with the manufacturer’s signature systems. They include rocking systems and recline systems which are installed on all chairs, regardless of their pricing.

The manufacturer is also known for a wide range of products aimed at the different type of gamers. Of course, not all gamers are the same. Even considering their weight is important. It is why the chairs are available in different sizes and they are even made to support different weights. However, they also share a few characteristics, such as the rocking system.

How good are Arozzi gaming chairs?

New gamers might feel tempted by Arozzi chairs but may feel unsure about what the offer. As with any investment in gaming equipment, the chair also needs to bring some value to the life of the gamer. But Arozzi offers a few distinct characteristics on all of its chairs.

  • Quality of materials

The quality of the materials is one of the distinct strengths of Arozzi chairs. With pleather and different types of high-density foam, the chairs are made to resist all types of gaming needs. Most of the chairs from the manufacturer are covered in either pleather or textile materials.

A few options are also covered in textile materials. Pleather is known for its durable profile and the material is also very easy to clean. When it comes to the high-density foam used for chair padding, the chairs are also different as most of their alternatives. There are different types of foam the manufacturer uses. Its quality is measured in the pressured it withstands over a certain area and this is why chairs with higher weight capacity are actually those who are made with extra firm foam.

Of course, the type of high-density foam may depend from chair to chair but it also depends on the areas of the chair for its choice. Many chairs come with softer foam on the backrest and a firmer foam on the seat pan, which is the case with a few products from Arozzi. But some of the gaming chairs made with a premium profile come with the same type of foam as all other chairs. For some gamers, having the capacity to rely on a chair which will maintain its support over the years is a priority.

  • Unique features

As many gaming chairs come with a durable profile, not all of them manage to create an identity of their own. But most Arozzi chairs are true to the company’s creed. It is why the chairs are actually aimed at gamers who also value their gaming space as a whole. From a unique look to unique characteristics, the chairs are suitable for all users.

A few of these unique characteristics include a rocking function and a recline function. The rocking function present on all chairs is actually suitable to increase activity levels while seated. It may not be a function as active as those of standing stools, but it is still made to offer an extra level of physical activity. On the other hand, a function made for a physical pause from gaming is the recline function. It allows users to lean back and take the pressure off their backs for a short period of time.

All Arozzi chairs come with this function. Furthermore, gamers should also take full advantage of the locking possibility of the recline function which allows them to hold a position and relax for a short period of time. Both of these characteristics are seen across the range of chairs from the manufacturer starting from the entry-level options and up to premium chairs.

  • Posture support

Arozzi gaming chairs are also known for their posture support. They offer immediate posture improvements with the added lumbar pillow which is present on all gaming chairs, with the exception of the entry-level designs. At the same time, some of the chairs from the manufacturer come with added head support to offer improved relaxation.

For most users, it is also important to understand the capacities of these postural improvement accessories. They are made for the best results in terms of posture for those who sit for long hours, such as dedicated gamers.

  • Weight capacity

The weight capacity of the chairs is also important. From 90kg to 140kf, Arozzi offers a wide range of chairs. They are made both for the average gamer and for the overweight gamer, offering the same comfort and durability across the range. Furthermore, with the added high-quality foam, the chairs are also suitable for long term use.

Best Arozzi gaming chairs

When it comes to choosing the best Arozzi gaming chairs, the following products are recommended for most gamers. They are a selection of the most important designs from the manufacturer and they represent viable options for a wide range of uses.

  • Arozzi Verona Pro V2Arozzi Verona Pro V2 1

Weight capacity 290lbs | Chair weight 48.5lbs | Foam density 40-45 kg/m³ | Maximum tilt angle 165 degrees

The Verona Pro V2 is a durable chair offering high weight capacity. It is made with medium to hard foam according to Arozzi standards which means it offers a firm feeling which will maintain its support in all key areas of the seat pan and backrest. With added lumbar support, the chair is advisable for gamers with an interest in proper posture.

Covered in pleather, the chair can easily be cleaned from time to time. It also features adjustable armrests for proper comfort both during gameplay and when typing at the keyboard. The latest release of the chair is now made with extra space and improved design which recommends the chair even for those who have been using the first Verona Pro.

Click here to read the full product review : Arozzi Verona Pro V2

  • Arozzi Milano

Weight capacity 190lbs | Chair weight 38lbs | Seat foam density 50 kg/m³ | Number of colors 5

Arozzi Milano 2

With an aggressive design, the Milano chair is one of the suitable options for young gamers. It comes with fixed armrests but they are cushioned for their entire length for extra comfort. Apart from its courageous design, the chair is among the durable options from Arozzi in terms of weight and padding.

It also features the rocking and tilting functions so many users are already enjoying. The recline function of the chair allows it to be locked into position so that users have the capacity to take a pause from games and lay back for a moment of relaxation.

The chair also features accessories for lumbar support. The lower back pillow is made from softer foam and it allows users to improve their posture at the desk, which is of high value for those who play games for long hours in the day.

Click here to read the full product review : Arozzi Milano

  • Arozzi Enzo

Weight capacity 190lbs | Chair weight 33lbs | Seat foam density 30 kg/m³ | Backrest foam density 25 kg/m³

Arozzi Enzo 3

The Enzo is Arozzi’s entry-level proposal. The chair might be affordable, but it actually offers plenty of great characteristics for such a low price. First of all, the chair is among the few options in its class which is really made for comfort, which is not the case with the sponge-padded chairs. Even if its foam is of reduced density, it is still superior to other types of materials.

There are padded armrests to the side of the chair covered in pleather so that they are easy to clean. At the same time, the affordable chair also features recline and rocking systems, just as other leading designs from the manufacturer. Made with a durable profile, the chairs are highly recommended to those seeking improved comfort at a low price.

The rocking function of the chair offers immediate results in the space of an active style of sitting. This is why the chair is among the most durable options in its class and why it represents such a viable option for those who want to enter the Arozzi range and its rocking systems.  Fully covered in pleather, the chair is also customizable to a certain degree. It comes with small colored pleather inserts on the side which can be chosen by customers so that they better represent the personality of the gamer.

Click here to read the full product review : Arozzi Enzo

  • Arozzi Torretta XL

Weight capacity 260lbs | Chair weight 48lbs | Seat foam density 46 kg/m³ | Backrest tilt 145 degrees

Arozzi Torretta XL 4

As its name suggests, the XL version of the Torretta offers a large design. It is mainly made for all users or overweight users but it can also be chosen by those who are not particularly fond of the hugging design of Arozzi’s smaller chairs.  

When it comes to distinct characteristics, the chair is recognized as a top name with its breathable fabrics. For most people, it represents a viable option in the space of temperature control, as some pleather designs can increase the core temperature during the summer months. But the chair also comes with height adjustable lumbar support. This is advisable for those seeking proper posture control and it is recommended to use on a different height as all users need it at a different point along the back. An added headrest goes a long way when it comes to improved comfort.

As one of the chairs with high-density foam, the Torretta XL is among the interesting options with plenty of great characteristics to consider as a future-proof design. Its high weight capacity combined with the durable foam make it an interesting choice for commercial use as well.

Click here to read the full product review : Arozzi Torretta XL

  • Arozzi Vernazza

Weight capacity 320lbs | Chair weight 57lbs | Seat foam density 70 kg/m³ | Backrest foam density 65 kg/m³

Arozzi Vernazza 5

As one of the most durable chairs in its class, the Vernazza impresses with its high weight capacity. But it is also considered as a comfortable choice. For this reason, it comes with multidimensional armrests. They are adjustable in multiple plains which recommends them for long hours at the desk.

At the same time, the chair also features lumbar and neck support accessories. Suitable for serious gamers, the chair is ready to offer hours and hours of comfort. But the chair is also known for its supportive design. Users are supported on the sides as well. Both the backrest and the seat pan are made with lateral support. At the same time, the durable high-density foam makes the chair a suitable option for everyday use.

The chair also features the popular pleather cover. It has made Arozzi chairs easier to clean and the material can be considered for its durability as well. Of course, it can also be personalized with one of the 6 colors on offer.

Click here to read the full product review : Arozzi Vernazza

Final considerations

All of the above gaming chairs are suitable for new and dedicated gamers. They are made using top-quality materials and they represent one of the most suitable options for improved comfort. But as it has been shown above, the chairs also value proper posture, which is often overlooked by gamers. With improved lumbar and head support, the chairs are ready to be considered among the best options in their class for proper positioning at the desk.

Another distinct characteristic is that all chairs come with Arozzi’s recline and rocking systems. They are most suitable for improved activity levels and they are also among the best options in their class for a congruent approach, where there is a staple element on all of the chairs, regardless of their price. This is why Arozzi is one of the valuable manufacturers who offer a great return on all of its chairs, regardless of their affordability level.

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