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Arozzi Torretta XL Gaming Chair Review: A Large Chair With Extra Strength

There is a new Torretta Xl from Arozzi and it is as good as gamers hope for. One of the main changes has been made to the sizing of the chair. With a higher size and weight capacity, the chair is suitable for those of different weights. At the same time, it is suitable for those seeking extra comfort without feeling cramped by its design or armrests.

The chair features top characteristics and Arozzi materials. It is made to a high standard which means the expectations from the chair are high as well. With a choice of different colors, the chair can also be customized so that it can fit the gamer’s personality or gaming room design. Most importantly, the chair features durability and comfort among its strengths and its large design means this is applicable to all types of users.

With a seat pan width of 545mm and a backrest height of 745mm, the chair is not made for small spaces. Its large design requires quite a bit of space around it. Given its rocking function, the chair is suitable mainly for those who have space and who need all of its XL benefits.

arozzi torretta xl gaming chair introduction

Arozzi Torretta XL Gaming Chair Review – Features summary

  • Designed with extra space
  • Supports high weights of up to 260lbs
  • Made with breathable materials on the front
  • Supports cleaning with pleather on the back
  • Designed with head and lumbar support
  • Increased lateral support
  • Made with height adjustable armrests
  • Included rotational design on the armrests
  • Suited with Aorozzi’s steep recline
  • Included rocking function up to 12 degrees
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Fitted with high density of 46 kg/m³ foam

The main benefits of the Torretta XL

The Arozzi Torretta XL is one of the efficient options of its class. When it comes to extra-large gaming chairs, there are a few characteristics to consider. The main strength of the Torretta is its extra space. But the comfort from the chosen materials and the adjustability options are important as well.

As seen above, the chair is the widest and tallest option from Arozzi. With a wider seat pan, it allows those of extra weight to actually fit better and sit more comfortable. But the seat pan is still made with the lateral support seen in all mid-range and top-range Arozii chairs. This is why it can actually be interesting to see how those who are smaller in size find the chair over a longer period of time, as the lateral support is not the same for a thinner person as it is for a wider person. But the Torretta XL is not just made for the average gamers with extra weight, it is made for all of those seeking the extra space and freedom feeling such a design can offer.

When it comes to comfort, the manufacturer focuses on durable high-density foam. If other Aorrizzi chairs come with different types of foam for the seat pan and for the backrest, the Torretta Xl uses the same high-density supportive foam for both of these areas, making it one of the most supportive options in its class.

Top materials and features

Other materials of the chair are also worth mentioning. If many Arozzi chairs are actually entirely covered in pleather, this is not actually the case with the Torretta XL. The chair is only covered in the material on its backside, which is why users can quickly clean this area when needed. The areas in contact with the user are covered in textile materials. This breathable option is suitable for those who play for hours and hours. At the same time, the chair offers a new perspective for people living in warmer climates. Leather and its related options might not be the best solution for these warmer locations.

arozzi torretta xl gaming chair Top materials and features

With a rocking function, the chair is also true to Arozzi’s own aces. It allows users a recline angle of up to 12 degrees. Furthermore, the chair is also suitable for those who want to take a short break from gaming without actually leaving the chair or stopping their game. The recline angle can be locked so that all users actually have the freedom to relax their spines without actually leaving the chair. The rocking motions capacity coupled with the recline function makes the chair an alternative to the fixed chairs and the aches they cause after long periods of sitting.

Extra functionality with multidimensional armrests

Other distinct functions of the chair are the adjustable arms. This is where the height-adjustable arms of the chair are actually made to support the arms in all positions. Furthermore, the rocking arms have an adjustable angle which is a rare function at Arozzi. The multidimensional armrests are suitable for those seeking improved comfort. Furthermore, the chair is also made for people looking to maximize the way they hands lay on the keyboard.

Since this angle can rarely be adjusted with fixed armrests, Arozzi manages to open up extra comfort with reducing wrist pain, especially after long hours of sitting. When it comes to the armrests, gamers can also benefit from the padded surface on top. This will take some pressure away from the elbows. At the same time, the materials of the armrests are easy to clean and they are suitable for long-term use.

The limitations of the Torretta XL

It may be difficult to attribute limitations to the Torretta XL. If the gaming chair has plenty of benefits, it also has a few notable drawbacks. First of all, short gamers might not actually feel too comfortable in such a large chair. Then, the chairs size and weight might also limit the areas in which it can be used. Together with the choice of materials, these drawbacks need to be considered by all potential buyers.

With its XL size and 545mm seat pan size, small gamers might have a problem with proper comfort and support. Since the chair handles users of up to 120kg, it is mainly suitable for those who are taller or who carry extra weight. But this is not necessarily meaning the chair will not work for smaller users, it just means that the lateral support of the seat pan and of the backrest becomes less important.

arozzi torretta xl gaming chair limitations of the Torretta XL

However, the biggest issue when it comes to its size and weight is the actual space it can be used in. With a weight of just over 48lbs, the chair is not exactly the lightest in its class. At the same time, since it comes with recline and rocking functions, it would be limited if placed against a wall. This is why those who want to make a return on investment should actually think about how the chair is going to fit their own gaming space.

Another consideration to make is with chair cleaning. Of course, the breathable materials are recommended for reduced body heat. But at the same time, these materials are harder to clean than the backrest’s pleather on the rear side. So users should keep in mind deeper cleaning is required for the breathable materials to stay fresh and scent free on a constant basis.

Bottom line

With an orientation towards robustness and extra space, the Torretta XL impresses with its simple overall profile. The chair might be large, but it is actually uncomplicated. Since it comes with one of the highest weight capacities from the manufacturer, it also represents a suitable option for gamers looking for a durable future-proof design. Most chairs in its class can actually suffer when it comes to practicality, but the recline and rocking functions of the chair make it comparably practical with other lightweight alternatives.

Those considering the Torretta XL are certainly gamers who need the extra space. This is where the Torretta Xl actually manages to offer a real alternative to the simple chairs which can even be damaged by high weight users. It is also why many users simply prefer the chair with its extra Arozzi functions to any other large chair without rocking or recline function.

arozzi torretta xl gaming chair Bottom line

  • Comfort

The comfort of a chair for heavy users needs to be based on supportive materials. Luckily, the chair comes with a foam density of 46 kg/m³ which is the highest at the manufacturer. This type of foam will not flatten easily in time. It also offers sufficient support and sink-in for users to feel comfortable. Unlike entry-level chairs which come with sponge materials, the foam offers the right support in the most important areas.

  • Materials

The chosen breathable materials on the Torretta XL are also worth taking into consideration. Their main benefit is that they allow a degree of breathability which is simply not possible with other chairs. This is why so many users are actually left with these types of options, especially when playing for long hours every day. Since proper breathability is required to maintain lower body heat, the chair is suitable for this type of purposes.

  • Adjustability

The adjustability of the chair is impressive. Starting with the 2D armrests, it offers sufficient freedom of movement to those who want their arms to be comfortably placed on the desk. With combined height adjustability, the chair is mainly suitable for gamers looking for a custom sitting position, where there is plenty of room for a more relaxed playing position. Since the armrests are actually very adjustable, they are also suitable for those who type a lot at the keyboard. Professionals and students might find these feature particularly appealing.

But the customization options of the chair are not bad either. Made to offer impressive support in different colors, the chair can be used for a more personal gaming space. Available in black, blue, gray and red, the chair can be suited to any environment. But unlike other Arozzi chairs, the Torretta XL is actually suitable for more color customization. The colors run across the chair and they are not small insertions as with other chairs, such as the Milano. This is why the extra-large chair is also suitable for a more distinct look.

Final considerations

The Arozzi Torretta XL is among the most interesting options to consider for higher weight capacity. At a maximum of 120kg, it manages to offer users distinct support which also makes the chair highly durable. But even if it handles higher weights, the chair is still easy to use. Made with one of the simplest designs in its class, the chair is installed in minutes. For this purpose, users have an instruction manual at hand made to the high standards the manufacturer has already accustomed its fans. Practically, it is on the same level with most premium instruction guides on the market, simplifying the process as much as possible.

Furthermore, the Torretta Xl impresses with its choice of materials. With one of the most durable high-density foams in its class, the chair offers a distinct supportive feeling which is not seen with most cheap alternatives. Practically, it offers high-density foam insertions. But unlike with other seats where the high-density foam is only used on the seat pan’s cushioning, the same material has been used on the backrest’s cushioning. This is why the chair truly feels distinct and supportive in all areas, not just on those dealing with the highest weight.

The gaming chair also has the distinct advantage of the multidimensional armrests adjustments. For this reason, it manages to offer distinct characteristics where most users would actually struggle to find the right position for their hands on the mouse, on the keyboard or on gaming controllers. With such distinct characteristics and materials, the chair is among the few affordable high-end options gamers can consider if they need the extra size and extra support. It also incorporates some of the proven Aorozzi characteristics such as the rocking function to add more movement while sitting.

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