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Alienware Aurora R7 Review – The Gaming System Which Will Be Worth an Investment

Gaming is one of the favorite pass times that have been around for decades now. Over the years, the gaming industry has evolved and seen huge development being made in different aspects. Gaming in 2019 is not what it used to be back in 1990. Earlier, playing a game with fun actions and controls was the ultimate satisfaction for the gamers.

However, this scenario has completely changed now, today, gamers look for ultra-realistic graphics, immersive gameplay, exciting storytelling and other such elements in the games they play. Thus to run a game of such caliber, you will need a system that supports it.

Without the right hardware configuration, you will not be able to play the game. So in this article, we will be talking about a gaming cabinet which holds ample power that will help you get an amazing gaming experience. Yes! We are going to give you the Alienware Aurora R7 Review. Alienware has launched the brand new R7 to provide the gamers with a console that will support all their gaming needs. But, before moving on to the main review section, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this brand new gaming system by Alienware.

alienware aurora r7 introduction


  • Delivers smooth gaming experience
  • Has an aesthetic and stylish exterior design
  • Great for upgrading in future
  • The port layout is convenient


  • Significantly loud fan sound
  • Bulkier than some other competitors
  • Not an easily affordable option

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Bottom line

The Alienware Aurora R7 is a brilliantly built gaming system which can support HD+ 1080p and 1440p gaming without any hassles. It is the company’s latest addition to their gaming lineup and has a very promising impact on the games you play. However, it is not the most affordable option you have currently, but it surely boasts of a quality that you will not find in other gaming systems. Packed with exciting features and powerful hardware components, the Aurora R7 will make sure that you get a nearly perfect experience.

alienware aurora r7 Bottom line

Alienware Aurora R7 Review

As per many customer Alienware Aurora R7 Reviews, this is a mind-blowing purchase if you are planning to experience an exuberant performance and excellent quality gaming support. If you are also planning to buy this wonderful gaming system, let have a look at the different aspects of the system which you should know.


Like the earlier versions of Alienware systems, the Alienware Aurora R7 also comes in different kinds of configuration. The cheapest variant which you can purchase is available at $999. It includes the following specifications – Intel Core i5 8400 processor, 8GB of DDR4-2666MHz RAM, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU, and a 1TB hard drive. The next model comes at $1329 which has been integrated with VR ready graphics. It has the same hardware component as per its previous model, apart from the GTX 1060 and twice the RAM configuration. The most expensive version of the Aurora R7 is available at $4279 and is probably one of the most powerful systems we have seen recently. It is made of the Intel Core i7 8700 CPU, 64GB DDR5 of RAM, 1TB PCIe SSD, 2TB HDD and dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti with 11GB GDDR5X each. Undoubtedly, at this price, you can expect that Alienware will not disappoint you, but leave you’re mesmerized with the quality of graphics provided by the R7.


The Alienware Aurora R7 comes with a slick and aesthetic exterior appearance which will suit any interior you place in the cabinet. Even though it is not as sharp and aggressive like many cabinets in the market, it surely comes with subtle color and customizable LED strip that revamps the entire look of the system. The front logo can also be lit up with the help of LED lights. The Aurora R7 has a dimension of 21.1cms of width and 36.1cms in height. Even though it is not the most compact system you will ever come across, it surely is not very bulky in spite of all the components that have been included inside. The large air chambers on the top allow better airflow and keep the system cool by a significant margin.

alienware aurora r7 Design


The Alienware Aurora R7 has a wide range of connectivity port options that the users can enjoy. Alienware has not compromised on the modern ports and channels that are used nowadays. It offers a wide range of option when it comes to connectivity; this includes USB3.0 ports, Single headphone port, C-type USB port, etc. There are six USB 2.0 ports along with 4USD 3.0 and one USB-C port. There is also DisplayPort, an Ethernet port, a Digital Optical Audio, and HDMI ports available at the back of the R7. That is why when it comes to the connectivity of hardware, the Aurora R7 will surely be a great buy for the gamers. So it truly makes the console a “future-proof” in terms of connectivity.


Alienware has made sure that the Alienware Aurora R7 not only looks good and slick but also a step ahead in terms of technology. The Aurora R7 is inspired by a thermal ergonomics based on Area-51 which allows the cabinet to establish a quick and clear air flow through the front and right panels. There is also an exhaust fan attached on the top which allows maximum cooling for all the internal components. There are also chambers for liquid cooling which keeps the hardware cool. The Aurora R7 has been designed and built to support custom upgrades. It has been integrated with 8th Gen K-series processor which has been overclocked up to 4.6GHz in all the 6-cores and 64GB DDR4 2933MHz. The recent processor with all the latest upgrades have makes way for a brilliant resolution and extraordinary frame rates. Thanks to the GTX 1080 and its Pascal technology which brings ultra-realistic graphics and makeover brilliantly. The Killer 1535 Extreme Range™ Technology helps to amplify wireless sound to much longer distance so you can get a more sophisticated and immersive sound experience. The NVIDIA Surround Technology offers an intense and unique experience to the gamers as well.

alienware aurora r7 Technology


Now coming to the performance of the Alienware Aurora R7, it scored really well in our benchmark tests. In fact, all the components are built in such a great manner that it is really difficult to point out even a single fault. The Intel Core i7 8700K with its hexacore support makes sure that the processor performs 25% better than the previous Aurora generations. As the CPU comes to you unlocked, it allows overclocking for even higher and faster speeds. Don’t forget about the GTX 1080 Ti which is Nvidia’s Flagship GPU which has been built around the new Pascal Architecture and promises to deliver 3x times performance. It handles most of the DirectX 12 games as smooth as butter even at ultra settings. For example, when we ran the Call of Duty: World War 2, we experienced no lag or drop in frame rates even at highest settings with 1440p resolution and 60FPS. The 11GB DDR5 of video memory surely supports the system in a brilliant manner. We experienced faster and better load times which eliminate any stutter or frame drops during multitasking. The frame rates are sharp and clear which gives an excellent outcome. Doom, Call of Duty: World War II, Middle Earth: Shadows of War are the top games that we tested in the Alienware Aurora R7. The games had challenging graphics, intense landscapes and versatile weather conditions which are handled by the system in an impressive manner. The R7 even handled ultra graphics at 110FPS and did not face any stutter. So if you are in for Ultra HD+ graphics and excellent VR gameplay, then the Aurora R7 will surely impress you.


The Alienware Aurora R7 is a brilliantly built gaming console which can handle all your gaming demands and needs in a great way. The R7, even though priced at a really high level, it surely brings quality and efficiency to the gamers. We were really impressed to see how well it performed and managed to run all the latest games that are available in the market. 1440p gaming and visuals were crisp and clear with super realistic graphics that left us to spellbound.

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